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Fringe Freemasonry in England 1870-85
Appendix II: The Sat B'hai Code

This document has been reprinted more for its psychological than historical interest. It demonstrates the trouble that was taken to perpetuate the whole Sat B'hai myth. The text is probably from John Yarker’s so-called 'revised edition' of 1886. It was advertised for sale in the 1913 edition of his book The Arcane Schools, 1909. It will be noticed that the particulars of the fees are omitted, hence by that time the booklet was merely being sold as a curiosity, no doubt 'for gulls or dupes', as Bro. Charles Scott would have observed (see text).




(1) This Oriental Order embraces the Perfect Terrestrial Zone of 360 degrees, and the Mystic Zone inclusive of all others, and occupies the highest point of the Masonic fabric. Therefore, while under its benign influence, justice is done to all, and innovations inconsistent with the grand principles of harmony, and a just equality, regulated to the varied circumstances of the social scale, are righteously condemned.

(2) This Paramount Order is divided into two, namely, that of Sikha (Apex), the Supreme and Ultimate Mundane, and of the Sat Bhai of Pryaya.

(3) It is a fundamental principle, that there has been a regular succession from the East of the whole Order; but more especially of the Sat Bhai, and without this succession, the chief title of the Order to universal respect could not exist. This being so, the Sponsor by whom the succession has been kept up, and such Sponsors as have been adopted into it, must in their dual capacity, as well as individually, be incapable of deposition or supersession, for without them, and the possession by the original Sponsor of the Red Ribbon of the Order, there could not possibly be any succession, and consequently there could be no Order.

(4) But, inasmuch as worldly considerations, in their narrow sense, are alien to the spiritual instructions of the Sponsors, they have been permitted to delegate their administrative and executive powers, in large measure, to the Arch Censors, who are accordingly charged with such duties, while the legislative function, and the veto, personal as well as dual, remains with the former, as an unalienable inheritance, within the Perfect Circle, as transmitted by the Sat Bhai of Pryaya.

(5) At any moment of supreme peril to the occidental home of the Order of Sikha (Apex), and of the Sat Bhai, it shall be the imperative duty of the First Sponsor, who holds the Red Ribbon of the Order, to summon the Arch Arbiter, the Second Sponsor, and one Arch Censor, and in their presence to break the seal of the letter from Prag, that contains the special mandate of the Lord of the Perfect Circle, and of the Sat Bhai, such mandate being absolutely irresistible, and of effect over the whole of this Code. And with the exception of this one reservation, this Code shall be irrevocable and incapable of abrogation, and the Sponsors, and Arch Censors are charged with its application to the organisation of the mystic subjects of the Lord of the Perfect Terrestrial Zone.

(6) Within the Perfect Circle, the mystic numbers Nine and Seven are pre-eminent, and while the Lord of the Perfect Circle and the Sponsors complete the higher number, the lower, under the immediate influence of the Sat Bhai, is subdivided into seven classes, namely:-(1). Arch Censors. (2). Arch Couriers. (3). Arch Ministers. (4). Arch Heralds. (5). Arch Scribes. (6). Arch Auditors. (7). Arch Mutes.

(7) The Arch Censors, being of the highest dignity of the Sat Bhai, rule the six subordinate classes, and each, in his own jurisdiction, is paramount. In this grade all are equal, and there is no priority.

(8) Each Member of each Censorial Section of the six subordinate classes, shall be known personaily only to his own Censor, and to the Sponsors under the Lord of the Perfect Zone and in the chain of secrecy as well as of responsibility (nccessary for the exclusion of the uninitiated), every second link is locked downwards by symbols, signs and countersignshence, the Arch Censor is only known to his own Arch Couriers, each of the latter to his own Arch Ministers, and so on.

(9) No one can be admitted to the four higher classes of the Sat Bhai who has not been previously initiated in the Mystery of Freemasonry; and it is a fundamental decree, that the classes Arch Censor, and Arch Courier are closed against all but Master Masons, and those of higher degree. But the three lower classes are open to both sexes, at the discretion of each Arch Censor, within his own jurisdiction.

(10) In order to preserve the due relation between the various grades, and to distinguish those of greater exaltation, a system of numbers pervades the whole, so that each individual may be clearly distinguished. But mystic names, conferred by the Sponsors, pertain exclusively to the four higher classes of the Sat Bhai; the lower receiving only ordinary names. These numbers run thus, throughout the combined Order of Sikha (Apex) and the Sat Bhai:-

Sikha (Apex)-the Supreme Mundane 1
................... 2/1[In a circle.
Sponsors ................... 2/2"
A. Censor ................... 3/1 3/2 3/3 &c. [In a triangle.
A. Courier ....................4/1 &c.[In an ellipse.
A. Minister ...................5/1 &c.[In a parallelogram.
A. Herald ...................6/1 &c.[In a lozenge.
A. Scribe ...................7/1 &c.[Plain.
A. Auditor ...................8/1 &c.[Plain.
A. Mute ....................9/1 &c.[Plain.

