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Bibliography Freemasonry
Biography Freemasons A few famous freemasons
Biographies index
Fringe freemasons
Customs & paraphernalia Jewellery Index Handcrafted cufflink c.1875.
Regalia Index Grand Lodge officers' jewels
Lodge pins
Masonic regalia
Master Mason apron
Israel Wood Powell’s regalia, c. 1865
Music Index Masonic Ode mp3 music file
The Masons Apron mp3 music file
Essays and papers Index
Anti-masonry Index Abyssus Errorum
alt.illuminati FAQ
Anti-masonry FAQ
Anti-Masonic Society
BC Catholic bears false witness
BC Catholic apologizes
BC Catholic publishes retraction
Big Book of Conspiracies refuted
Abel Claren de la Rive
Dispensational Fundamentalism
Falsifiers of the Talmud
First anti-masonic attack
Freemasonry is not a religion
Fundamentalism and Freemasonry
Gormogons and the Duke of Wharton
Illuminati Order of Bavaria
Lie of luciferianism
Morgan Affair
Myth of the Baphomet
Mythology of the Secret Societies
Nesta H. Webster’s Secret Societies
None Dare Call It Conspiracy refuted
Papal encyclicals
Parodies of Freemasonry
Pentagrams and Freemasonry
Albert Pike and the Ku Klux Klan
Protocols of the Elders of Zion: fraud
Responding to the critics
John Robison and the Abbé Barruel
Satan’s plan in the streets of Washington DC
Léo Taxil: publicly confessed fraud
Léo Taxil: his full confession
Report of Léo Taxil’s confession
Rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem
Venus and the Pentagram
Biographical notes Index
British Columbia’s masonic Premiers
Elias Ashmole
Francis Bacon
Canada’s masonic Prime Ministers
Aleister Crowley
Henry J. DeForest
Rudyard Kipling
Albert Pike
William Wynn Westcott [AQC]
Customs The apron and its symbolism [AQC]
The use of scripture
Masonic Mottoes
Cancer Car program
History Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, selected papers & subject index (1886-1985)
Bavarian Illuminati
Famous freemasons
Founding of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia
Freemasonry in British Columbia
Freemasonry in the Yukon Territory
Fringe Masonry in England 1870-85 [AQC]
Grand Masters of BC & Yukon, 1871-1971
History of Freemasonry in Canada
King Solomon's Temple : illustrations and models
The Kneph and John Yarker
Legend of the Quatuor Coronati [AQC]
Lodgehalls of British Columbia & Yukon
Mary’s Chapel; the second oldest masonic minute
Matthew Cooke Manuscript (1450 c.)
Matthew Cooke Manuscript (Speth translation) [AQC]
Ordinances of Laborers for England
Thomas Paine’s theory on the origins of Freemasonry
Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript (1390c.)
Sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt
Statutes of Edward VI
Statutes of Henry VI
Theories of masonic history
Transition Theory
Jurisprudence Constitutions 1723
Charges of a freemason
A.F. & A.M. defined
Anno Lucis
Anno Lucis explained [AQC]
Anno Mundi
Joining Freemasonry
Landmarks of the Order
Landmarks discussed
History of the Landmarks
Quitting Freemasonry
Of masonic interest Book reviews The Byrom Collection
The Freemasons by Jasper Ridley [PDF]
The Hiram Key
The Invisible College
The Master's Emblem
Rosslyn, Guardians of the Holy Grail
Secret Zodiacs of Washington, DC
History Architecture
The Chinese Freemasons
Public perceptions of Freemasonry
The Magna Carta (English with Latin)
The Magna Carta (Latin textfile)
Masonic interments
Old Charges
Victoria area cemeteries
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver
Revealed: The secret of Oak Island
Liberal Arts & Sciences Grammar
Literature Poetry of Robert Burns
Palmer Cox's Brownies
Goethe's poetry
Rudyard Kipling and Freemasonry
Robert Service's poetry
Natural philosophy Freemasonry and science
The Rosetta Stone
Royal Society
Space exploration
Other societies Free Gardeners
Illuminati of Bavaria
The Odd Fellows
Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Culture Masonic curiousities
Masonic references in cinema
Masonic references in fine art
Masonic references in literature
Masonic references in music
Masonic references in nonfiction
Masonic references on radio
Masonic references in television
Women in Masonry Co-Masonry
American Federation of Human Rights
Hon. Mrs. Aldworth
Women freemasons
Philosophy The ideal of a freemason
An overview of Freemasonry
Albert Pike’s "Morals and Dogma"
Position on politics and religion
Religious leaders speak out on Freemasonry
Proceedings Ars Quatuor Coronatorum
Grand Masonic Day Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 1999
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2000
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2002
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2003
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2004
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2005
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2006
Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, 2007
Fraser Valley Grand Masonic Day, 2007
Fraser Valley Grand Masonic Day, 2008
Fraser Valley Grand Masonic Day, 2010
Lower Mainland Grand Masonic Day, 2011
Lower Mainland Grand Masonic Day, 2012
Grand Masonic Day, 2013
Grand Masonic Day, 2014
Symbolism The all-seeing eye
The iconographic eye
The all-seeing eye in popular fiction
The all-seeing eye in commercial art
The apron and its symbolism [AQC]
The Bee
Angle of the compasses
The Cable Tow
Globes, Pillars and Columns
Golden Ratio and the pentagram
The letter "G"
Masonic symbols in China
Monument to the Master Mason
The moon
The Pondering Chamber
The Serpent
The Square
The Sword
History of the Tracing Boards
Tracing Boards, English working, 20th century
Tracing Boards, English working, 19th century
Master's Chart, American working
Ritual Notes on the Address to the Brethren
Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry
Concordant bodies and their degrees
Degrees of recognized masonic bodies
The Swedish Rite
Grand Lodge of
British Columbia
& Yukon
Grand Lodge Office Annual Communication 2022
Grand Masters' Installation and Annual Addresses
Information for non-members
Information for members
Masonic Bulletin Archives September 1937 - June 2013
Lodge members' resources [Password protected]
Lodge secretaries' resources [Password protected]
Website Colophon
Calendars Grand Master’s Calendar, 2019-2020
Calendars of Events and meetings
Committees Ashlar College Registration form
Community Relations Guidelines for masonic websites
Statement regarding online masonic discussion
Regulations for masonic websites
Fraternal Relations Recognized Grand jurisdictions
Leadership Promotional videos
Masonic Leadership & Ladies Conference 2014
Masonic Civility Initiative
Masonic Best Practices
Library and Archives Archives and museum
Library at Grand Lodge
History of the Grand Lodge Seal
Lodge Buildings Lodge halls of British Columbia & Yukon
Maps to Lodge halls of British Columbia & Yukon
Masonic Commission 2002 Survey responses
The current state of Freemasonry in Britain
Directories Lodge Directory for this jurisdiction
Events 2021 Grand Lodge Annual Communication
Information Aims and Relations of Freemasonry
Attraction of Freemasonry
Cancer Car Project
Concordant and appendant organizations
Freemasonry and religion
Masonic Family
Responding to the critics of Freemasonry
What people have said about Freemasonry
What religious leaders have said about Freemasonry
BC Grand Masters, 1871-2019
Graphics, images and illustrationsIndex of graphic images
Architecture Giacomo da Vignola, Architettura del Baroccio da Vignola
Villard de Honnecourt, Mediaeval architect
Freemason’s Hall, London
Art Anderson’s Constitutions Frontispiece" "Genius of Masonry"
Compasses in art
William Blake’s The Ancient of Days
Albrecht Dürer’s Astronomer
Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia
Albrecht Dürer’s Portrait of an Architect
Il Guercino’s Raising the Master
Mediaeval Bible Moralisée circa 1250.
Masonic references in fine art
The three Graces
The three virtues
Symbols Boston Type masonic cuts, 1832
Downloadable print quality images
The snake clasp on masonic aprons
George Kenning’s masonic cuts
Sun and moon from John Yarker’s The Kneph
Time and the Virgin (Monument to a Master Mason): 12 variations
Web images Animated graphics
Buttons for the web
Editorial banners from The Square (With print-quality versions)
Illustrations for the web (With print-quality versions)
Hi-res masonic images (With print-quality versions)
Principal Officer’s jewels (With print-quality versions)
The square and compasses, variations (with print-quality versions)
History Index
British Columbia and Yukon British Columbia Grand Masters
British Columbia’s masonic Premiers
First Lodge meeting in British Columbia
Formation of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia
Freemasonry in British Columbia
Freemasonry in the Yukon Territory
Masonic interments
Victoria area cemeteries
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver
Canada Canada’s masonic Prime Ministers
Historical highlights of Freemasonry in Canada, 1634-1871
International Ancient Free and Accepted; explained
Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723
Biographies and pictures of famous freemasons
Cooke Manuscript
Ordinance of Laborers for England
Prominent freemasons, past and present
Regius Poem (Halliwell Manuscript)
Sloane manuscripts
Timeline of history
Transition Theory of masonic history
Philippines The Philippine Flag - its masonic roots
USA Morgan Affair
The masonic street plan of Sandusky, Ohio
New England and the Bavarian Illuminati
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Bro. Norm McEvoy's The Educator (2003-2021)
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