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Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
November 5, 1997: 1353 items
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M2B2 "...And Give Them Proper Instructions" - The Masonic Service Association
D1A9 A B C of Masonry, The - Delman D. Darrah
W2X5 Abif?, Who was Hiram - J.S.M. Ward
A1F5 Abstracts of Masonic Authors of Interest to Royal Arch Masons - Jesse E. Ames
J1A0L Acacia - The First 100 years - Lewis D. Jackson
A1A Acacia Lodge AF&AM No.61 (1855-1955), The History of - Acacia Lodge No.61
A1A1 Acacia Lodge No.61 (1955-1972) - Acacia Lodge No.61
H1S Acacia Lodge No.61, Historical Sketch of - David Hastings
B2A Addresses - David C. Bradley
C3W Addresses (12) - Rev.W.W. Covey Crump
M1U7 Addresses and Essays of The Masonic Education Club - Masonic Education and Research Club of Regina SK
L1N Addresses: Some of our Ancestors; Catholicism and Freemasonry; A Sign and A Summons - R.J. Lemmert
D1T4 Admitted To The Mysteries - Winnifred T. Downey
M3C Adventures in Masonry - The Masonic Service Association
M2K Advisory and Executive Boards - The Masonic Service Association
M2S After Fifteen Years - The Masonic Service Association
P1X After the Lodge is Closed (1934) - Bro. P.M.
P1Y After the Lodge is Closed (1948) - Bro. P.M.
D1Q Ahiman Rezon - Laurence Dermott
M1K5 Al Malaikah Temple AAONMS 1888-1988, First 100 Year - Douglas B. MacMullen
C3F4 Alberta, History of The Grand Lodge of - W.J. Collett
A1D8 Algonquin Lodge No.434 - 100th Anniversary - Algonquin Lodge No.434 GRC
M1O0C Algonquin Lodge No.536 GRC - The First Fifty Years - C.O. Maddock
R8N3 Algonquin Lodge No.536 GRC 1966-1991, History of - Robert T. Runciman
M4N Allied Masonic Groups and Rites - The Masonic Service Association
H1P Altar of Freemasonry, The (Lectures) - William Harvey
J1D America (1924), The Beginnings of Freemasonry in - Melvin M. Johnson
J1E America (1983), The Beginnings of Freemasonry in - Melvin M. Johnson: Masonic Book Club
G2O America, Freemasonry and Early - Ellis V. Gregory
D1E2 Amo Amass A-Muse - P.J. Dawson
V1B2 Ancient & Early Medieval Hist.Charges in F'masonry - John H. Vangorden
P1U3 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: The Constitution and Regulation of 1762 - Albert Pike
H2N Ancient and Modern Initiation - Max Heindel
H2W Ancient Freemasonry - Frank C. Higgins
V1A4 Ancient Mysteries and Modern Freemasonry, The - Rev. Charles H. Vail
H3H Ancient Mysteries Described - William Hone
C2Y Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry - Dr.R.Swinburne Clymer
H1E6 Ancient St. John’s Lodge No.3 GRC (1794-1994), A Historical Overview of the - R. Gordon Halloran
H1E6A Ancient St. John’s Lodge No.3 GRC, The - Membership Lists 1794-1994 - R. Gordon Halloran
A1F5 Ancient St.John’s Lodge No.3, The - Ceremony of Dedication of Commemorative Plaque for 200th Anniversary The Ancient St.John’s Lodge No.3
B2B Ancient York Masonic Rolls of Constitutions - James B. Bradwell
M1T Anderson’s Constitution of 1738 (Facsimile Reprint) - Masonic Book Club
A1H5 Andor Gero Lodge, By-laws of - Andor Gero Lodge
C1Y Anti-Masonry - Alphonse Cerza
O1B1 Antiquities of Freemasonry, The (1854) - Rev.George Oliver
N1B Antiquity No.1 GRQ, History of Lodge of - Harry M. Nevison
C1Q Apocalypse of Freemasonry, The - Rev.F.deP. Castells
B1P Apron Men - Col. Robert J. Blackham
M3N Aprons and Jewels of Past Grand Masters - The Masonic Service Association
C2G1 Arcana of Freemasonry, The - Dr.Albert Churchward
G1M1 Architect 1989, The (Addresses) - Grand Council A.M.D.Canada
B2K3G Architect in History, The - Martin S. Biggs
M2N Are These the Greatest Masons? - The Masonic Service Association
T1A0L Argenteuil, Freemasonry in the County of - Allen G. Talbot
C1R Arithemetic of Freemasonry - Rev.F.deP. Castells
R1T1S Ark and the Dove, The - Roman Catholic Church (School Text)
P0K3 Ars Magna Latomorum - Dr.Andreys Pakalnins
F1H Art of Extempore Speaking, The - Harold Ford
R1I5 Ashlar Lodge No.247, 125-Year History of the - Lewis F. Riggs
W3X Ashmole, Elias - Dudley Wright
M5J Ask Me Brother - Charles H. Merz
H3A7 Astronomy - Arthur R. Hinks
M1Y2 At The Sound of The Gavel (Ten Programs) - The Masonic Service Association
S1G5 Austrian Freemasonry Lodges, History of (Foreign Manuscript) Schlossmuseum Rosenal Bei Zwet
C2X3A Authentics of Fundamental Law for Scottish Rite FM - Henry C. Clauson
A8G1 Authors' Lodge No.3456 Transactions Vol 1 (1915) - Authors' Lodge No.3456
A8G3 Authors' Lodge No.3456 Transactions Vol III (1919) - Authors' Lodge No.3456
A8G4 Authors' Lodge No.3456 Transactions Vol IV (1928) - Authors' Lodge No.3456
A8G2 Authors' Lodge No.3456 Transactions Vol.II (1917) - Authors' Lodge No.3456
D1R4 Azrial, The First Book of - Devorss
D1R5 Azrial, The Second Book of - Devorss
D1R6 Azrial, The Third Book of - Devorss
H1N Babylonian Story of the Deluge and The Epic of Gilgamish, The - Harrison and Sons Ltd.