Furthermore, to distinguish these grades within their special Circles, the svmbol of each Arch Censor is prefixed to the number of the inferior grade in the manner shown in plate 1, figure 1.


The Arch Courier 1, of Indra.

But as the A. C. has three symbols, the first is placed before the Couriers, the second before the Ministers, and the third before the Heralds. (11) Each member of each grade nominates seven assistants, and these seven, in like manner, seven probationers; but these receive only the simple number of their superior, a red line, drawn horizontally through which, indicates an assistant, and a red one, vertically, a probationer. These auxiliaries qualify to become Arch Mutes, but are not considered as within the Perfect Circle, nor are they admitted to its mysteries; they, however, are taught that the mystery came from Pryaya, and are employed to advance the cause of universal harmony, and their authority is a brief prescript signed by the immediate superior, by which their subordination, on the pledged word, is secured.

(12) The Obligation, on the simple word of honour of the candidate, in every class throughout the combined Order, is accepted as sufficient. None but men of reputed honour, true to their word, are admitted, and to such men, experience shows, that the pledged word is as inviolable as the solemn oath, the latter as profane, being excluded from the presence of the Lord of the Perfect Circle.

(13) Every member of the Order is bound to be in possession of a mandate or commission, signed in cipher by the Sponsors, and endorsed in like manner, by their respective Arch Censors, according to the system of locked links.

(14) The Arch Censors are not necessarily known by their personal names to each other, but they may hold congress, under the sanction of the sponsors, for the discussion of important matters connected with their own jurisdiction, and within its limits; but one dissencient voice, whether the whole be present or not, shall invalidate any regulation framed by such congress, and the veto of the Sponsors, individual as well as dual, will have the same effect, the object being to protect the perhaps farther seeing, minority, a policy taught by the history of mankind.

(15) The Sponsors are to be furnished with quarterly reports, commencing on the first day of each year, by each Censor, who in like manner will- be furnished with the necessary report, by his subordinates, and, a return of moneys due and paid, shall be comprised in these reports, in addition to administrative details.

(16) These reports will be framed according to the nature of the duties of each class thus: The Arch Censors have the superintendence of the Masonic world, from 360 ° to 19 °; the Arch Couriers from 18 ° to 11 %#176;;- The Arch Ministers from 10 ° to 4 °; the Arch Heralds from 3 ° to 1 °. The Arch Scribes are charged with fiscal details, the payment of fees for charters, and commissions to the Arch Illuminator for materials and work supplied, and the fees on admission, and exaltation, as settled, and regulated by the Arch Censors, the latter being charged with a general supervision. The Arch Auditors and Arch Mutes are charged with the collection of important information from all sources, public and private.

The Sponsors receive no fees, but whatever is voted to them by the Arch Censors, they may accept.

(17) The Arch Arbiter is the highest judicial functionary, and is known only by his name within the Perfect Circle, but has no active part or responsibility in the Order, and is superseded periodically.

(18) In each case when a superior is addressed, he must be protected by his inferior against the expenses of a correspondence which must necessarily be of vast extent, and which would be oppressive to the superior.

(19) The offices of Arch Emissary, Arch Secretary, Arch Historian, Arch Treasurer, Arch Auditor and Arch Illuminator are tentative, the first, fourth, and fifth being extra to the Order. Of their patronage, the first is in the gift of the Sponsors, the second and sixth of the first Sponsor, or he who holds the Red Ribbon and Bell of the Order, the third, fourth, and fifth, of the Arch Censors.

(20) Among the archives of the Order are many fragments of Oriental antiquity, and these comprise various documents in the ancient languages of the East. When required to secure in a printed form, the Book of Sikha (Apex), and Legend of the Red Ribbon, the first Sponsor will receive proposals from the Arch Censors with that end in view, one grand object of the Order being to incite to a study of the great truths contained in early Sanskrit literature.

(21) No member of the Order can be superseded or expelled, nor shall he have the power to resign his office (and never his membership) without the final sanction of the Sponsors, under the advice of the Arch Arbiter, or Hindu referee.

