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Sir George J.A. Bury
[Sir George J. Bury]
6 March 1865 - 20 July 1958
A third generation Canadian of Irish extraction, George Joseph Aloysius Bury entered the service of the Canadian Pacific Railway as a junior in the purchasing department in 1883. He became vice-president of the railway in 1911 and was knighted in 1917 for his services as commissioner of all railways for the British government in France and Russia during World War One.
Highly regarded for his work in railway management, he was consulted by many private railways and later served as president of the Whalen Pulp and Paper Company in British Columbia.
While advising the Czar of Russia, he found himself embroiled in the 1717 Revolution, resulting in a widely-read first hand account of events in Petrograd. Bury Mountain, near the south entrance to Quatsino Sound on the north-west side of Vancouver Island, was named after Sir George on April 5, 1927.
Initiated: June 8, 1893
Passed: June 13, 1893
Raised: August 10, 1893
Dimitted: June 9, 1902
Nipissing Lodge No. 420, Ontario
Charter member: May 22, 1909
Dimitted: March 5, 1918
Assiniboine Lodge No. 114, Manitoba
Affiliated: January 17, 1945
Prince of Wales Lodge No. 100, British Columbia

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