M2L Ballots and Balloting Practices - The Masonic Service Association
B1D0R Barron Barnett (Research) Lodge, Proceedings of - Barron Barnett Lodge
B1D0Z Barton Lodge A.F.& A.M. No.6 GRC 1945-1995, The - The Barton Lodge No.6 GRC
M1S Barton Lodge AF&AM No.6 GRC (1895), Historical Sketch of The - George E. Mason
B1D1 Barton Lodge AF&AM No.6 GRC Hamilton 1795-1970, The - One Hundred and
Seventy-fifth Anniversary - The Barton Lodge No.6 GRC
M1C Barton Lodge AF&AM No.6 GRC, The - Norman MacDonald
B2C Beautiful Necessity, The - Claude Bragdon
A1E Bedford Village - Hervey Allen
H2X Beginnings of Masonry, The - Frank S. Higgins
V1J Bermuda, Freemasonry in - Harold V.B. Voorhis
J1A Beyond The Craft - Keith B. Jackson
C2X3B Beyond The Ordinary - Henry C. Clauson
G1T Beyond The Pillars - Grand Lodge of Canada
T1H Bhagavad Gita (The Book of Devotion) - Theosophical University Press
M2Y Bible in Masonic Ritual, The - The Masonic Service Association
M4L Bible Quotations for Masonic Speakers - The Masonic Service Association
M2P Biblical and Other Ancient Names in Freemasonry - The Masonic Service Association
V1B Biblical Characters in Freemasonry - John H. Vangorden
C3X Bibliography of Anti-Masonry - Dr.William L. Cummings
B1W1 Blythe Lodge AF&AM No.303 GRC, A Short History of - Blythe Lodge No.303 GRC
I7R Book of Constitution (1923), The - Grand Lodge of Ireland
J1J Book of Formation or Sepher Yetzirah, The - Rabbi Akiha Ren Joseph
B1M5 Book of the Dead and Cuneiform Writing, The - Albert Ellery Bergh
A1D Book of The Master of The Hidden Places, The - W. Marsham Adams
C3D Books of The Book, The - Clarence H. Cohen
L1X5 Border Cities' Lodge "In The Beginning" - Gene Alfred Lotz
R1T1J1 Born In Blood - John J. Robinson
W2T0K Boston Pilgrimage - 1895, The - F.H. Wakefield
T1H9 Boy Who Cried Wolf, The - Richard P. Thorn
M3K Boyden Manuscript, William L. - The Masonic Service Association
B2F Brant Lodge No.45 GRC, Centennial of - Brant Lodge
M5O Brant Masonic District, Historical Record of - William W. Mitchell
H3K4 Brauychtum Der Freimaurer, Das - August Horneffer
H3U5 Bridge to Light, A - Rex R. Hutchens
S1V Brief Text in Astronomy, A - Robert S. Richardson, William T. Skilling
G1N1 British Columbia, History of Grand Lodge of - Grand Lodge of B.C.
M1Q1B British Masonic Miscellany, The (Vols.10,15,16 only - M1Q1B0,M1Q1B5,M1Q1B6) - George M. Martin
M1Q1A British Masonic Miscellany, The (Vols.7,8,9 Only - M1Q1A7,M1Q1A8,M1Q1A9) - George M. Martin
J1A1Q Brooksbank, "Our Jack"--Biography of Jack - Jacques
K1H1 Brotherhood, The - Stephen Knight
N1D1 Brothers and Builders - Joseph Fort Newton
M4P Builders Laid the Foundation, The - The Masonic Service Association
G1C Builders of Man - John George Gibson
S2G Builders' Rite and Ceremonies (The Folk Lore of Masonry) - G.W. Speth
N1D2 Builders, The - Joseph Fort Newton
W3U8 Burns and His Masonic Circle, Robert - Dudley Wright
H1P1 Burns as a Freemason, Robert - William Harvey
D1T3U Burns Country, The - Charles S. Dougall
W2V1 Burns, Poetical Works of Robert - William Wallace
B2U2 Burns, Select Poems of Robert - Robert Burns
B2N Burns, Winter With Robert - Peter Brown
M6A By Signs and Symbols - Wm. Moull
L1F By-Ways of Freemasonry - Rev.John T. Lawrence
B9D1 Bydand Masonic Lodge No.92 GRI, Constitution of and History of Warrant of Bydand Lodge No.92 GRI
H1A5 Byrne G.M., Ceremony to Recognize M.W.Bro. N.E.. - Wray Hagerman
S2I6 California 1850-1975, A History of Grand Lodge F.& A.M. State of - Edwin N. Stansel
W3K California, One Hundred Years of Freemasonry in (2 Vols.W3K1-W3K2) - Leon O.
