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An incomplete list of masonic recipients of the Victoria Cross

This list of 130 names was compiled by Prestonian Lecturer, Granville Angell, Lord Cannock in 2006. In 2017 he published Volume of Valour, a weighty tome containing biographies and additional information on 178 freemasons who had been awarded the Victoria Cross. Unfortunately, the press run was only 125 copies, most of which were either donated or sold to Grand Lodges around the world. The full list of names is not available online.
Sapper, Royal Engineers
Lodge: Elgin & Bruce No. 1077, St. James' Operative Lodge No. 97, (GL of Scotland)
VC: 4/11/1918, near Ors, France, Gazetted 6/1/1919
Born: 14/1/1879, Leith, Scotland
Died: 12/3/1957, Leith
BABTIE, Wiliam, (Sir William, VC, KCB, KCMG
Major (Lt. General), Royal Army Medical Corps
Lodge: Joining Member of Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No 1971, (Confirmed. Trying to trace Mother Lodge)
VC: 15/12/1899, Colenso, South Africa.
Born: 7/5/1859
Died: 11/9/1920
BARRON, Colin Fraser VC
Corporal No. 404017 (Sergeant) 3rdBn, 1st Central Ontario (Toronto) Regiment Lodge: St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 52, Banff, Scotland
VC: 6/11/1917 at Passchendaele, Gazetted 11/1/1918
Born: 20/9/1893
Died: 15/8/1958
BASSETT, Cyril Royston Guyton VC
Corporal (Colonel) New Zealand Divisional Signal Company
Lodge: Ara Lodge No. 1, Grand Lodge of New Zealand
VC: 7/8/1915, Gazetted 15/10/15
Born: 3/1/1892
Died: 2/1/1983
BELCHER, Douglas Walter VC
L/Sergent (Captain) 1/5th City of London Bn., The London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)
Lodge: Arts & Crafts Lodge No. 3387 London, Hazara Lodge No. 4159 Hazara India, now at Duke Street, London, London Rifle Brigade Lodge No. 1962, Lodge of Amity No. 171 London
VC: 13/5/1915, Gazetted 23/6/1915
Born: 15/7/1889
Died: 3/6/1953
BELL, Edward William Derrington VC, CB.
Captain (Major General), 23rd Foot, The Royal Welch Fusiliers
Lodge: St. Paul’s Lodge No. 12 now No. 374, Montreal, Canada, under English Const.
VC: 20/9/1854, Gazetted 24/2/1857
Born: 18/5/1824
Died: 10/11/1879
BENT, Spencer John, VC, MM
Drummer (RSM), 1stBn East Lancashire Regiment
Lodge: Aldershot Camp Lodge No. 1331; Cyclist’s Lodge No. 2246, (Surbiton)
VC: 1/2-11/1914, Gazetted 9/12/1914
Born: 18/3/1891
Died: 3/5/1977
BERESFORD, Lord William Leslie de la Poer, VC, KCBE
Captain (Lt. Colonel), 9th Lancers
Lodge: Himalayan Brotherhood Lodge No. 459, Simla; Lodge of Industry & Perseverance No. 109, Calcutta.
VC: 3/7/1879, Gazetted 23/8/1879
Born: 20/7/1847
Died: 28/12/1900
BISDEE, John Hutton, VC, OBE
Trooper (Lt. Colonel) Tasmania Imperial Bushmen
Lodge: Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No. 1068, now at Slough, Bucks.
VC: 1/9/1900, Gazetted 13/11/1900
Born: 28/9/1869
Died: 14/1/1930
BLOOMFIELD, William Anderson, VC, DSO+Bar
Captain, 2nd South African Mounted Brigade, Scout Corps
Lodge: Concordia Lodge No. 2685, Ermelo, Transvaal, South Africa.
VC: 24/8/1916, Gazetted30/12/1916
Born: 30/1/1873
Died: 12/5/1954
BROMHEAD, Gonville, VC
Lieutenant, 2ndBn., South Wales Borderers
Lodge: Not Known
VC: 22-23/1/1879, Gazetted 2/5/1879
Born: 29/8/1844
Died: 10/2/1891
BROMLEY, Cuthbert, VC
T/Major, 1stBn, Lancashire Fusiliers
Lodge: Mooltan Lodge No. 1307, Multan, India
VC: 25/4/1915, Gazetted 15/3/1917 (One of 6 VC’s before breakfast)
Born: 19/9/1875
Died: 13/8/1915 (At sea off Egypt)
BROWN, Walter Ernest, VC, DCM+Bar
Corporal (Sergeant) 20thBn., (New South Wales) Australian Imperial Force
Lodge: Gogeldrie Lodge No. 558, United Grand Lodge of New South Wales.
VC: 6/7/1918, Gazetted 17/8/1918
Born: 3/7/1885
Died: 28/2/1942 (Killed in Singapore)
BULLER, Sir Redvers Henry, VC, GCB, GCMG
Liet. Colonel (General) 60th Rifles, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Lodge: Mason for over 20 years, Lodge not yet known.
VC: 28/3/1879, Gazetted 17/6/1879
Born: 7/12/1839
Died: 2/8/1908
CADELL, Thomas VC., CB
Colonel 2nd European Bengal Fusiliers
Lodge: Holyrood House No44 , Naval & Military RAC No. 40 (Init. 1891, W. M. 1903, Swd. B., GL of Scotland 11/12)
V. C:- 1857 at Siege of Delhi
Born: 5/9/1835
Died: 6/4/1919
Sergeant (CSM) Royal Scots Fusiliers
Lodge: St. John No. 187, Carluke
VC: 31/10/1918, Gazetted 6/1/1919
Born: 10/2/1894 Carluke, Scotland.
