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Not exactly as illustrated.
VW Bro. Trevor W. McKeown is our Grand Lodge webmaster, Masonic Bulletin editor, library and archives curator, chairman of the Library and Archives Board of Trustees, Representative from the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, and Grand Historian since 2005. He served as Grand Steward for 2001-2002. A short biography is available here.

We get mail....
Our website has also been frequently cited or made use of in books about Freemasonry.
“...your jurisdiction has undoubtedly the best website going. Keep up the good work!”
John L. Cooper III
Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of California

“Wonderful color and graphics, Masonic content is well researched; uses effective integration of library resources with Grand Lodge site. Bonisteel Masonic Library.”
Karl Grube, Ph.D., President
Bonisteel Masonic Library, Ann Arbor

“We decided to put your Anti-masonry information website as "Link of the Month" for November at www.freemasonry.fm
Robert Moray

“Thank you for what is easily the most scholarly, best sourced, balanced website on Freemasonry in English!”
Patrick Knowles, Portland, Oregon

“the best masonic site available on the Web.”
James Stewart, North Bay, Ontario

“We need more sites like this one to help dispel the myths and out right lies being circulated about the craft.”
Brian Johnson, North Little Rock, Arkansas

“...a fantastic and informative website.”
Geoff Williams, Natal South Africa

“Thank you for the enlightenment and please please please keep up the great work.”
Daniel T Wilcox, Utah

“Your site helped me to overcome a lot of the "junk" that I had been told about Masonry.”
Daryl Staton, Indianapolis, IN

“Verry nice site!”
Magnus Håkansson, Sweden

“Your site is great!”
Max McCasland, Lubbock, TX

“This is the best Masonic site I have seen. GREAT JOB !!!!!”
Keith Kelley, Frederick, MD

“To have all that information on a Grand Lodge website is incredible! The depth and breadth of the research information is fantastic.
Kevin M. Washchuk, Sterling Heights, MI

“Your website is one of the best and most informative Masonic websites in the whole World Wide Web. I really injoyed it!”
Juhana Hame, Finland

“This is by far one of the most complete, educational and ornate websites I have found to date.”
Brian Scott Du Bois, Evansville, Indiana

“Thank you for providing superb content on your website. I find that during web searches for Masonic information I repeatedly find the most reliable summaries and overview on your site.
Geir Gramvik, Flekkeroy, Norway

“One of the most definitive well researched and well designed Freemasonry sites on the WWW.”
Eugene Plawiuk, Edmonton, Alberta

“It is truly outstanding and the best I have seen. The depth of your Masonic resources from written literature to animated graphics is phenomenal. I would like to congratulate and thank you for the wonderful job.”
Rudy Olano, California

“Your website is phenomenal.”
Gordon MacNay, Texas

“Thank you for the wealth of information provided on your website.”
Merrill Brady, Atlanta, Georgia


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