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Four rituals are worked in this jurisdiction: British Columbian Canadian Work (Can.), as derived from that compiled by Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Simon McGillivray in 1823 and worked in the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario ; British Columbian "Ancient" Work (Anc.), as derived from that of the "Ancient" or "Athol" Lodges, by way of the Americans, Thomas Webb (sometimes called the New York or American Work) and John Barney; Australian Work (Aus.), as adopted in 1906 from the ritual created in 1888 by the Grand Lodge of New South Wales from the ritual of Canongate Kilwinning No. 2 of Edinburgh; and Emulation Work (Emu.), as derived from that worked by Emulation Lodge of Improvement at Freemason’s Hall, London. Although our "Ancient" Work has on occasion been mistakenly referred to as Scotch or Scottish, it is not related to the Scottish Rite. Lodges chartered before 1954 and using the Canadian Work will have their own unique quality.
The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon warrants 129 Lodges in 78 communities in British Columbia and the Yukon, with 5,000 members; 58 lodges use the Canadian Work, 62 use the Ancient Work, eight use the Emulation Work, and one uses the Australian.
Most lodges in this jurisdiction meet regularly once a month on the evening noted, and also hold an emergent meeting two weeks following for the conferal of degrees. Unless otherwise noted, lodges do not meet during July and August.
Meetings are normally tyled at 7:30 pm but some will tyle at 8:00 pm or 7:00 pm. Meetings are open to all Freemasons in good standing with a recognized jurisdiction. Visitors are advised to confirm dates and times with the Grand Lodge Office or the lodge secretary.
A list of every lodge ever warranted under this jurisdiction is also available. A list of lodge consolidations can be found here. For administrative purposes lodges are assigned to districts, and districts assigned to regions.
C O M M U N I T Y A D D R E S S L O D G E N O. W O R K M E E T S R E C E S S
Abbotsford 33860 Pine St. Abbottsford 70 Anc. 2nd Tue.
Pacific 16 Can. 2nd Wed.
Armstrong 2570 Pleasant Valley Blvd. Spallumcheen 13 Can. 2nd Tue.
Ashcroft 403 Brink St. Zarthan 105 Can. 3rd Wed.
Barkerville Masonic Hall, Main St. Cariboo 4 Anc. 2nd Sat. Jan/Feb
Burns Lake Third Ave. & Centre St. Tweedsmuir 152 Can. 2nd Thu.
Campbell River 2905 Island Highway Discovery 149 Anc. 1st Mon.
Castlegar 1239 3rd St. Sentinel 146 Can. 1st Wed.
Chetwynd 5025 - 47 Ave. Chetwynd 187 Can. 1st Thu.
Chilliwack 46008 Reece Ave. Ionic-Kent 19 Anc. 2nd Mon.
Mount Zion 120 Can. 1st Wed.
Courtenay 361 Fifth St. Comox 188 Can. 2nd Tue.
Hiram 14 Anc. 2nd Mon.
Cranbrook 803 Cranbrook St. N. Fisher Peak 34 Can. 2nd Thu.
Creston 10th Ave & Vancouver St. Creston 54 Anc. 3rd Wed.
Cumberland 2687 Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland 26 Anc. 4th Thu.
Dawson City 352 Queen St. Yukon 45 Can. 1st Sat. Oct - May, June
Dawson Creek 901 - 103 Ave. Peace 126 Can. 2nd Wed.
Duncan 163 Canada Ave. Temple 33 Anc. 2nd Tue.
Elko Bate Ave. (Neame St) Elk River 35 Anc.4th Wed.
Enderby 507 Mill Ave. Enderby 40 Can. 3rd Wed.
Fort Nelson 4803 Sunset Dr. Fort Nelson 179 Can.1st Tue.
Fort St. John 10441 - 100 Ave. Fort St. John 131 Can. 3rd Mon.
Golden 910 10th Ave. S Mountain 11 Can. 2nd Mon.
Grand Forks 366 Market Ave. Harmony 37 Anc. 2nd Tue.