Died: 7/6/1969 Adelaide, Australia
CARTER, Herbert Augustine, VC
Lieutenant (Major), Mounted Infantry, Indian Army
Lodge: Kitchener Lodge No2998, Jampath, New Delhi, India. (Now meets in London)
VC: 19/12/1903, Gazetted 9/12/1904
Born: 26/5/1874
Died: 13/1/1916
Private (Captain) 33rdBn. (New South Wales), Australian Imperial Force.
Lodge: Merrylands Lodge No. 479, United Grand Lodge of New South Wales
VC: 31/8/1918, Gazetted 11/12/1918
Born: 9/12/1894
Died: 2/2/1978
CATOR, Harry, VC, MM.
Sergeant (Captain) 7thBn, East Surrey Regiment
Lodge: Wanderers Lodge No. 1604, London, Naval & Military Lodge No. 3678, Norwich.
VC: 9/4/1917, Gazetted 8/6/1917
Born: 24/1/1894
Died: 7/4/1966
CHARD, John Rouse Merriott, VC
Lieutenant (Colonel) Corps of Royal Engineers
Lodge: St. George’s Lodge No. 112, Exeter. (Awaiting confirmation)
VC: 22-23/1/1879, Gazetted, 2/5/1879
Born: 21/12/1847
Died: 1/11/1897
CHRISTIE, John Alexander, VC
Lance Corporal, 1/11th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment
(Finsbury Rifles)
Lodge: Commercial Traveller’s Lodge No. 2795 (London); Zenith Lodge No. 4892 (London); Albatross Lodge No. 6164 (Manchester); Chapter of Truth No. 1458; Chapter of Acorn & Rose No. 5677 (All Confirmed)
VC: 21-22/12/1917, Gazetted 27/2/1918
Born: 14/5/1895
Died: 10/9/1967.
Lieutenant Colonel, 24thBn, Quebec Regiment (Victoria Rifles) Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Lodge: St. Paul’s Lodge No. 12 (Now 374) Montreal, Canada
VC: Gazetted 14/12/1918
Born: 3/3/1879
Died: 25/10/1961
COGHILL, Nevill Josiah Aylmer, VC
Lieutenant, 1stBn, 24th Regiment, South Wales Borderers
Lodge: Leinster Lodge No. 387 (Irish Constitution) Malta.
VC: Gazetted 2/5/1879 & 15/1/1907
Born: 25/1/1852 at Drumcondra, Co. Dublin.
Died: 22/1/1879
A. /Lt. Colonel, 4thBn Bedfordshire Regiment
Lodge: Apollo University Lodge No 357, Oxford
VC: Gazetted Posthumous 24/4/1918
Born: 10/7/1880
Died: 27/3/1918 (VC Action)
Commander (Admiral), HMS Weser, Royal Navy
Lodge: Not known
VC: Gazette 24/2/1857
Born: 13/1/1829
Died: 25/5/1901
COOPER, Edward, VC
Sergeant (Major), 12thBn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Lodge: Lodge of Unity No. 6003 (Stockton-on-Tees); Lodge of Justice No. 8361 (Billingham), St. John’s Lodge No. 80 (Sunderland)
VC: Gazetted 14/9/1917
Born: 4/5/1896
Died: 19/8/1985 (Last surviving Passchendaele VC winner)
Captain (General) Bombay Staff Corps, Indian Army
Lodge: St. Brendan’s Lodge No. 163 (Irish Const. ), Parsonstown; Kindred Hope Lodge No. 594 (Scottish Const. ) Nusseraba, R.A. No. 186 on roll of Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland. Was District Grand Master for Punjab 1909 to 1914.
VC: Gazetted 17/11/187
Born: 2/4/1848
Died: 9/8/1923
Company Sergeant Major (Lt. Col. ) 2ndBn., The Rifle Brigade.
Lodge: Aldershot Camp Lodge No. 1331
VC: Gazetted 15/4/1915
Born: 13/12/1884
Died: 13/12/1953
DEAN, John Donald, VC, CBE, TD, DL
T/Lieutenant (Colonel)The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment
Lodge: St. Michael’s Lodge No. 1273, Sittingbourne; Saedinburna Lodge No. 6278; St. Michael’s Chapter No. 1273. In 1951 he was Grand Sword Bearer of United Grand Lodge of England.
VC: Gazette 11/12/1918
Born: 19/4/1897
Died: 9/12/1985
DIMMER, John Henry Stephen, VC, MC
Lieutenant (Lt. Colonel), 2ndBn., King’s Royal Rifle Corps.
Lodge: West Indian Regimental Lodge No190; West African Regimental Lodge No. 157.
VC: Gazette 19/11/1914
Born: 8/10/1883
Died: 21/3/1918, Marteville, France.
DUNN, Alexander Roberts, VC
Lieutenant (Colonel), 11th Hussars
Lodge: Ionic Lodge No. 25 (was 798), Toronto; Friendship Lodge No. 345 (now Royal Lodge of Friendship No 278) Gibralter; Calpean Chapter No. 278 Gibralter.