(22) The R.O.O. of Sikha and the Sat Bhai is the only system of Round or Natural Freemasonry.

(23) The signs and passwords of this Order are issued only by the First Sponsor triennially, when they are changed at the Vernal Equinox. No S.B. can share in the rites and councils of the Order who is not in possession of the signs and passwords of the smaller cycles. But the Illuminated who are in the innermost circle are exempt from ordinary rules. An Arch Censor may be Illuminated without preliminary perfection or maturity, and only the Illuminated are eligible to succeed to the death vacancy of a Sponsor.

(24) The great Lotus Seal of the Order is common to the Jurisdictions of the Order, but its custodian must be elected in the jurisdiction, and subject to the confirmation of the First Sponsor.

(25) The Code of Sikha (Apex) is the sole law of the R.O.O., and is immutable. But signs and passwords are tentative for fixed periods, and bye-laws may be permitted tentatively by Rahu, as representative of Artiram. Nothing is valid without the personal and usual lay signature of the Arch Secretary to verity it.

(26) The Third Sponsor, as a rule, dormant, may, by the proclamation of the First Sponsor, be called into activity and duality with him, whereupon the Second Sponsor becomes for a season or seasons dormant. No Sponsor can be also an Arch Censor, but he may temporarily discharge the latter’s functions.

(27) The Vernal Equinoxes for changing signs and Passwords are in 1877, 1875, 1878, 1881, 1884, 1887, 1890, &c.

(28) There are three Seals, viz. -The Great Lotus Seal; the Key Seal of the Arch Secretary; and the First Sponsors Privy Seal; There are also the Arch Censors' segmental Seals.

(29) No Ritual can be used which is not stamped with the Great Seal of the Order produced in Ashayana. So also Perfected Sadhanams, Marks, and Illuminated Sadhanams are invalid without the said seal and the confirmation of the First Sponsor presiding in Ashayana. The Order holds Ghonslas Ashayanas, and Nidams, to which there is no admission without Mandate or Sadhanam. The latter is ineffectual unless endorsed by the Arch Secretary in his usual lay signature.

(30) No Sat Bhai can resign, but absolute ignoring of O.B., or any notoriously gross act of dishonour involves de facto, loss of rank to be signified by the First Sponsor and Arch Secretary.

(31) There may be more than one jurisdiction. That of the First Sponsor is the paramount. Each may have its own A. Censors, &c.; Segments may be exchanged.

(32) There are seven Provinces or an Heptarchy in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Mahanathas rule these by charter under the Great Seal of the Order. The Sponsors form the Court of Appeal of these, but no Sponsor can receive any donative or fee of intrinsic value. In their case gifts must be honorary, such as testimonials on parchment.

(33) 'The Feathers of the Sat Bhai', Archaeological Tracts of the R.O.O. may be under the editorship of any S.B. duly appointed.

The symbols, Paroles and countersigns, ancient and modern, of the Royal Oriental Order of Sikha (Apex) and of the Sat Bhai of Pryaya.

(1) The Symbols of Sikha (Apex) are:- (1) The Mundane Egg. (2). The Crossed Square within a Perfect circle. (3). The Fruit of the Sacred Lotus. (4). The Harmonic Octave, expressed by its graphic expression of a double shell. (5) The Anga. (6) A swan. (7) A Bull. [plate 1, figures 1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. The Symbol of the Sat Bhai is Seven Grey Feathers, 2,3, and 2

(2) The symbols of the Dual Sponsors are - (1).The Crescent Moon. (2). The Signs of the Ascending and of the descending Node. Of the first Sponsor-- (1). The Rose. (2) The Kamalata. (3) An Arrow. Of the Second Sponsor--(1). An Unicorn’s Horn. (2) The Amaranth. Of the Dormant Sponsor--The Sun in eclipse.

The parole or pass-word to the Sponsors is ......... ; the sign, touching the......... of the .........

(3) The Arch Censors are in the third yug symbolised by a Boar avatar (plate 1, figure 18]. Their distinctive symbols are three each:-

1. IndraI A Thunderbolt2 A Lamp3.[Mercury, 
Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Earth]
2. Ganesha1 An EIephant2 A Conch3.
3. Agni1 A Flame2 A Lotus3.
4. Surya1 A Wheel2 Sunflower3.
5. Kartikeya1 A Peacock2 A Sword3.
6. Kama1 A Parrot2 A Bent Bow3.
7. Daksha1 A Dexter Hand2 An Ear of Wheat3.

The pass-word to the Arch Censors is......... ; the sign, touching the......... of the right .........