H2S Canada in the Province of Ontario 1855-1930, A History of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of - Walter S. Herrington
H2R Canada in the Province of Ontario 1855-1955, A History of The Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M. of - Walter S. Herrington: Roy S. Foley
J1F Canada Lodge No.3527, History of - Arthur Livingston Johnson
M5C0T Canada’s Flag - John Ross Matheson
S1O Canada, A Concise History of Freemasonry in - Osborne Sheppard
R1T1A Canada, History of Freemasonry in (2 Vols.R1T1A1-R1T1A2) - John Ross Robertson
R1T Canada, History of the Knights Templars of - John Ross Robertson
P1G2N Canada, Light Beyond The Craft In - Norman Pearson
H1L Canada, The Beginnings of Freemasonry in - Reginald V. Harris
C3R5C1 Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record 1891-1894, The - The Craftsman
Publishing Co.
C3R5C2 Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record 1894-1897, The - The Craftsman
Publishing Co.
C3R5C3 Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record 1897-1900, The - The Craftsman
Publishing Co.
C3R5C4 Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record 1900-1903, The - The Craftsman
Publishing Co.
C3R5C5 Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record 1903-1906, The - The Craftsman
Publishing Co.
M5F3 Candid Disquisition, A - Wallace McLeod
P1G2G Candle in the Darkness, A - Norman Pearson
P1K3 Candles and Other Masonic Addresses - Joseph Earl Perry
W2T2 Caring Community - Harold Blake Walker
C1O5 Cascade Lodge No.12 BCR, One Hundred Years of - Cascade lodge No.12 BCR
S1T Cassell’s New Compact Latin-English English-Latin Dictionary - D.P. Simpson (Compiler)
M5B5 Catalogue of Lodge Room Plays - The Masonic Service Association
M5B6 Catalogue of Publications and Materials of M.S.A. - The Masonic Service Association
S2F Catalogue of the Norman B. Spencer and United Masters Lodge Library - Norman B. Spencer
L1A2 Centenary Warrants and Jewels - John Lane
P1G2K Century of Amity, A - Norman Pearson
W3O1 Ceremony of Installation, The - J.S.M. Wilmhurst
G1O Ceremony of Organizing, Constituting, and Consecrating a New Lodge - Grand Lodge of Canada
W3P Ceremony of Passing, The - J.S.M. Wilmhurst
E1L1 Chapter Companion - Evans
K1A China, History of Freemasonry in Northern - Kelly & Walsh Ltd. Shanghai
G2K China, History of Freemasonry in Shanghai and Northern - F. M. Gratton
S2O5 Chips from a Rough Ashlar - James Stevens
B2O Chips From the Quarries - Richard H. Brown
B2J Chorazin Chapter No.13 RAM Greensboro North Carolina, History of - Earley Winfred Bridges
S6W Christ and The Lodge - Rev. S.Hj. Swanson
P2B1R Christian and The Craft, The - Rev. Warren W. Porter D.D.
H1G Christian By Degrees - Walton Hannah
H3S8 Church’s Pilgrimage of Pastoral Care in Mental Retardation, The - Ronald H. Hunt
O1A5 Church, State, and Rome - Rev. W.E.R. O'Gorman
M2H Class Lodges in the United States - The Masonic Service Association
M4A Claudy, In Memoriam Carl H. - The Masonic Service Association: Lawrence R Taylor
H1B Clergy and The Craft, The - Rev.Forrest D. Haggard
E1B Cloud Upon The Sanctuary, The - Karl Von Eckartshausen
C3E Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia - Sir Henry Wilson Coil
G1J Collected Essays & Papers Relating to Freemasonry - Robert Freke Gould
C1L Collected Prestonian Lectures 1925-1960, The - Harry Carr
G2H5 Collection of Addresses by South Carolina Masons, A - Grand Lodge of South Carolina
R1A Comacines, The - W. Ravenscroft
C1N Commentary on the Freemasonic Ritual, A - E.H. Cartwright, Harry Carr
G2F5 Committee on Lectures - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
P2B1B Comparison of Egyptian Symbols with Those of The Hebrews, A - Frederic Portal
K1F5 Complete Guide to Public Speaking - Grenville Kleiser
H1O1 Complete Manual of Freemasonry - William Harvey
G1J1W Complete Plain Works, The - Sir Ernest Gowers
B2G Complete Speaker’s and Toastmaster’s Library - Jacob M. Braude
B1I4 Comprehensive Dictionary of Freemasonry, A - Earnest Beha
C3E1 Comprehensive View of Freemasonry, A - Henry Wilson Coil
H1T Concise Cyclopaedia of Freemasonry, A - E.L. Hawkins
G1I Concise History of Freemasonry, The - Robert Freke Gould
E1K Conclave Companion, The - J.A. Evans
G2Q3A Concord Lodge AF&AM No.722 GRC, The History of - Charles F. Grimwood
F1J Conduct of a Meeting, The - W.C. Frisby
C3G1 Conference of Grand Masters Washington - Conf. of Grand Masters
D1P Confessions of an Opium Eater - Thomas De Quincey
S1A0 Constitutiions of St.John’s Lodge 1727 - Julius F. Sachse
R1X1 Constitution of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Royal and Oriental Freemasonry Royal and Oriental Freemasonry