VC: Gazetted 24/2/1875 Only Officer to gain VC at Charge of Light
Brigade. First Canadian VC.
Born: 15/9/1833 at Dunstable York, (now Toronto), Canada
Died: 25/1/1868
Corporal, 2/17thBn., Australian Military Force
Lodge:Liverpool Lodge No. 197, Liverpool, Sydney, Australia
VC: Gazette 4/7/1941
Born: 8/10/1914
Died: 14/4/1941 (Killed at Tobruk, North Africa)
EDWARDS, Alexander, VC
Sergeant, 16thBn, The Seaforth Highlanders
Lodge: Pitgaveny Lodge No. 631, Lossiemouth, Morayshire, Scotland
VC: Gazette 14/9/1917
Born: 4//11/1885
Died: 21/3/1918 (East of Arra, France)
Sergeant, 22ndBn, New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Lodge: Lodge of Renown No. 218
VC: Gazette 21/9/1942
Born: 25/4/1916
Died: 7/10/1989
ENGLISH, William John, VC
Lieutenant (Lt. Col. ) 2nd Scottish Horse, Boer War, R. A. S. C. WW1, Royal Ulster Rifles WWll
Lodge: United Service Lodge No. 3285, Woodstock, Pinelands, S. Africa WD, (Under English G. L. )
VC: Gazette 11/10/1901
Born: 6/10/1882
Died: 4/7/1941 (At sea of Egypt)
G. C. L. Fire Service, London Blitz
Lodge: Samson Lodge No. 1668, London; Lodge of Fraternal Unity No. 7330, London.
GC Gazette 1941
Born: 20/8/1910
EVANS, William John George, VC
Company Sergeant Major
Lodge: Wilton Lodge No. 1077 ( Manchester)
VC: 30/7/1916, Gazetted 30/1/1920 (Last WWl VC to be Gazetted)
Born: 16/2/1876
Died: 28/9/1937
FAIRFAX, Frederick William, G. G.
Detective Constable (Det. Sergeant) Metropolitan Police.
Lodge:St. Mary’s Caledonian Operative Lodge No. 339 Scotland; Surrey Hills Lodge No. 7494 Croydon, England; Clachnacuddin Chapter No. 540.
G. C. Gazette 6/1/1953
Born: 17/6/1917
FARMER. Donald Dickson, VC, MSM
Sergeant (Lt. Colonel) Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
Lodge: Trafalger Lodge No. 223, Leith, Edinburgh
VC: Gazette 12/4/1901
Born: 28/5/1877
Died: 23/12/1965
FINCH, Norman Augustus, VC, MSM
Sergeant (Lieutenant & Quartermaster) Royal Marine Artillery
Lodge: Lodge of Hope No. 2153, Portsmouth; Royal Marine Portsmouth Lodge No. 6423; (Confirmed never a member of Per Mare per Terram Lodge No. 3609, Chatham, as originally listed)
VC: Gazette 22/7/1918
Born: 26/12/1890
Died: 15/3/1966
Piper (Pipe Major), The Gordon Highlanders
Lodge: St. Congan Lodge No. 922, Turriff, Aberdeenshire
VC: Gazette 20/5/1898
Born: 15/2/1872
Died: 11/3/1942
FLEMING-SANDES, Arthur James Terence, VC
T/2nd Lt. (Major), 2ndBn. East Surrey Regiment
Lodge: Khartoum Lodge No. 2877; Red Sea Lodge No. 4570 Port Sudan; Sudan Chapter No. 2954, Khartoum;
VC: Gazette 18/11/1915
Born: 24/6/1894
Died: 24/5/1965
FRASER, Ian Edward VC, DSC, RD+Bar, , JP
Lieutenant (Lt. Commander) Royal Naval Reserve
Lodge: Mersey Lodge No. 5199, Liverpool; Croxteth United Service Lodge No. 786 Liverpool
VC: Gazette13/11/1945
Born: 18/12/1920
FREYBERG, Sir Bernard Cyril, VC, GCMG, KCB, KBE, DSO + 3 Bars
T/Lt. Colonel (Lt. General) Quenn’s Royal West Kent Regiment
Lodge: Household Brigade Lodge No. 2614 London; New Zealand Lodge No. 5175 London; Westmimnster Lodge, Wellington, New Zealand.
VC: Gazette 15/12/1916
Born: 21/3/1889
Died: 4/7/1963
L/Corporal (Captain) 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Lodge: Kawatiri-Westport Lodge No. 152 NZ. Const. Westport, South Island; Scinde Lodge No. 5 NZ. Const, Napier, North Island; Taia Lodge No. 229 NZ. Const. Wellington.
VC: Gazette 2/8/1917
Born: April, 1891
Died: September, 1971
GEE, Robert, VC, MC
T/Captain, 2ndBn., Royal Fusiliers
Lodge: Roll Call Lodge No. 2523 Twickenham; Alma Lodge No. 3534 Twickenham.
VC: Gazette11/1/1918
Born: 7/5/1876
Died: 2/8/1960
GLEDHILL, Anthony John, GC
Detective Sergeant, Metropolitan Police
Lodge: East Whickham Lodge No. 7308, Welling
GC Gazette 23/5/1967
Born: 10/3/1938
Lt. Commander, Royal Australian Navy
Lodge: Duke of York No. 132, Perth, W. Australia
GC:- September, 1944
Born: 1909, Broken Hill, NSW
Died: 1994 Perth, W. A.
