In the Past - The History of Freemasonry
  1. A Visit To Barkerville - Originally founded in 1866 and dedicated the next year this is the third lodge in this town.
  2. The First Step - First impressions are a deciding factor in more ways than one, and sometimes misleading conclusions are drawn all too soon.

Freemasonry in Action - Words & Photos and Awards Happening in our Jurisdiction
  1. Caribou Lodge No.4, - Annual Reunion, August 11-14
  2. DeMolay in British Columbia - with a short history of British Columbia DeMolay
  3. Grand Communication, Kamloops 2016 - Grand Master M.W. Bro. Ian J. Bowman and Grand Lodge Officers
  4. Perfection Lodge No. 75 – Annual Summer BBQ
  5. Spallumcheen Lodge No. 13 - Brethren and families attending the annual barbecue in Armstrong.
  6. Paw Prints - For the past several years, the Grand Lodge of B.C. and Yukon has supported this valuable service.

Education and Leadership- Our Craft at Work
  1. My Fathers Lodge - a poem by RWBro Dale Moberg
  2. The World of the Masonic Lodge - an article provided by Bro. Bill Overy, Director of Masonic Education for Abbotsford Lodge No. 70

Masonic Tidbits - Interesting Things About the Craft and our Brethren
  1. Masonic Lodge Gives Four $1500 Scholarships - the different Lodges that now make up United-Peninsula Masonic Lodge have dispersed an estimated $200,000 in scholarships.

Heartbeat - Men's Health
  1. Chris E. Batty - My heart story

Grand Lodge - Musings and Happenings
  1. To reach the summit - Grand Master’s Installation Address
  2. Year End Speech - Outgoing Grand Master's Address

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  1. Is It Wrong To Dream Of Better Things? - A night with Brothers and Veterans
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