A1G Constitutions of the Free-Masons 5723, The - James Anderson
M1U Constitutions of the Free-Masons, The (Reprint) - Masonic Book Club
M5C0T3 Constitutions of the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees Charles Fitzgerald Matier
C3H Construction Completion and Dedication of King Solomon’s Temple, The - Chas. A. Conover
Q1A Cooke Manuscripts, The - Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076
B2A1 Corinthian Lodge AF&AM No.330 GRC London, History of - Wm.E. Bradt
P1G2H Corinthian Lodges, Second Annual Reunion of - Norman Pearson
G1R4A Correspondence Course (4 Vols. G1R4A1-G1R4A4) - Grand Lodge of Canada
Masonic Ed. Committee
M5F Coustos, Sufferings of John - Wallace McLeod
R1K Craft and Its Symbols, The - Allen E. Roberts
T1K Craft and The Royal Arch, The - W. Henry Topley
H1A Craft in the East, The - Christopher Haffner
B2K3T Craftsman, The (Vols 1,2,3 in 1 book) - British American Masonic Record
R1S Cryptic Rite, The - John Ross Robertson
B2K1 Cup and Book of Masonic Good Will, The - Earley Winfred Bridges
M1U4 D'Assigny - Masonic Book Club
R1W Dare We Be Masons - Thomas Sherrard Roy
H1H Darkness Visible - Walton Hannah
S2C5 De Molay, The Martyrdom of Jacques - George W. Snow
P0K2 De Perfectione - Dr.Andreys Pakalnins
B2R5 Deacons, The (1985 Prestonian Lecture) - Sinclair Bruce
F1H7 Dear Mr. Brown - Harry Emerson Fosdick
K1 Decline of Rome and Rise of Medieval Europe, The - Solomon Katz
G2L Delaware, History of the M.W.Grand Lodge of AF&AM of - Charles E. Green
C3K Denslow, The Masonic World of Ray V. - Lewis C. Cook (Editor)
H2T Designs Upon the Trestleboard - Arthur R. Herrmann
M5U2A Dictionary and Book of the Lodge - Rob Morris
G1H Dictionary of Church Terms and Symbols - Loice Gouker
C3L Did You Know - Wes Cook
M2J Digest of Masonic Funeral Services - The Masonic Service Association
R1Q1A Digest of Masonic Jurisprudence, A - Henry Robertson
C2A2 Digest of Masonic Law - George Wingate Chase
B2R4 Digest of Official Visit Dissertations, A - David T. Bruce
W2V Digest of Rulings of Grand Lodge (Scotland) - James R.E. Wallace
M1Z Digest of the Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry - The Masonic Service Association
M2A Digest of the Forty Nine Grand Lodges of the United States - The Masonic Service Association
D1A Dionysian Artificers, The - Hippolyto J. Dacosta
B1M2 Discovery of The Lost Word, The - (Part II) - John R. Bennett
M3B District Deputy Systems of the Grand Lodges of the United States - The Masonic Service Association
H1J District of Columbia 1811-1961, Sesqui-Centennial History of The Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Ray Baker Harris
H1E Doomesday Heritage - Dr. Elizabeth Hallam
C3P1 Doric Lodge No.382 GRC, A Brief History of - David Coupar
D1T3R Dormer Study Club Papers Vol.1 - The Dormer Masonic Study Circle
T1G Douglas--Freemason, Stephen A. - Wayne C. Temple
C3S1 Drama of An Ancient Lodge of Freemasons 1730 Ireland - Philip Crossle
M4T Dress Up Your Speech! - The Masonic Service Association
H2O0R Dundee Lodge No.18, Ancient Freemasonry and the Old - Arthur Heiron
R1T1J2 Dungeon, Fire, and Sword - John J. Robinson
F1G Dunlop, William James - Roy S. Foley
S1U5 Dynamic Freedoms - William G. Sizemore
R1O Early F'masonry in Ontario & the British Army (Pt1) and Military & Masonic Career of a Soldier (Pt2) - Tom Roberts
Q1B Early French Exposures, The - Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076
C1L3 Early French Exposures, The - Harry Carr
F1H5 Early History and Antiquities of Freemasonry, The (Incl. The Legend of Prince Edward) - George F. Fort
K1S Early Masonic Catechism, The - Douglas Knoop, G.P. Jones, Douglas Hamer
K1U Early Masonic Pamphlets - Douglas Knoop, G.P. Jones
T1F East Medina Lodge No.175 (UK) from 1813 to 1913, History of - John Taylor, John A. Moxey, Robert Osgood
Z5A1 Ebony Box, The - Adam C. Zimmerman
D1C7 Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel), The Minutes of the Lodge - John R. Dashwood
P0L5 Egypt, The Secret of Ancient - Ernest G. Palmer
M5C5 Egyptian Literature - Justin McCarthy; Richard Henry Stoddard; Arthur Richmond Marsh; Paul Van Dyke
H1D4 Egyptians, Freemasonry of the Ancient - Manly P. Hall
S2S Egyptians, The Symbolism of the Gods of the - Dr.Thomas Milton Stewart
B2M5 Ein Kommentar Zum Austausch Vin F.M. Meinengen - Harvey N. Brown
W3W Eleusinian Mysteries and Rites, The - Dudley Wright
M6G Eleusis and the Eleusian Mysteries - George E. Mylonas
H1K1 Eleven Gentlemen of Charleston (A&ASR-SJ) - Ray Baker Harris
P1K2J Emblem, The - John Perry
H1O Emblems of Freemasonry, The - Willliam Harvey
D1Z Emulation - A Ritual to Remember - Colin F.W. Dyer
S1A1 Emulation No.21, The Lodge of - Henry Sadler