GORDON, James Heather, VC
Private (Warrant Officer Class ll) 2/11thBn., 25th Brigade, 7th Division, Australian Military Forces
Lodge: United Services Lodge No. 307, Western Australian Constitution
VC: Gazette 28/10/1941
Born: 7/3/1909
Died: 19/7/1986
Seaman(Able Seaman) HMS Albion, Royal Naval Brigade
Lodge: Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No. 1, formed from No. 266 Irish Constitution
VC: Gazette 24/2/1857
Born: 1835
Died: 18/10/1882 or 27/12/1889
Sergeant, 3rd Wessex Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Lodge: Gooch Lodge No. 1295, (Swindon, Wiltshire)
VC: 5/4/1917, Gazetted 14/6/1917
Born: 15/8/1882
Died: 12/2/1945
GOULD, Thomas William VC
Petty Officer, H. M. Submarine Thrasher, Royal Navy
Lodge: Lord Charles Beresford Lodge No. 2404, Chatham; Aspiration Lodge No. 6086, London; Royal Naval Lodge No. 59 London; Chilton MMM No. 1538, Bedford.
VC: Gazette 9/6/1942
Born: 28/12/1914
Sergeant (Lieutenant) Wellington Battalion Infantry Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
Lodge: Hawera Lodge No. 34 NZ. Const. Hawara; Taranaki Lodge No. 240, NZ. Const. Hawara
VC: Gazette 27/11/1918
Born: 26/8/1889
Died: 25/11/1970
Company Sergeant Major, 1stBn. King’s Own Scottish Borderers
Lodge: De Lacy Lodge No. 4591, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire
VC: 16/8/1917, Gazetted 14/9/1917
Born: 19/9/1889
Died: 13/8/1959
GRIMSHAW, John Elisha VC
Corporal (Lieutenant) 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
Lodge: Llangattock Lodge No. 2547 (Cardiff) (Confirmed with Lodge)
VC: 15/3/1917, originally awarded DCM, later withdrawn and VC awarded)
Place:- Gallipoli, one of the 6 VC’s before breakfast.
Born: 20/1/1893
Died: 20/7/1980
HALLOWES, Rupert Price, VC, MC.
T/2nd. Lieutenant, 4thBn., The Middlesex Regiment
Lodge: Rosemary Lodge No2851, London. (Lodge of the Artist’s Rifles)
VC: Gazette 15/11/1915
Born: 5/5/1881
Died: 30/9/1915 (Killed in VC action)
HANNA, Robert Hill, VC
Company Sergeant Major (Lieutenant) 29thBn., British Columbia Regiment
Lodge: Canada Lodge No. 3527(London) Aff'd. Keystone-Lions Gate No. 115 (Vancouver)
VC: 21/9/1917, Gazetted 8/11/1917
Born: 6/8/1887
Died: 15/6/1967
HARDHAM, William James, VC
Farrier Major (Captain) 4th New Zealand Contingent
VC: Gazette 4/10/1901
Born: 31/7/1878
Died: 13/4/1928
Civilian Armaments Instructor (Wing Commander) Royal Air Force.
Lodge: Leucher Lodge (Aberdeenshire West) No. 1224, Peterculter, Scotland
GC Gazette
Born: 6/6/1906
Died: 15/7/1989
Surgeon Major (Colonel) Cape Mounted Riflemen, South African Forces
VC: Gazette 17/10/1881
Born: 6/5/1847
Died: 20/3/1919
HARWOOD, Harrie Stephen, GC
1st Class Air Mech. (Fl. Lt. ) Royal Air Force.
Lodge: Etruscan Lodge No. 546, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent
GC Gazette 21/10/1971, Albert Medal Gazette 19/5/1916
Born: 10/7/1884
Died: 13/11/1975
HEAPHY, Charles, VC
Major, Auckland Militia, New Zealand Military Forces
Lodge: Ara Lodge No. 348 Irish Constitution
VC: Gazette 8/2/1867
Born: 1822
Died: 3/8/1881
A/Captain, 4thBn., Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders
Lodge: Mayo Lodge No. 1406, Secunderabad, India; Alexandra Lodge No. 1065, Jahalpur, India; United Services Lodge No. 2735, Bangalore, India.
VC: Gazette 5/7/1917
Born: 6/5/1893
Died: 24/4/1917 at Fountaine-les-Croiselles, France.
HEWETT, Sir William Nathan Wrighte, VC
Lieutenant (Vice Admiral) Royal Naval Brigade
Lodge: Zetland Lodge No. 756 Malta (Now 515 meeting at Aldershot), Lodge of the Nine Muses No. 235, London; Empire Lodge No. 2108, London.
VC: Gazette 21/2/1857
Born: 2/8/1834
Died: 13/5/1883
HINTON, John Daniel, VC
Sergeant, 20thBn, (2nd) The Canterbury Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
Lodge: Hawera Lodge No. 136 Greymouth, New Zealand Constitution.
VC: Gazette 17/10/1941
Born: 17/10/1908
HORSFALL, Basil Arthur, VC
2nd Lieutenant, 3rdBn., East Lancashire Regiment
Lodge: Sphinx Lodge No. 107, Colombo Ceylon, (Irish Constitution)
VC: Gazette 22/5/1918
Born: 11/10/1887
Died: 27/3/1918 Nr. Moyenneville, France.