Invermere 1301 7th Ave & 13th St. Columbia 38 Can. 3rd Tue.
Kamloops 351 Nicola St. Kamloops 10 Emu. 2nd Tue.
Mount St. Paul 109 Anc. 4th Tue.
Kaslo 301 A Ave. Kaslo 25 Anc. 1st Fri. Jan/Feb
Kelowna 1564 Pandosy St. Prince Charles 153 Anc. 2nd Mon.
St. George’s 41 Can. 1st Tue.
Kitimat 1739 Gyrfalcon Ave. Kitimat 169 Can. 2nd Wed.
Ladner 4873 Delta St. Ancient Light 88 Can. 3rd Mon.
Tsawwassen 185 Can. 2nd Wed.
Ladysmith 26 Gatacre St. St. John’s 21 Anc. 2nd Thu.
Chemainus 114 Emu. 2nd Mon.
Langley 20701 Fraser Highway Cloverdale 168 Anc. 3rd Tue.
Dogwood 192 Can. 3rd Sat.9:30 am
Eureka 103 Anc. 2nd Wed.
Langley 184 Can. 1st Thu.
Westminster 174 Can. 2nd Thu.
Lillooet 251 Taylor and Homestead Cayoosh 173 Can. 3rd Sat. 2:00 pm
Maple Ridge 22272 - 116 Ave. Landmark 128 Can. 1st Thu.
Prince David 101 Anc. 2nd Tue.
Merritt 2067 Quilchena Ave. Nicola 53 Anc. 4th Mon.F, A, J-S, N, D
Mill Bay 2748 Lashburn Rd. Malahat 107 Emu. 3rd Thu.
Nakusp 319 Broadway St. Star of the West 61 Anc. 4th Tue.
Nanaimo 101 Commercial St. Ashlar 3 Anc. 1st Wed.
620 Morpeth Ave. Doric 18 Anc. 3rd Tue.
Nanaimo 110 Can. 3rd Mon.
Nelson 329 Baker St. Nelson 23 Can. 2nd Wed.
New Denver 521 6th Ave. Slocan 29 Anc. 4th Fri. Jan/Feb
New Westminster 508 Agnes St. Blue Mountain 182 Can. 1st Tue.
Duke of Connaught 64 Can. 1st Wed.
Grandview-Trinity 96 Can. 2nd Tue.
Legacy UD Can. 2nd Wed.
Lewis 57 Can. 4th Thu.
Union-Solomon 9 Anc. 1st Mon.
Perfection 75 Anc. 1st Thu.
North Vancouver 1142 Lonsdale Ave. Scheduled for redevelopment
1371 Lynn Valley Rd. Scheduled for redevelopment
Oliver 6159 Kootenay St. Southern Gate 124 Can. 3rd Wed.
100 Mile House 210 Cedar St. Mount Begbie 183 Can. 2nd Tue.
Parksville 136 Memorial Ave. Concord 79 Anc. 1st Thu.
Qualicum 197 Can. last Sat.Dec, Jan
1000 Allsbrook Rd. Euclid 158 Can. 3rd Thu.
Peachland 5842A Beach Ave Peachland 56 Can. 2nd Tue.
Penticton 416 Westminster Ave., W. Orion 51 Can. 1st Wed.
Penticton 147 Anc. 4th Thu.
Port Alberni 4470 Gertrude St. Barclay 90 Anc. 2nd Wed.
Port Clements 36 Cedar St., W. Queen Charlotte Islands 189 Anc. 2nd Fri.
Port Coquitlam 2660 Shaughnessy St. Blue Mountain 182 See New Westminster
DeWolf 78 Anc. 2nd Mon.
Vimy 97 Can. 1st Wed.
Port McNeill 175 Cedar St. Rainbow 180 Anc. 3rd Thu.
Powell River 6274 Walnut St. Triune 81 Anc. 2nd Tue.
Prince George 480 Vancouver St. (4th Ave) Nechako 86 Can. 1st Thu. (3rd Thu-Jan)
Prince George 178 Anc. 2nd Thu.
