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Loyal Order of Water Buffalo
Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, The Flintstones ran for six seasons from 1960 to 1966. Fred Flintstone and his friend Barney Rubble were members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo Lodge No. 26. Originally called the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs, the fraternity appeared in twenty episodes. At least five different lodge halls are depicted.
Season 1 (1960-1)
Hot Lips Hannigan" (P-9) Written by Warren Foster (1960/09/07)
The first appearance of the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs [00:01:36]. Their hats [00:02:00], similar to those worn by members of the Knights Templar of America, are also shown.
The Golf Champion (P-15) written by Sydney Zelinka (12/9/1960)
When Fred wins the annual Order of Dinosaurs golf tournament, Barney refuses to give him the trophy until he pays his lodge dues. A different lodge hall exterior is shown [00:06:02], as well as a variation on the lodge uniform hat [00:06:24].
Voice-over announcer: "The finalists, Ben Boulder and Fred Flintstone. It’s been a nip and tuck battle all the way with Fred Flintstone leading by two strokes. The winner will get the trophy and be the champion of the annual tournament given by the Loyal Order of Dinosours." [00:02:00]
Voice-over announcer: "Barney Rubble, president of the lodge, apparently wants to take the cup away from Fred Flintstone." [00:05:44]
The Long, Long Weekend (P-24) written by Warren Foster (1960/10/24, 1961/03/10)
The Flintstones and Rubbles visit a seaside resort just as a Water Buffalo convention is about to arrive. This episode features the first appearance of the horned hat, worn by the "Grand Exalted Imperial Poobah" [00:22:40]
Season 2 (1961-2)
The Beauty Contest (P-36) written by Warren Foster (1961/04/27, 1961/12/01)
Fred and Barney are railroaded into judging the Water Buffalo annual beauty contest. In this episode all the Buffaloes are wearing the new hat [00:03:40], the secret handshake and password are revealed, a third lodge hall is seen [00:04:12], and the leader is styled the "King Buffalo".
The Picnic (P-41) written by Jack Raymond (1961/05/20, 1961/12/15)
Barney and Fred participate in the Water Buffalo Lodge picnic competitions.
Fred Strikes Out (P-53) written by Joanna Lee (1961/09/07, 1962/03/02)
The eighth anniversary of Fred’s marriage proposal to Wilma coincides with a Water Buffalo bowling championship game.
Season 3 (1962-3)
Bowling Ballet (P-65) written by Warren Foster (1962/04/03, 1962/10/05)
Mr. Slater and his employees have wagered on Fred’s Water Buffalo bowling team although Fred is experiencing a losing streak.
Here’s Snow In Your Eyes (P-68) written by Joanna Lee (5-2-1962/05/02, 10-19-1962/10/19)
Fred and Barney are sent as Water Buffalo Lodge representatives to a convention weekend at Stone Mountain Ski Resort.
The Buffalo Convention (P-67) written by Warren Foster (1962/04/12, 1962/10/26)
The Water Buffalo assemble at a larger lodge hall— this one with a stage— to hear their "Mystic Imperial Poobah", sporting a new hat, give them "the exalted word." He will "draw back the veil to reveal the ancient mysteries of Water Buffalo-ary." The hat emblem is clearly seen. [00:9:10]
The Hero (P-78) written by Herb Finn (1962/08/15, 1963/01/18)
Fred, while returning home from a Water Buffalo lodge meeting, is mistakenly credited with saving a baby’s life. After he admits his deception he is rewarded for his honesty by being elected Grand Imperial Poobah.
Mother-In-Law's Visit (P-80) written by Warren Foster (1 Feb. 1963)
Fred, moonlighting as a disguised taxi driver, takes his mother-in-law to his lodge hall. [00:17:22]
Season 4 (1963-4)
Groom Gloom (P-90) written by Herb Finn (1963,03/22, 1963/09/26)
In an extended dream sequence Fred’s newspaper delivery boy, Arnold, is elected Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos.
Peek-A-Boo Camera (P-102) written by Barry Blitzer (1963/06/21, 1963/12/19)
The Water Buffalo Lodge’s Grand Poobah orders a special Water Buffalo meeting on Fred and Wilma’s wedding anniversary.
Ten Little Flintstones (P-104) written by Tony Benedict (1963/07/08, 1964/01/02)
When an alien creates multiple copies of Fred, he assumes it’s a practical joke by his Water Buffalo friends.
Room For Two (P-110) written by Tony Benedict (1963/08/29, 1964/02/06)
Barney’s decisive vote against Fred in the Water Buffalo of the Year campaign results in a property line feud.
Ladies Night at the Lodge (P-109) written by Herb Finn (1963/08/16, 196402/13)
Wilma and Betty insist that Fred suggest a change in Water Buffalo by-laws to permit wives to accompany lodge brothers to the meetings and when this fails,then disguise themselves to attend.
Reel Trouble (P-111) written by Barry Blitzer (1963/09/04, 1964/02/20)
Fred brings his home movie, 'A Day in the Life of Pebbles Flintstone', to the Water Buffalo Lodge.
Season 5 (1964-5)
Pebbles’s Birthday Party (P-115) written by Tony Benedict (1964/03/03, 1964/10/08)
A caterer accidently mixes up the entertainment for Pebbles' birthday party and a Water Buffalo Lodge party.
The Most Beautiful Baby In Bedrock (P-124) (1964/05/11, 1964/11/19)
Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are both entered in the Water Buffalo Lodge’s baby beauty contest.
Adobe Dick (P-128) written by Barry Blitzer (1964/06/04, 1964/12/17)
Fred and Barney go on the Water Buffalo Lodge fishing expedition.
Fred’s Flying Lesson (P-129) written by Rick Mittelman (1964/06/18, 1965/01/01)
Fred wins a free flying lesson from the Water Buffalo Lodge.
Season 6 (1965-6)
The Masquerade Party (P-151) written by Warren Foster (1965/07/15, 1965/11/26)
The Water Buffalo Lodge’s masquerade party leads to a contest between Barney and Fred, and Fred being mistaken for an alien.

Dates noted are for recording date and broadcast date. The Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera Studios, Distributed by Columbia/Screen Gems. Fred Flintstone (Alan Reed), Wilma Flintstone (Jean Vander Pyl), Barney Rubble (Mel Blanc), Betty Rubble (Bea Benaderet (1960-1964), Gerry Johnson (1964-1966)). Directed and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Animated by Ed Aardel, George Goepper, Gerry Hathcock, Ed Love, Dick Lundy, Kenneth Muse, George Nichols, Don Patterson, Irv Spence, Carlo Vinci. Color, USA. Hanna-Barbera produced 30 minute episodes for six seasons (September 30, 1960 - September 2, 1966); the series was rebroadcast on NBC from January 17, 1967 to August 1969 and from September 6, 1969 to September 5, 1970). Theme song’s lyrics were written by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, with music by Hoyt Curtin. See Kevin McCorry’s Flintstone pages at looney.goldenagecartoons.com/flint.html for further details [accessed 2004/03/13]. Also see bcdb.com/bcdb/detailed.cgi?film=3406 [accessed 2004/03/13].


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