I1A2 Emulation-Working Explained - Herbert F. Inman
M1K1E Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences (Single Vol 1875) - Albert G. Mackey
M1K1F Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences with Addendum (Single Vol 1889) - Albert G. Mackey
M1K1A Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, An (1918)(2 Vols.M1K1A1-M1K1A2) - Albert G. Mackey: Charles T. McClenachan
M1K1C Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, An (with Bible Ref.)(1927)(2
Vols.M1K1C1-M1K1C2) - Albert G. Mackey: Charles T. McClenachan
M1K1B Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, An (with Readers'Guide and Bible Ref.)(1929)(2 vols.M1K1B1-M1K1B2) - Albert G. Mackey: Charles T. McClenachan
H2V1 England (1717-1817), The Grand Lodge of - A.R. Hewitt
C3W3 England -The South, Masonic Halls of - Rev.N.B. Cryer
C1A7A England 1717-1917, The Grand Lodge of - Albert F. Calvert
B1D2 England According to the Old Institutions, The Grand Lodge of - Cyril N. Batham
B2M England Became the Home of Freemasonry, Why - F.B. Brook
B1V5 England’s Churches, The Story of - W. Escott Bloss
W3V England’s Masonic Pioneers - Dudley Wright
F1I5 England, Freemasonry: An Account of the Early History of Freemasonry in Thomas Lewis Fox
U5A3 England--Constitutions 1940, United Grand Lodge of - United Grand Lodge of England
D1F England-1717 to 1926, Birth and Growth of the Grand Lodge of - Gilbert W. Davies
C1S English Freemasonry in its Period of Transition - Rev.F.deP. Castells
R1J English Speaking Freemasonry - Sir Alfred Robbins
G1V9A1 Entered Apprentice Degree - Grand Lodge of Florida
G2C5A1 Entered Apprentice Degree, The - Grand Lodge of New York
W2Y1 Entered Apprentice Handbook, The - J.S.M. Ward
F1H2 Esoteric Orders and Their Work, The - Dion Fortune
E1L6 Everson, Masonic Talks of R.W.Bro. Carl - Carl Everson
C2F Evidence of Freemasonry from Ancient Hebrew Records, The - Rabbi Bro. J.H.M. Chumaceiro
D1B Evolution of Freemasonry, The - Delmar D. Darrah
S1D1 Examination of the Masonic Ritual, An - Meredith Sanderson
M3V Exceeding Magnifical - The Masonic Service Association
W3D1 Explanation of The Royal Arch Degree, An - J.S.M. Ward
F1B Exposition of the Mysteries or Religious Dogmas and Customs - John Fellows
V1H Facts for Freemasons (1953) - Harold V.B. Voorhis
V1I Facts for Freemasons (1979) - Harold V.B. Voorhis
M4W Famous American Freemasons (1972) - The Masonic Service Association
M2S2 Famous American Freemasons (1985) - The Masonic Service Association: M.W.Bro. Ralph J. Pollard
H1W Famous Masons - H.L. Haywood
B1J Famous Masons - James Alexander Bell
D1A2 Farran-Ault Lodge No.256, 125-Year History of the - Glenn F. Dafoe
F1A6 Federal Lodge No.1 FAAM DC, History of - Federal Lodge No.1 FAAM
G1V9A2 Fellowcraft Degree - Grand Lodge of Florida
W2Y2 Fellowcraft Handbook, The - J.S.M. Ward
H1C Festival of the Dead, The - Robert Grant Haliburton
H2M Few Favorites on Fundamentals of Fellowship Friendship and Freemasonry, A - E.E. Hedblom
B2M0R1 Fidelity, Fidelity, Fidelity - Jack Brooksbank
L1A1D Fifty Years in the Malta Order (2 Vols L1A1D1-L1A1D2) - Rea Land
H2O0N Finnish Freemason Believe in?, What Does The - Harri Heino
P1F First Grand Master (1932) - Bruce M. Pearce
P1G First Grand Master (1973) - Bruce M. Pearce
T1N First Steps in Freemasonry - Toronto Society for Masonic Research, The
F1E2 First Twenty Years, The (S.R.Foundation) - Donald M. Fleming
M2X Five Masonic Games - The Masonic Service Association
H2Z Five Minute Talks on Freemasonry - S.M. Hills
B1G FIVE) 5-15 Minute Talks - Elbert Bede
F1E3A Fleming, The Political Memoirs of The Honourable Donald M (So Very Near) (2 Vols. F1E3A1-F1E3A2) - Donald M. Fleming
M5V5F Folger Manuscript, The - S. Brent Morris
J1C For All Men and All Time - Melvin M. Johnson
M5F4 For The Cause of Good - Wallace McLeod
C2I Foreign Countries - Carl H. Claudy
P1G2F Forgotten Fellowcraft, The - Norman Pearson
M2G Forty-Nine Petitions - The Masonic Service Association
V1F1 Forward - Harold Vodden’s Story - Harold Vodden
B2K5 Foundation Builders of Freemasonry in Manitoba - Al G. Brock
B1W Foundling at Varsity, A - J.A. Blyth
S2X1 Four Corners, The - Sir James W. Stubbs
C1B1 France, Freemasonry in - Wm. Preston Campbell-Everden
G2H9W France: The Miracle of 1913 - Nat Granstein
E1H5 Fraternal Poetry and Prose - M.E. Emmerson
E1A1 Fraternalism and Canadian Urbanization - Sarah Eadie
F1I7 Fraternity--A Compilation of Addresses - The Fraternal Monitor
H2Q7 Fredericksburg Lodge No.4 AF&AM-Mother Lodge of George Washington James Henry Heron
H2H Fredricksburgh, The Lodge at (USA) - R.E. Heaton; J.R. Case
S1F1B Free Mason’s Manual - Thomas Sargant
