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Administrators of masonic websites in this jurisdiction are requested to adhere to the "Regulations for masonic websites"; to consider the "Guidelines for masonic websites" when designing websites; and to read this "Statement regarding discussion of masonic business on the internet"
Regulations for masonic websites
(Revised: 19/03/2000)
The following is a statement from the Community Relations Committee of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon. Its terms apply only to the brethren and lodges of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon.
Webpages and websites are considered in the same category as circulars and publications. Bound by the following restrictions, defined by our Book of Constitutions and general practice, lodges and individual freemasons are otherwise permitted to create or maintain webpages or websites as they wish. This permission is conditional on the Grand Master’s satisfaction with the discretion of the website’s administrators and their loyalty to the principles of the Craft [R161], defined, in practice, by an adherence to the following regulations.
  1. Proceedings of lodge meetings may not be posted on websites. [R159]
    The prohibition on proceedings applies to minutes, specifics of ballots taken, and other reports of business or discussion conducted in a tyled lodge.
  2. The names of persons identified as having attended a specific meeting may not be posted on websites. [R159] This does not apply to recipients of long service awards, and participants in events noteworthy in their value in promoting Freemasonry, with their permission. [R161]
  3. Members' names and/or images may not to be posted without their permission.
  4. The names of candidates and petitioners may not be posted.
  5. No canvassing for Grand Lodge appointive offices may be posted on websites. [Edicts]
  6. No endeavours to optain support for propositions may be posted on websites without the Grand Master’s permission. [Edicts]
  7. Lodge information may not be posted without the Worshipful Master’s permission. [R159]
  8. Grand Lodge information, other than that posted on the Grand Lodge of BC and Yukon website, may not be posted without the Grand Master’s permission.
  9. Opinions of a political or religious nature may not be posted on websites that purport, or may be construed, to be authorized by or represent this Grand Lodge, or a lodge or lodges under this jurisdiction, or Freemasonry as a body.
  10. Ill language, private piques or quarrel, wrangling and quarreling, slander and backbiting may not be posted.
Keep in mind that your website is a reflection of the entire fraternity of Freemasonry and act accordingly.
Community Relations Committee
Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon
A.F. & A.M.

See Annual Proceedings 2000, p. 79-80.


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