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James A. Grahame
[James A. Grahame]
December 22, 1825 - June 19,1905
James Allan Grahame was a Scotsman, born in Edinburgh on December 22, 1825, the son of a writer to the Signet, or solicitor in the Scottish Courts. At the age of eighteen years he entered the service of the Hudson's Bay Company as an apprentice clerk. He reached Hudson Bay by sailing vessel in 1843, and was sent south to Norway House, and then to Fort Garry. Here his abilities were soon recognized and, he was sent to Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River.
In 1853 he became Chief Trader there and held this office until 1860, when the post was closed by the Company. He came to Victoria, but was soon given an extended leave of absence which gave him an opportunity to travel. On his return from abroad, he was put in charge at Quesnel and Fort St. James, and in 1870 was given charge of the affairs of the Company on the Pacific Coast. He visited London in 1872 and was appointed Sub-Commissioner for the Company. In 1874 he was made Chief Commissioner for Canada, with headquarters at Fort Garry, now Winnipeg. He retired in 1884 and moved to Montreal, but soon decided to come back to Victoria, where he resided until his death on June 19,1905.
While resident at Fort Vancouver, he became a member of Multnomah Lodge, now No. 1 on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Oregon. This Lodge, chartered by the Grand Lodge of Missouri in 1846 at Oregon City, was the first Masonic Lodge established in the Territory. Later he became a member of Washington Lodge at Vancouver, Washington (now No. 4 on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Washington) chartered by the Oregon Grand Lodge of Washington Territory in 1858-9, and was Deputy Grand Master of that Grand Lodge for 1858 and 1859. He was one of the charter members of Quadra Lodge and was its first Worshipful Master. He was interested in the formation of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and was the Chairman of the Convention which established it.
Multnomah Lodge, now No. 1
Washington Lodge No. 4, Vancouver, Washington Founding member:
Quadra Lodge No. 4, Victoria

Source: Robie L. Reid, Historical Notes and Biographical Sketches. Robie L. Reid. Vancouver: Grand Lodge of British Columbia, 1945. p. 48.


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