C1L1 Freemason at Work, The - Harry Carr
H3A Freemason’s Craft, The - Stanley M. Hills
F1I8M Freemason’s Magazine and Masonic Mirror, The (3 Vols.F1I8M2-F1I8M4) The Freemason Magazine
W3G4 Freemason’s Monitor, The - Thomas Smith Webb
W3I Freemason’s Own Ritual, The - H. P. Went
P1O Freemason’s Pocket Reference Book, The - Fred L. Pick: G. Norman Knight
H3M1 Freemasonry (Southern Jurisdiction A&ASR) - William James Hughan; G.P. Jones; Ray Baker Harris
B2M3 Freemasonry Among Negros & Whites in America - Harvey N. Brown
H2O Freemasonry and Catholicism - Max Heindel
M1U3 Freemasonry and Christianity--Lectures from Two Ages - Masonic Book Club
M4S Freemasonry and Civil Law - The Masonic Service Association: Alphonse Cerza
C1B Freemasonry and Its Etiquette - William Preston Campbell-Everden,
P1B Freemasonry and Its Jurisprudence - Chalmers I. Paton
L1C Freemasonry and Mediaeval Craft Guilds - Ossian Lang
C1L2 Freemasonry and Nauvoo - Robin L. Carr
S2Z7 Freemasonry and Religion - Supreme Council A&ASR SJ
S1M5A Freemasonry and Religion (2 Vols.S1M5A1-S1M5A2) - The Journal Supreme Council A&ASR SJ
H1X Freemasonry and Roman Catholicism - H.L. Haywood
W2X Freemasonry and The Ancient Gods - J.S.M. Ward
C0A Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement - Rev.E. Cahill
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L1F1 Freemasonry--Its History Principles and Objects - Rev.John T. Lawrence
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P1C Freemasonry: Its Doctrines and Graces - Chalmers I. Paton
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U5A1 Grand Lodge 1717-1967 - United Grand Lodge of England
M2B Grand Lodge Honours - The Masonic Service Association
M4M Grand Lodge Proficiency Requirements - The Masonic Service Association
M2O Grand Lodge Seals - The Masonic Service Association
M4H Grand Lodge Supervision of Lodge Building Programs and Suggested Plans for Masonic Temples - The Masonic Service Association
B1A Grand Master’s Committee of Inquiry, The (The Bagnal Report) - Mr. Justice Arthur Bagnall
S1F1A Grand S.E. G.C.of Q. - T. Sargant
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C1A7 Grand Stewards and Red Apron Lodges, The - Albert F. Calvert
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B2I Greensboro Lodge No.76 (North Carolina) - Earley Winfred Bridges
G2N1 Greensboro Masonic Museum - Greensboro Lodge N.C.
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B1C1 Guidelines for Officers in Lodge Ceremonies - W.K. Bailey
M5K Guild Masonry in the Making - Charles H. Merz
G9T4 Guthrie Oklahoma, The Scottish Rite Temple - Valley of Guthrie
H2O2 Hamilton 1889-1890 - Brian Henley
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S2W Hand to Back - William M. Stuart
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M3O Historic Parallels - The Masonic Service Association
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William R. Singleton
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S2Y1 History of the Supreme Council of the A&ASR in Canada 1868-1960 Supreme Council A&ASR Can.
W3N History of the Temple, London, The - J. Bruce WiIIiamson
M2W Hogarth, William (Masonic Satirist) - The Masonic Service Association
B1A1 Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, The - Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln
L1Q5 Holy Place, The - Henry Lincoln
W2V5 Honan, Bishop in - Lewis C. Walmsley
M2D Honorary and Life Memberships - The Masonic Service Association
S2Z9 House of The Temple, The - Supreme Council A&ASR SJ
R1L House Undivided - Allen E. Roberts
H2A How to Become a Masonic Lodge Officer - H.L. Haywood
R1M1 How to Conduct a Leadership Seminar - Allen E. Roberts
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H3L9 Hugh Murray Lodge No.602, 75-Year History of - Hugh Murray Lodge No.602 GRC
P1W Human Temple, The - G. W. Plummer
W5A Huron Lodge No.392 - Robert C. Wright
P1U1 Hymns to The Gods and Other Poems - Albert Pike
M1V5 Hypertension Breakthrough - Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
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T1R Illinois 1783-1952, The Rise and Progress of Freemasonry in - Everett R. Turnbull
C1Z Illinois Lodge of Research - Alphonse Cerza
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T3A In The Beginning (25 Year History) - Twin Lakes Lodge No.718 GRC
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S1X Indianna), Goodly Heritage (One Hundred Fifty Years of Craft Masonry in - Dwight L. Smith