HOWELL, George Julien, VC, MM
Corporal (Staff Sergeant) 1stBn., (New South Wales) Australian Imperial Force
Lodge:Coogee Lodge No. 322, (Amalgamated with Lodge John Williams No. 148), Sydney.
VC: Gazette 27/6/1917
Born: 23/11/1893
Died: 24/12/1964
HUFFAM, James Palmer, VC
2nd Lieutenant (Major) 5thBn., Duke of Wellingtonats (West Riding) Regiment
Lodge: St. David’s Lodge No. 393, Berwich-on-Tweed; Rockwell Lodge No. 2798, Freetown Sierra Leone; Maguncor Lodge No. 3806, London; Crystal Palace Preceptory 257, Rose Croix Chapter No. 140
VC: Gazette 26/12/1918
Born: 31/3/1897
Died: 16/2/1968
HUNTER, David Ferguson, VC
Corporal (Sergeant) 1/5thBn., The Highland Light Infantry
Lodge: Union (Fife & Kinross) Lodge No. 250, Dunfermline, Fife; Mansel- Jones Chapter No. 164
VC: Gazette 23/10/1918
Born: 29/11/1891
Died: 14/2/1965
JOYNT, William Donovan, VC
Lieutenant (Lt. Colonel), 8thBn., (Victoria) 1st Division, Australian Imperial Forces
Lodge: Old Melburnians Lodge No. 317; Berwick Lodge No. 359; Bolton Memorial Lodge No. 758; all Victoria Constitution.
VC: Gazette 27/11/1918
Born: 19/3/1889
Died: 5/5/1986
KAVANAGH, Thomas Henry, VC
Civilian, Bengal Civil Service
Lodge: Morning Star Lodge No. 810 Lucknow, India, now No. 7 Grand Lodge of India.
VC: Gazette 6/7/1859
Born: 15/7/1821
Died: 11/11/1882
KNIGHT, Henry James, VC
Corporal (Captain) 1stBn., The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment
Lodge: The Pilgrims Lodge No. 738 (Scottish Constitution) (Transvaal, Orange Free State and Northern Cape) No. 738 Lydenburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
VC: Gazette 4/1/1901
Born: 5/11/1878
Died: 9/12/1955
LAURENT, Harry John, VC
Sergeant, 2ndBn New Zealand Rifle Brigade, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
Lodge: Taranaki Lodge No. 240, Hawera, New Zealand; Heretaunga Lodge No. 73, Hastings, New Zealand.
VC: Gazette 15/11/1918
Born: 15/4/1895
Died: 9/12/1987
LINDSAY, Robert James Lloyd (Later Lord Wantage) VC, KCB, FRS
Captain (Brigadier General), Scots Fusilier Guards
Lodge: Windsor Lodge No. 771; Abbey Lodge No. 445; Lloyd Lindsey Lodge No. 1058. (PGM for Berks. 1898-1901) SGW United Grand Lodge of England 1891)
VC: Gazette 21/2/1857
Born: 17/4/1832
Died: 10/6/1901
LUMSDEN, Frederick William, VC, CB, DSO+3 Bars
Major (Brigadier General) Royal Marine Artillery
Lodge: Navy Lodge No. 2612, London. (Awaiting Confirmation)
VC: Gazette 6/8/1918
Born: 14/12/1872
Died: 4/6/1918, Blairville, near Arras, France
LYALL, Graham Thompson VC
Lieutenant, 102nd Bn., 2nd Central Ontario Regiment.
Lodge: Lodge of Harmony and Industry No. 381, Darwen, Lancs.
VC: France 1918.
Born: 8/3/1892, Manchester.
Died: 28/11/1941 (Killed in action Mersa Matruh Egypt, WWll)
MANGLES, Ross Lewis VC
Civilian Bengal Civil Service
VC: Gazetted 6/7/1859
Born: 14/4/1833
Died: 28/2/1905
MARLING, (Sir) Percival Scrope, VC, CB
Lieutenant (Colonel) 3rdBn, King’s Royal Rifles, attached Mounted Infantry
Lodge: Malwa Lodge No. 1994, Mhow, Bombay, now No. 87 Indore, Grand Lodge of India; Stringuil Lodge No. 2186, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Royal Gloucestershire Lodge No. 839, Gloucester.
VC: Gazette 21/5/1884
Born: 6/3/1861
Died: 25/9/1936
MARSHALL, William Thomas VC
Quarter Master Sergeant (Quarter Master Lt. Col) 19th Hussars
Lodge: Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No. 1068 (1068 no knowledge of Marshall), Dalhousie Lodge No. 860, Twickenham, (Awaiting reply); Panmure Lodge No. 723, Aldershot (Confirmed as Joining Member of 723)
VC: Gazette 21/5/1884
Born: 5/12/1854
Died: 11/9/1920
MARTIN, Cyril Gordon, VC, CBE, DSO
Lieutenant (Brigadier General) 58th Field Company, Corps of Royal Engineers
Lodge: Khartoum Lodge No. 2877, Khartoum, now London; Lodge Jamrud No. 4372, Punjab, now London; Stewart Lodge No. 1960, Rawalpindi, now London; Derajat Lodge No. 3206, Punjab, now London.
