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References to Freemasonry in popular culture range from the vitriolic to the innocuous. Far more often they are merely misinformed allusions from which Freemasonry faces a far more insidious threat; that of being marginalized, trivialized, and fictionalized. Most of the references noted on this site are harmless, simply pointing out that Freemasonry has played a role in our society; some are humorous, yet some are disturbing in their associations.
Art Bell, non-mason
From 1989 until June 2005, Art Bell (1945/06/17- 2018/04/13) was the popular host of a nationally syndicated political call-in talk show, Coast to Coast AM, broadcast on the 50,000-watt station, KDWN in Las Vegas, Nevada. Broadcasting from his home in Pahrump, Nevada, Art Bell attracted a large audience prepared to listen to, and participate in, an ongoing discussion on alternative and often controversial topics regarding current politics, UFOs, paranormal phenomena, historical deconstruction, end-time millennialism and conspiracy theories. Often making use of guest hosts, he "retired" on 13 October 1998, only to return two weeks later, retired again in April 2000 for almost a year, retired again at the end of 2002, and then returned in September of 2003 to finally "semi-retire" in June 2005.
Sometime, late in 1998, Milton William Cooper claimed to have heard Art Bell admit on air to being a freemason:
The only time I listen to radio is while traveling. I have listened to Art Bell when I had to drive all night to meet a deadline over the last several years. I have also listened to Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, and an old acquaintance from KFI in Los Angeles named Tom Leicus (sp?). I find them all entertaining. They keep me awake while driving. At about 2:30 one morning during one of these trips, I heard a caller ask Art Bell if he was a Freemason. Bell replied, "Yes, are you a fellow traveler?" The term, "fellow traveler" is used by extreme leftwing Marxist socialists and communists to identify each other.
The date of this broadcast is unknown. Internet folklore would also have it that David Icke has decided that Art Bell is a freemason, but Icke often appeared on Art Bell’s show and there does not appear to be any documentation that Icke made this accusation.
Another regular guest on Coast to Coast, Richard Hoagland, has also been cited as hinting that Art Bell is a freemason, but, as with Cooper and Icke, actual broadcast dates are not given.
Keyword searches of Hoagland’s and Icke’s websites return no mention of Art Bell being a freemason.
There is no evidence that Art Bell was ever a freemason.
Broadcasts featuring Freemasonry
Friday December 17th, 2004
Dollar Bill Symbols
During the first hour of Friday’s show, Author David Ovason (book) discussed the symbolism and secret meanings behind the design of the dollar bill. According to Ovason, many of the officers in the Revolutionary War were Masons, and wanted to incorporate Masonic principles and symbols into the new society.
Ovason said the truncated pyramid symbolizes an incomplete work, and suggested that America was an "unfinished experiment in democracy." He believes the eye above the pyramid represents God and could mean that God will help finish the building of America. Ovason also pointed out a hidden letter "A" formed by the truncated pyramid and eye that he thinks stands for America.
Host: George Noory
Tuesday May 10th, 2005
Holy Grail & Da Vinci Code
Investigative mythologist William Henry & historian Laurence Gardner joined in a discussion about Holy Grail mysteries and how they relate to theories in the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. As in that book, both Gardner and Henry contend that Jesus married...
Host: George Noory
Tuesday November 25th, 2003
The Lost Ark & Gold Powder
Author and historian Laurence Gardner (graal.co.uk) returned to Coast on Tuesday night, for a follow-up discussion of his book, "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark," which has been optioned to serve as the basis for a Hollywood film by Living Element...
Host: George Noory
Tuesday June 17th, 2003
Ancient Secrets
Delving into mythic and historical enigmas were authors William Henry (williamhenry.net) & Laurence Gardner (Graal.co.uk) who made a joint appearance on Tuesday night’s show. Among the topics discussed was the Holy Grail which "has many attributes,"...
Host: George Noory
Wednesday March 12th, 2003
Mysterious White Powder
"History is full of facts but not necessarily full of truths," said Laurence Gardner (Graal.co.uk) an esteemed historian, genealogist and author who was the guest on Wednesday’s show. Delving back into ancient times, Gardner has sifted through arcane...
Host: George Noory
Wednesday October 13th, 2004
Understanding Freemasonry
Author Christopher Knight (civilizationone) shared his research into Freemasonry, including its rituals and origins. He disputed the idea that the members at the top of the hierarchy, such as 33 Degree Masons had any secretive knowledge, and said in fact they were likely to know less than those with lower degrees.
Knight described his initiation ceremony when he joined a Masonic lodge in England a number of years ago. In the ritual for the First Degree, he was brought into the room blindfolded, with a noose around his neck, and a dagger held to his heart, as he enacted a symbolic rite relating to King’s Solomon temple. For the Third Degree, his said part of the ritual was conducted in near darkness.
The roots of Freemasonry extend back to Knights Templar and even to the Sumerians, said Knight. His forensic research has uncovered that civilizations living 5,000 to 6,0000 years ago had a "super science" using incredibly precise astronomical measurements such as the "megalithic yard," which also applied to the Sun and Moon, as well as the Earth. One theory, he is working on to explain their sophisticated knowledge, is that the ancient civilizations may have been visited by time travelers from our future.
Host George Noory
Monday July 4th, 2005
Masonry in America
First hour guest, author Ken Davis discussed the 200-year history of Freemasonry in America, which he characterized as a movement geared to understanding the universe with a rational mind.
While founding fathers such as George Washington were Masons, he said there is little historical evidence to connect Masonic origins back hundreds of years to the Templars and their mysteries. Davis also downplayed conspiracy theories that suggest that the Masons have been involved in sinister endeavors on the world stage.
Host: George Noory
Wednesday December 7th, 2005
Artificial Moon Theory
Authors Christopher Knight and Alan Butler of civilizationone.com shared their theory that the moon is artificial and that it was deliberately engineered to sustain life on Earth. The moon is precisely designed "like a Swiss Clock," and built to a "mathematical...
Host: George Noory

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