G1O2 Information Booklet for The Prospective DDGM - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1R1 Information for DDGM’s, Chairmen of Masonic Education and Candidates Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1R2 Information for DDGM’s, Lodge Officers and Chairmen of Masonic Education Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1R3 Information for DDGM’s, Lodge Officers and Chairmen of Masonic Education Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
R1U Information for Recognition - Thomas Sherrard Roy
C3G1A Information for Recognition - Conf. of Grand Masters
P1G2A Initiated or Entered - Norman Pearson
W3R8 Interessante Entullungen Der Freimaurerei - Leo Woerl
L1O4 Internationalles Freimaureri Lexicon - Eugen Lenhoff
D1H Interpretation of Craft Masonry, An - A.F. Dence
G2D1 Interpretation of the American Fellowcraft Degree - Grand Lodge of New York Masonic Ed Committee
H1V Introduction to Freemasonry - H.L. Haywood
C2J Introduction to Freemasonry - Carl H. Claudy
B2M1T Introduction to Freemasonry - A Brother
C2M1 Introduction to Freemasonry I Entered Apprentice - Carl H. Claudy
C2M2 Introduction to Freemasonry II Fellowcraft - Carl H. Claudy
C2M3 Introduction to Freemasonry III Master Mason - Carl H. Claudy
I5N Ionic Lodge AF&AM No.549 GRC (1919-1994) - Ionic Lodge No.549 GRC
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C3U Irish Master Mason’s Handbook, The - Fred J. S. Crowe
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D1G5 Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry? - Art deHoyos: S. Brent Morris
G2H9 Italia, Grande Oriente D' - Grande Oriente D'Italia
C3T Itinerary - Stanley Stuart Crouch
B2K Ivanhoe Commandry No.8 KT, History of - Earley Winfred Bridges
K1H Jack The Ripper--The Final Solution - Stephen Knight
S1N Jamaican Freemasonry, An Historical Account of - F. W. Seal-Coon
P1H Japan, Masonry in - Nohea O.A. Peck
P1K2 Jersey by the Nazis in 1941, The Sacking of The Masonic Temple in - Dennis Perrin
J0W2 Jersey: Freemasonry in Jersey & The Sack of Jersey - A.C.F. Jackson
M6F1 Jewels of Masonic Oratory - L.S. Myler
W3J Josephus, The Works of Flavius - William Whiston (Translator)
HID2 Journey In Truth - Manley P. Hall
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M1D Jurisprudence of Freemasonry (1968) - Albert G. Mackey; R.I. Clegg; L.B. Blackmore
R1T1R Just an Old Granite Building - Davod E. Rodler
C3A Kabbalah, The - A.Langdon Coburn
G2K5B Kansas Masonry, History of - Ben W. Graybill
G1X1K Kansas, Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Grand Lodge of - Grand Lodge of Kansas
F1G2 Keewatin Lodge No.417 GRC, One Hundred Years History of - James M. Forbes
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M5G4 Kenora Gateway, Through The - Florence Mead
O1O9 Kentucky, The History of the Old Mason’s Home of - Alpheus E. Orton
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R1M Key to Freemasonry’s Growth - Allen E. Roberts
S1M5 Keystone of the Masonic Arch, The - Charles Scott
L1G Keystone, The - Rev.John T. Lawrence
K1D Kim - Rudyard Kipling
K1C1 King Baldwin Perceptory No.6 Belleville, History of - King Baldwin Perceptory
K1C5 King Hiram Lodge No.566, 75-Year History of the - King Hiram Lodge No.566
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K1C9 King Solomon’s Lodge No.22 GRC, History of - King Solomon’s Lodge
S2H1 King Solomon’s Lodge No.22, By-laws and History - Daniel Spry
H3K King Solomon’s Temple in the Masonic Tradition - Alex Horne
J1F5 Klotz, Otto - Rev.J.A. Johnston
R1T8 Knife and Fork Degree: The Refreshment Hour and Masonic Toast, The Brian Rountree
M1N2 Knights Templar, History of - Robert Macoy: (G.C.Addison)
G1J4 Kunst Der Weltklugheit - Baltasar Gracian
C3F3 La Franc-Maconnerie Des Bonaparte - Francois Collaveri
W2Z Labour and Refreshment - J.S.M. Ward
F1I3 Lancaster Lodge AF&AM No.207 GRC, History of - Leonard M. Fourney
W3U Landmarks 1853-1950 - Ed Worth
B1H Landmarks of Freemasonry, The - Elbert Bede
H3S Landmarks of Freemasonry, The - Charles Clyde Hunt
S1P0A Landmarks of Freemasonry, The (2 Vols.S1P0A1-S1P0A2) - Silas H. Shepherd
M5C0T1 Lausanne World Conference 1955, Canadian Submission to the - John Ross
E1C Law and Custom of Freemasonry, The - Lewis Edwards
H3C Law of Fraternities and Societies, The - A.J. Hirschl
M4Q Leadership - The Masonic Service Association
M5A Leadership Training (Grand Lodge of Minnesota) - The Masonic Service Association
L1M1 Lebanon Lodge, One Hundredth Anniversary of - Lebanon Lodge No.139 GRC
G1D Lectures (2 Vols. G1D1-G1D2) - Burt Gerrais
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J1A2 Lectures on Symbolism - E.W. Jarvis
W3I5 Lectures, Masonic - John Ernest Westbrook
H2S1 Lennox and Addington, History of the County of - Walter S. Herrington
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H3S2A Lessons in Capitular Masonry - Charles C. Hunt