VC: Gazette 19/4/1915
Born: 19/12/1891
Died: 11/8/1980
MAUDE, Francis Cornwallis, VC, CB, RA
Colonel, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Lodge:Pythagoras Lodge No. 447, Corfu (Irish Constitution)
VC: Gazette 19/6/1858
Born: 25/10/1828
Died: 19/10/1900
MAY, Hendry, VC
Private (Lieutenant) !stBn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
VC: Gazetted 19/4/1915
Lodge:Lodge of Glasgow No. 441, Glasgow
Born: 2/9/1885
Died: 26/7/1941
MAY, Philip Robert Stephen, GC
Leading Seaman (A/C. P. O. ) Royal Navy, Sergeant 389 Heavy Engineering Company
Lodge: Simon Langton Lodge No7586 Canterbury; St. Augustine Chapter No. 972 Canterbury, The Macdonald Chapter No. 1216 London
GC Gazette 25/11/1947 & 21/10/1971
Born: 6/8/1922
McALONEY, William Simpson, GC, OBE
Aircraftsman (Group Captain), Royal Australian Air Force
Lodge: Ebden Daylight Lodge No. 871, United Grand Lodge of Victoria
GC Gazette 18/2/1938 & 21/10/1971
Born: 12/5/1910
Sergeant 1stBn., The Scots Guards
Lodge: Greyfriars Lodge No. 1221, Glasgow
VC: Gazette 11/1/1918
Born: 27/12/1888
Died: 14/1/1956
McBEATH, Robert Gordon VC
L/Corporal, 1/5thBn., The Seaforth Highlanders
Lodge: Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7, Vancouver GL of BC.
VC: 20/11/1917, Gazetted 11/1/1918
Born: 22/12/1897
Died: 9/10/1922
McDONNELL, William Fraser, VC
Civilian, Bengal Civil Service
Lodge: Lodge of Industry & Perseverance No. 109, Calcutta, now London.
VC: Gazette 17/2/1860
Born: 17/12/1829
Died: 31/7/1894
McGREGOR, John, VC, MC + Bar, DCM, ED
T/Captain (Lt. Colonel), 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, 1st central Ontario Reg't.
Lodge: Tyee Lodge No 66 (Powell River BC) Aff'd Westview Lodge No. 133
VC: 29/9/1918 to 3/10/1918, Gazetted 6/1/1919
Born: 1/2/1889
Died: 9/6/1952
McNAIR, Eric Archibald VC
T/Lieutenant (Captain) 9thBn., Royal Sussex Regiment
Lodge: Apollo University Lodge No. 357 Oxford.
VC: Gazette 30/3/1916
Born: 16/6/1891
Died: 12/8/1918, Genoa, Italy
MEIKLEJOHN, Matthew Fountaine Maury, VC
Captain (Major), 2ndBn., Gordon Highlanders
Lodge: The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No. 1, Edinburgh
VC: Gazette 20/7/1900
Born: 27/11/1870
Died: 11/7/1913
MELVILL, Teignmouth VC
Lieutenant 1syBn., 24th Regiment, South Wales Borderers
Lodge: Member of Lodge No. 322 Irish Constitution; Joining Member of St. Paul’s Lodge No. 349 Malta ; Melita Conclave Knights Templer No. 37
VC: Gazette 2/5/1878 & 15/1/1907
Born: 8/9/1842
Died: 22/2/1879 (Killed in VC action)
MILLER, John Bryan Peter Duppa- GC
T/Sub Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Lodge: Apollo University Lodge No. 357, Oxford; Rose Croix No. 40, Oxford University.
GC Gazette 14/1/1942
Born: 22/5/1903
Sergeant (Major) "L" Battery, Royal Horse Artillery
Lodge: Priory Lodge No. 1000
VC: Gazette 16/11/1914
Born: 3/4/1886
Died: 8/4/1918 at Lillers, France
NEWMAN, Augustas Charles, VC, OBE, TD
Lieutenant Colonel, The Essex Regiment, attached No. 2 Commando
Lodge: West Essex Lodge No. 2651 , ; Chigwell Old Bancroftians Lodge No. 5619, London; London Holy Royal Arch Marquis of Dalhousie Chapter No. 1159, London.
VC: Gazette 19/6/1945
Born: 19/8/1904
Died: 26/4/1972
2nd Lieutenant (Captain), 5th Dragoon Guards
Lodge: Apollo University Lodge No. 357, Oxford; Regimental Lodge No. 507, (Irish Constitution); Anchor Lodge No. 1704 London; Beckenham Lodge No. 2047, London; University Mark Lodge No. 55, Guildford; Percy Lodge of
MSM No. 144 Guildford.
VC: Gazette 20/7/1900
Born: 8/9/1876
Died: 9/9/1914 Killed in action Sablonnieres, France.
PECK, Cyrus Wesley, VC, DSO + Bar
Lt. Colonel command 16thBn., Manitoba Regiment, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Lodge: Tsimpsean Lodge No. 58(Prince Rupert); Aff'd Mount Newton Lodge No. 89 (Victoria)
VC: 2/9/1918, Gazetted 15/11/1918
Born: 26/4/1871
Died: 27/9/1956
PICKARD, Arther Frederick, VC, CB
Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Regiment of Artillery
Lodge: Friends in Council Lodge No. 1383, London
VC: Gazette22/9/1864
Born: 12/4/1841
Died: March 1880
POTTS, William Frederick Owen, VC
Private (Lance Corporal) 1/1stBn, Berkshire Regiment
Lodge: Aldermaston Lodge No. 2076
VC: Gazette 18/10/1915
Born: 13/12/1892
Died: 3/11/1943
RANKEN, Harry Sherwood, VC
Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps, attached 1stBn, The King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Lodge: Mother Kilwinning Lodge No. 0 (Scottish Constitution)
VC: Gazette 16/11/1914
Born: 3/9/1883
Died: 25/9/1914, Killed in action Braine, France
RAINES, John Cranshaw, VC
A/Sergeant (Battery Sergeant Major), "A" Battery, 71 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Lodge: St. James’s Operative Lodge (Metropolitan) No. 97, Edinburgh.
