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Viz (1986, 1988) There have been at least two notable appearances of Freemasons in Viz (comics), the British adult comic magazine, since its start in 1979.

Bodley Basin, the strict Freemason (1987)
Cartoonist,Simon Thorp, compares masonic attire to that of the then-popular punk look.
This two page comic caricature of the Freemasons manages to nicely sum up most of the popular misunderstandings and criticisms about Freemasonry. Bodley is depicted drunkenly driving away from his lodge hall and avoiding arrest by giving the masonic handshake. He then kills another member who has published a book about the "Secrets of the Masons", and, although arrested while burying the victim's tongue on a beach, is released by the judge who is revealed to be a member of his lodge. He later initiates a police constable into the lodge, kills an investigative reporter who had recorded the initiation, and is kidnapped by the "Rotary Club Militia" while visiting the "Under the Counter Accountancy Services". This one-off strip ends with the constable being promoted to Chief Inspector, and the cartoonist being killed.
A reference to the "sacred skull of Gannex" will only be understood to those familiar with the waterproof raincoat manufactured in the UK from 1951 to 2010 and popularly identified with the ruling class.
Boswell Boyce "He throws his voice!!" (1986)
Boswell Boyce
Another of Simon Thorp's creations, Boswell Boyce is an amoral ventriliquist whose dummy has a peculiar speech impediment, substituting "G" for "B" and "K" for "P". In this strip he enters a talent contest held in the town hall and when he sees that the presentor of the prizes is wearing a heavy gold collar he assumes he is a Freemason. This is not relevent to the story.

Bodley Basin appears in VIZ Comic No. 25 Silver Jubilee Tea Towel Issue, August [/September] 1987. "Bodley Basin, the strict Freemason, he's 'on the square.'" © House of Viz. 16 Lily Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne, John Brown Publishing Limited, Canalot Production Studios, 222 Kensel Rd, London, Editor Chris Donald, Assistant editor Simon Donald. Contributors: Simon Thorp, Graham Dury, David Jones et al. pp.20-21. Reprinted in VIZ, The Big Pink Stiff One, London : House of Viz, 1988. pp. 122-23. Boswell Boyce appears in multiple issues. Ibid p. 23.



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