(4) The Arch Couriers are in the fourth yug, of which the symbol is a lion-headed man. They have one distinctive symbol each placed under their respective A. Censor’s first symbol. The password to this grade is......... ; the sign, touching the......... with the......... forefinger.

(5) The Arch Ministers are in the fifth yug, symbolised by two interlaced triangles. They have one distinctive symbol each, placed under their respective A. Censor’s second symbol. The password to this grade is......... ; the sign, touching the......... of the.........

(6) The Arch Heralds are in the sixth yug, for which the symbol is an antique crown. They have one distinctive symbol each, placed under their respective A. Censor’s third symbol. The password to this grade is......... the sign, the palms.........

(7) The Arch Scribes are in the seventh yug. There are no symbols in this grade, but the A. Ss. have distinctive numbers in the Nagara character. Pass-word.......... No sign.

(8) The Arch Auditors are in the eighth yug. They have each a Devanagri letter before their names, under the Minister’s symbol. No password. No sign.

(9) The Arch Mutes are in the ninth yug: They have each a letter in the Devanagri character before their names and under the Herald’s symbol. No pass-word. No sign.

Nomenclature of the Arch Grades, under the Lord of the Perfect Zone, 360 °:-

1 Sponsor.............. Rahu
2 Sponsor.............. Ketu
3 Kamadyam......... [Dormant]
2""Vira Badra2""Heri

(10) Oriental garments being disused, except the Grey Choga and Cap, the only mark of membership is a red silk cord of three strands, round the neck.

The general pass-word is......... The colours of the Order are Red, Blue, White; those of Sponsors, Red, Blue, Yellow; and of Segments, the Prismatic.


Under the supervision of the Arch Censors, Arch Treasurer, and Arch Scribes, and extra to the Order.

(1) A reserve fund for charity, and the use of the intelligence department, is to be formed.

(2) The Sponsors having renounced all Claim on the funds of the Order, they may accept donations as offerings to Sikha (Apex) without injury to the spiritual element, if voluntarily, and unconditionally made by the Arch Censors.

(3) The Arch Censors and their subordinates are entitled to remuneration for actual work done. The Arch Censors' regulations must be accepted, if promulgated by the Seven in Congress, and unanimous.

4) The Arch Secretary is entitled to recompense for time and outlay.

(5) The Arch Illuminator is entitled to recompense for time and outlay, in preparing charters or commissions, &c. His charges have been allowed. For a parchment charter, if required illuminated, one guinea; for a prescript or mandate, two shillings and sixpence; and for symbols of Sponsors and Censors, each one shilling.

(6) The Arch Treasurer is entitled to a percentage on the funds, the same to be fixed by the Arch Censors in Congress.

(7) The other Arch Officers receive remuneration according to duties performed, or expenses incurred.

(8) The first Occidental Arch Censors, under the dispensation of the Lord of the Perfect Zone, have entered the Circle free; but their successors, and those of the grades under their jurisdiction, are required to pay the following fees to the Arch Treasurer for the Arch Censors:-

£ s. d. £ s. d.
A. Mute " " A. Auditor " "
A. Scribe " " A. Herald " "
A. Minister " " A. Courier " "
A. Censor £ " "
These fees may be regulated from time to time.

To obviate the inconvenience of disclosing the titles of the Order to the outer world, the postal address will be ’secretary (or other) of the Royal Oriental S. B. Order.'

Bro. A.R. Hewitt, Librarian and Curator of Grand Lodge, drew attention to the following,

From the Grand Lodge Library and Museum:

  • F.G. Irwin’s Ritual of Fratris Lucis or Brethren of the Light, MS.
  • F. G. Irwin’s ’spiritual journal', 1873. IMS-
  • Jewel of the Senior Grand Warden, Rite of Swedenborg.
  • Ritual of the Ancient oriental order of Ishmael.
  • Four jewels of the order of Ishmael, formerly belonging to Bro. F. G. Irwin.
  • Facsimile of the Rite of Memphis Certificate issued by 'Equality Lodge', meeting at the 'King of Prussia', Stratford, on the reverse of which is printed a warning letter by the Grand Secretary, 1859, together with the 'Lodge' reply.
  • Certificate of the Royal Oriental Order of Apex and of the Sat B'hai.
  • Mackenzie’s Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, 1877.
  • Print of Bro. F. G. Irwin in K. T. Regalia, 1863.
  • Various examples of the Correspondence referred to by the Speaker.

Reprinted with permission of Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, the Transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, UGLE in Volume 85 for the year 1972. [p. 242.] Footnotes renumbered as endnotes.


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