Prince Rupert 180 - 6th Ave. East Tsimpsean 58 Anc. 1st Thu.
Tyee 66 Can. 2nd Tue.
Quesnel 520 Front St. Quesnel 69 Can. Last Thu. Jul/Aug/Dec
Revelstoke 209 MacKenzie Ave. Kootenay 15 Can. 4th Mon.
Richmond 6730 No. 3 Rd. Aviation 175 Can. 1st Mon.
Centennial-King George 171 Can. 1st Tue.
Richmond 142 Anc. 2nd Wed.
Roberts Creek 1319 Roberts Creek Rd. Mt. Elphinstone 130 Can. 1st Fri.
Saanichton 8105 Derrinberg St. United Peninsula 24 Emu. 1st Wed.
Salmo 115 Main St. Ymir 31 Anc. 3rd Fri. Dec
Salmon Arm 270 Alexander St. Salmon Arm 52 Can. 2nd Wed.
Saltspring Island 506 Lower Ganges Rd.
Admiral 170 Can. 2nd Wed.
Smithers 3883 4th Ave. Omineca 92 Can. 3rd Mon.
Sooke 6544 Throup Rd. Mount Shepherd 159 Can. 1st Wed.
Squamish 38140 Cleveland Ave. Mount Garibaldi 127 Can. 2nd Fri.
Surrey 14042 Grosvenor Rd. North Star 167 Can. 1st Tue.
Terrace 4915 Lazelle Ave. Kitselas 123 Can. 2nd Thu.
Tofino 331 Main St Manoah 141 Anc. 2nd Sat. Jan & Aug
Trail 815 Victoria St. Corinthian 27 Anc. 2nd Thu.
Tumbler Ridge 380 Pioneer Loop Light of the Rockies 190 Emu. 2nd Tue. Jun/Jul/Aug
Vancouver 1464 West 7th Ave. Mount Hermon 7 Anc. 1st Tue.
Cascade 12 Can. 3rd Mon.
University 91 Anc. 2nd Mon.
Vancouver 68 Anc. 2nd Thu.
2146 West 41st Ave. Acacia 22 Anc. 1st Thu.
Education & Research GML 3rd Fri.
Keystone-Lions' Gate 115 Anc. 3rd Thu. Jun/Jul/Aug
Meridian 108 Can. 2nd Sat.10:00 am
Melrose 67 Anc. 1st Wed.
Prince of Wales 100 Emu. 3rd Wed.
Southern Cross 44 Aus. 2nd Fri.
Zion 77 Can. 2nd Tue.
Excelsior 195 Anc. 3rd Tue.
4474 Rupert St. Burnaby 150 Can. 2nd Sat.
Burrard 50 Can. 1st Fri.
Capilano 164 Anc. 2nd Wed.
King David 93 Can. 1st Thu.
Lynn Valley 122 Can. 2nd Tue.
Heritage 63 Anc. 2nd Mon.
Hollyburn 135 Anc. 3rd Sat.
Vanderhoof 178 4th St, W Vanderhoof 119 Can. 2nd Tue.
Vernon 3005 - 32nd St. Kalamalka 160 Anc. 1st Mon.
Miriam 20 Can. 2nd Thu.
Victoria 650 Fisgard Street Britannia 73 Emu. 2nd Thu.
Camosun 60 Anc. 2nd Mon.
Haida 166 Anc. 2nd Wed.
Henderson 84 Emu. 4th Mon. (2nd - May, Dec)
Vancouver and Quadra 2 Anc. 3rd Wed. (1st Wed-Jun)
Victoria Columbia 1 Emu. 1st Thu. no recess
679 Goldstream Ave. Goldstream 161 Can. 1st Thu.
White Rock 15302 Pacific Ave. Joppa 112 Anc. 2nd Thu.
St. James 80 Can. 2nd Tue.
Whitehorse 1501 Dogwood St. Whitehorse 46 Can. 3rd Mon. July/Aug
Williams Lake 130 Oliver St. Centre 113 Can. 1st Wed.


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