VC: Gazette 19/11/1915
Born: 25/4/1887
Died: 13/11/1929
REEVES, James Arthur, GC, Lloyd’s Medal for Bravery at Sea.
Chief Officer (Captain), Merchant Navy
Lodge: Knights Templer, Hugh de Payens Preceptory No. 56, Blackburn, Lancs; Lodge of Harmony and Industry No. 381, Darwen Lancs; East Lancashire Provincial Officers Lodge No. 3747 (Awaiting confirmation)
GC Gazette 25/5/1943 & 21/10/1971
Born: 15/6/1911
Died: 26/12/1984
REID, William, VC,
Flight Lieutenant, 61 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Lodge: Robert Burns Lodge No. 440 (Scottish Constitution); Rhinsdale Chapter No. 690, Lanarkshire;
VC: Gazette 14/12/1943
Born: 21/12/1921
Captain (Major) 37th Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Lodge: Kitchener Lodge No. 2998, New Delhi, India, now meets in London.
VC: Gazette 16/11/1914
Born: 20/9/1882
Died: 23/2/1916 Died: of Wounds at Le Touquet, France.
ROBERTS, Frederick Hugh Sherston VC
Lieutenant, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Lodge: Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No. 1971(Confirmed he was NOT a member of this Lodge)
VC: Gazette 2/2/1900
Born: 8/1/1872
Died: 17/12/1899 (Killed in VC action)
ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh (Lord Roberts), VC
Lieutenant (Field Marshall), Bengal Artillery
Lodge: Khyber Lodge No. 852 (Now 582) London; Earl Roberts Lodge No. 3151, London; London King’s Colonials Lodge No. 3386; Aldershot Army and Navy Lodge No. 19871; Border Chapter No. 852, now 582, London). Senior Grand Warden United Grand Lodge of England 1895.
VC: Gazette 21/12/1858
Born: 20/9/1832
Died: 14/11/1914
Sergeant Major (Lt. Colonel), 2ndBn. Gordon Highlanders
Lodge: Lodge of Union No. 332, Glasgow
VC: 21/10/1899, Elandslaagte, South Africa, Gazetted 20-/7/1900
Born: 27/2/1865, Dumfries, Scotland
Died: 6/12/1949, Edinburgh
General, 41st Regiment, The Welsh Regiment
VC: Gazette 21/2/1857
Born: 6/5/1828
Died: August, 1909
ROWLANDS, Sir John Samuel, GC
A/Wing Commander (Air Marshal) Bomb Disposal, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Lodge: Royal Leek Lodge No. 1849, Bangor, N. Wales
Born: 23/9/1915
RUTHVEN, Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore, VC, KCMG, CB, GCMG
Captain (Brigadier General), 3rdBn., Highland Light Infantry
Lodge: St. Andrew’s Military Lodge No. 668 (Scottish Constitution) Hamilton; Hamilton Lodge No. 223 (Scottish Constitution. )
VC: Gazette 25/2/1899
Born: 6/7/1872
Died: 2/5/1955
SAMSON, George McKenzie, VC
Seaman (Petty Officer) HMS River Clyde, Royal Naval Reserve
Lodge: Charleston of Aboyne Lodge (Aberdeenshire West) No. 251 (Scottish Constitution)
VC: Gazette 6/8/1915
Born: 7/1/1889
Died: 28/2/1923
SARTORIUS, Euston Henry, VC, CB
Captain (Major General) 59th Regiment, The East Lancashire Regiment
Lodge: Friends in Council Lodge No. 1353, Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No. 1971
VC: Gazette 16/5/1881
Born: 6/6/1841
Died: 19/2/1925
SATORIUS, Reginald William, VC, CMG
Major (Major General) 6th Bengal Cavalry, Indian Army
Lodge:St. Luke’s Lodge No. 546, Dum Dum; Capestone Mark Lodge No. 80, Calcutta; Ardvorlich Mark Lodge No. 219 Rawalpindi.
VC: Gazette 26/10/1874
Born: 7/5/1841
Died: 7/8/1907
Lieutenant (Lieutenant Colonel), 43rd Manitoba Regiment, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Lodge: St. Paul’s Lodge No. 204, Ayr, (Scottish Constitution),
VC: Gazette 18/12/1917
Born: 10/10/1877
Died: 20/1/1968
A/Lieutenant Colonel, The Norfolk Regiment, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Lodge: Author’s Lodge No. 3456 London; Author’s Holy Royal Arch Chapter No. 3456.
