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RW Brother John T. Marshall
Following a lengthy illness, bravely borne, R.W. Brother John Thorton Marshall passed to the Grand Lodge Above on October 22, 1975.
R. W. Brother Marshall was born in England [May 14] 1900 and came to Canada with his parents in 1913. He commenced service with the Government of the Province of British Columbia before his 16th birthday and when he moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 1941 he held the position of Director of Vital Statistics for British Columbia. He became the Assistant Dominion Statistician from which position he retired in 1963 and returned to Victoria, B.C. He distinguished himself in many organizations, culuminating in being elected Chairman of the Population Commission of the United Nations for two terms, 1955-1959. He was awarded the Coronation Medal in 1953 and was an honorary member of several American and Canadian Health Associations.
R. W. Brother Marshall was initiated, passed and raised in Victoria-Columbia Lodge No. 1 in 1928 and served as Worshipful Master of that lodge in 1940.
During his travels relating to his vocation he visited lodges in many parts of the world. He was a charter member of the original Victoria Lodge of Education and Research, an honorary member of Vancouver and Quadra Lodge No.2, and of United Services Lodge No. 24, both of Victoria, B.C, and Representative of the Grand Lodge of Switzerland near the Grand Lodge of British Columbia. Shortly after returning to Victoria in 1964 he was appointed Grand Historian by the then Grand Master, M.W. Brother H.P. Rutter.
During his term of office, 1964-1973, he gave unselfishly of his time and talents in expertly compiling what was to become in 1971 the History of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia on the occasion of its Centenary. He was also responsible for the deposition of valuable records and documents both of Grand Lodge and several Constitutent Lodges, in the Provincial Archives in Victoria. In addition he acquired and accumulated a vast amount of historical data during his term of office, all of which was carefully documented and tabulated. His outstanding contribution to Freemasonry was recognized in 1971 at the Centennial Communication of Grand Lodge, when the honorary rank of Past District Deputy Grand Master was conferred on him. R.W. Brother Marshall was tolerant and understanding and always quick to express his gratitude and appreciation to those who assisted him. Nowhere is this more evident than in his Preface to the History of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, in which he pays tribute to many, concluding with his thanks to a loving and faithful wife.
R. W. Brother Marshall is survived by his wife and son, to whom our heartfelt and deepest sympathy is extended on their great loss, along with our sincere expressions of gratitude for her valuable assistance and the many sacrifices she so cheerfully accepted during our beloved brother's endeavours on behalf of Freemasonry.
A Memorial Service conducted by Brother (Reverend) W.E. Greenhalgh, Past Grand Chaplain, was held in St. Matthias Church, Victoria, B.C. on October 28, 1975, when a large gathering of his friends assembled to pay tribute to a highly esteemed Brother, a dedicated and devoted Freemason.
R.W. Brother Walter J. Phillips, P.D.D.G.M., District No. I, Victoria, B.C.

Masonic Bulletin. January 1976 vol. xxxix no. 5 p. 36.


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