VC: Gazette 11/1/1918
Born: 13/1/1880
Died: 18/8/1931
STANNARD, Richard Been, VC, DSO, RD
Lieutenant (Captain) Royal Naval reserve
Lodge: Knighton Lodge No. 5899, Essex
VC: Gazette 16/8/1940
Born: 21/8/1902
Died: 22/7/1977
Lieutenant (Lt. Colonel) Fort Garry Horse, Canadian Cavalry
Lodge: Douglas Lodge No. 409, Borrowstounness, West Lothian, Scotland
VC: 20/11/1917, Gazetted 18/12/1917
Born: 7/11/1884
Died: 1/5/1982, Vancouver, Canada
STYLES, George, GC
Major (Lieutenant Colonel) Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Lodge: Kedah Lodge No. 3830 Kedah, Malaysia
GC Gazette 11/1/1972
Born: 16/3/1928
THROSSELL, Hugo Vivian Hope, VC
2nd Lieutenant (Captain) 10th Light Horse Regiment, Australian Imperial Forces
Lodge: Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No. 1068, now London.
VC: Gazette 15/10/1915
Born: 27/10/1884
Died: 19/11/1933
TOWSE, Sir Ernest Beachcroft Beckwith, VC, KCVO, CBE
Captain, 1stBn., The Gordon Highlanders
Lodge: Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No. 1, Scottish Constitution
VC: Gazette 6/6/1900
Born: 23/4/1864
Died: 21/6/1948
TOYE, Alfred Maurice VC, MC
A/Captain (Brigadier), 2ndBN., Middlesex Regiment
Lodge: Grecia Lodge No. 1105 (London)
VC: 25/3/1918, Gazetted 8/5/1918
Born: 15/4/1897
Died: 6/9/1955
TRAYNOR, William Bernard, VC
Sergeant, 2ndBn., The West Yorkshire regiment.
Lodge: Military Jubilee Lodge No. 2195, Dover; Military Jubilee Holy Royal Arch Chapter No. 2195, Dover; Dover & Cinque Ports Mark Lodge No. 152, Dover. (Past Ass. G. Sword Bearer, United Grand Lodge of England)
VC: Gazette 17/9/1901
Born: 31/12/1870
Died: 20/10/1956
TURNER (Sir) Richard Ernest William VC, KCB, KCMG, DSO
Lieutenant (Lt. General) Royal Canadian Dragoons
Lodge: St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 6 (Montreal)
VC: 7/11/1900, Gazetted 23/4/1901
Born: 25/7/1871
Died: 29/6/1961
WARD, Charles Burley, VC
Private (Company Sergeant Major) 2ndBn., King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
VC: Gazette 28/9/1900
Born: 10/7/1877
Died: 30/12/1921
WARK, Blair Anderson, VC, DSO
Major (Lieutenant Colonel) 32ndBn., (S. Australia & W. Australia) Australian Imperial Forces.
Lodge: Lane Cove Lodge No. 338, Sydney; The Millions Lodge No. 476, Army & Navy Lodge No. 517; (All United Grand Lodge of New South Wales)
VC: Gazette 28/12/1918
Born: 27/7/1894
Died: 13/6/1941
WHITE, Jack, (at Jacob WEISS), VC
Private (Lance Corporal) 6thBn., The King’s Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment
Lodge: Montefiore Lodge No. 753 Glasgow (Scottish Constitution)
VC: Gazette27/6/1917
Born: 23/12/1896
Died: 27/11/1949
Major (Field Marshal) 92nd Regiment, The Gordon Highlanders
VC: Gazette 2/6/1881
Born: 4/7/1835
Died: 24/6/1912
WHITTLE, John Woods, VC, DCM.
Sergeant, 12thBn (S. Australia, W. Australia & Tasmania) Australian Imperial Forces
Lodge: Sydney St. Andrew Lodge No. 7, United Grand Lodge of New South Wales
VC: Gazette 6/6/1917
Born: 3/8/1883
Died: 2/3/1946
Lance Corporal, 1/6thBn., The City of London Regiment
Lodge:City of London Rifles Lodge No. 5606; Peckham Chapter No. 1475, London.
GC Gazette (Albert Medal 10/8/1918) G. C:- 21/10/1971
Born: 23/12/1887
Died: 12/10/1976
WILLIS, Richard Raymond VC
Captain, 1stBn. Lancashire Fusiliers
Lodge: St. John & St. Paul’s Lodge No. 349, Valetta, Malta (Confirmed Initiated in Lodge 349); Invicta Lodge No. 2440 Chakrata, Bengal (Confirmed Passed & Raised in Lodge 2440); Mooltan Lodge No. 1307 Multan, India; Lydda Lodge No. 4613, Sarafand, Jerusalem; King Solomon’s Quarries Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 828 near Jerusalem.
VC: Gazette 24/8/1915
Born: 10/10/1876
Died: 8/2/1966 (One of 6 VC’s before breakfast)
WOOD, Sir Henry Evelyn, VC, GCB, GCMG
Lieutenant (Field Marshal) 17th Lancers
VC: Gazette 11/9/1860
Born: 9/2/1838
Died: 2/12/1920
WOOD, Wilfred, VC
Private, 10thBn., The Northumberland Fusiliers
Lodge: Garrick Lodge No. 4246, Stockport, Cheshire
VC: Gazette 27/11/1918
Born: 2/2/1897
Died: 3/1/1982
WYATT, George Harry, VC
Lance Corporal, 3rdBn., Coldstream Guards
Lodge: See Waghorn on Heaphy
VC: Gazette 18/11/1915
Born: 5/9/1886
Died: 22/1/1964 (Square & Compasses emblem on headstone).
WYLLY, Guy George Egerton, VC, DSO, CB
Lieutenant (Colonel) Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen
VC: Gazette 23/11/1900
Born: 17/2/1880
Died: 9/1/1962.


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