M2F Lest We Forget - The Masonic Service Association
M4E Let There Be Light - The Masonic Service Association: Alphonse Cerza
M1E5 Lexicon of Freemasonry, A - Albert G. Mackey
G1J1L Library of Freemasonry, A (5 Vols. G1J1L1-G1J1L5) - Robert Freke Gould
S2C8 Lift for Living, A - Ralph W. Sockman
A1A6 Light After Darkness - Chief Ranami Abah
W3G3T Light From Many Lamps - Lillian Eichler Watson
C3G0M Light from the East - Henry R. Coleman
S2C Light from the Santuary of the Royal Arch - Charles Albert Snodgrass
T1G1 Lincoln’s Home and Its Saga, The Building of - Wayne C. Temple
D1T2X Lincolnshire, The History of Freemasonry in - William Dixon
R1T2S Lines on Life - Stuart E. Rosenberg
P0N List of Lodges Masonic 1985 - Pantagraph Printing
E1D1 Little Black Book, The - Birger E. Ekblad
S2F6 Little History of The Past, A - Edward Thornton Spera
C2W Little Masonic Library, The (5 Vols. C2W1-C2W5). - Carl H. Claudy
C3W4 Living Thoughts - Henry S.C. Cummings
H3D Lodge and After Dinner Speaking - J. Walter Hobbs
B1Q Lodge and the Craft, The - RolIin C. BIackmer
G2Q3 Lodge Historian, The - Charles F. Grimwood
G1B1 Lodge in Friendship Village & Other Short Stories - P.W. George
G1B Lodge in Friendship Village, The - P.W. George
C1G Lodge Mother Kilwinning No.`O' - Harry Carr
N1F1 Lodge of Friendship, A - Niagara Lodge No.2 GRC
G2Q Lodge of Instruction - Grey District GRC AF&AM
G1X1M Lodge Officers' Handbook, The - Grand Lodge of Manitoba
G2C5B Lodge System of Masonic Education, The (2 Vols. G2C5B2-G2C5B3) - Grand Lodge of New York
L1P4 Loge Lessing Zu Den Drei Ringen, 70 Jahre - Lessing Lodge
M5H2 Logen Ritual Hochgrade - Alex Mellor
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K1M London Mason in the Seventeenth Century, The - Douglas Knoop; G.P. Jones
S1Y Look Well - Dwight L. Smith
L1X1 Lorne Lodge AF&AM No.375 GRC Omemee Ont, History of - Lorne Lodge
T1P Lost Key, The - Prentiss Tucker
H1D1A Lost Keys of Masonry, The - Manly Hall
H1D1B Lost Keys of Masonry, The (Revised) - Manly Hall
B1E Lost Language of Symbolism, The (2 Vols. B1E1-B1E2) - Harold Bayley
S2M Lost Word Its Hidden Meaning, The - George H. Steinmetz
P1V Lost Word of Freemasonry, The - Henry Pirtle
U3N Lost Word, The - Evelyn Underhill
G1X Lost Word, The - Grand Lodge of Iowa
B1M1 Lost Word, The - (Part I) - John R. Bennett
G2M2R Louisiana, Masonry in - Glen Lee Greene
E1G Low Twelve - Edward S. Ellis
P1U2 Lyrics and Love Songs - Albert Pike
H3K7 Macht Des Symbols - August Horneffer
C2X8 Mackey’s Masonic Jurisprudence - Robert Ingram Clegg
M1F Mackey’s Symbolism of Freemasonry (1921) - Albert G. Mackey; Revised by R.I. Clegg
M1G Mackey’s Symbolism of Freemasonry (1952) - Albert G. Mackey
M1H Mackey’s Symbolism of Freemasonry (1975) - Albert G. Mackey
M1K2 MacNab Lodge AF&AM No.169 GRC, Historical Sketch of - MacNab Lodge
M1O MacNab of Dundurn - Marion MacRae
B1I1 MacNab, Sir Allan Napier - Donald Beer
M1O0E Madoc Lodge No.43, On the Occasion of the Dedication - Madoc Lodge No.43 GRC
M6B3 Magic Flute, The - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
S1G Magic Flute, The (Mozart) - G. Schirmer
C1Z9 Magic Flute, The - Masonic Opera - Jacques Chailley
P2E9 Magic of Freemasonry, The - Arthur E. Powell
P0K4 Magister Latomorum - Dr.Andreys Pakalnins
P1Z1 Maine 1762-1945, Freemasonry in - Ralph J. Pollard
W3M Making a Mason at Sight - Louis L. Williams
M5S1 Making Masons at Sight (Ohio) - George F. Moore
G2F1 Making of a Mason, The - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
B2P Making of a Mason, The - William Mosley Brown
D1V Making of a Mason, The - George Draffen
E1H7 Manitoba 1925-1974 (Part 2), Freemasonry in - Robert E. Emmett
D1T3U5 Manitoba, Freemasonry in - William Douglas
G1S1 Manual for Instructors-Fellow Craft Degree - Grand Lodge of Canada
G1S Manual for Masonic Instructors and Students - Grand Lodge of Canada
C1C Manual of Freemasonry - Richard Carlisle
S2G9Z Mark Degree, The (Early History, Variation in Ritual, Symbolism and Teaching) - Bernard H. Springett
N1G Mark, The - Maurice Nicol
S1N1 Markham Union Lodge No.87 GRC, - M.A.N. Shenfield
E1L8 Maryland 1888-1950 (Vol.2 of 2), History of the Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M. of - Carl N. Everstine
G1X2 Maryland Master Mason Handbook, The - Grand Lodge of Maryland
C1I Mason and the Burgh, The - Harry Carr
J3U Masonic Advocate, The - L. Carroll Judson
T1O Masonic Almanacs and Anti-Masonic Almanacs - Plez A. Transou
K1H5A Masonic Americana (2 Vols K1H5A1-K1H5A2) - Knights Templar
M3J Masonic Biographical Sketches - The Masonic Service Association
H3S1 Masonic Concordance of the Holy Bible - Charles Clyde Hunt
G2D2 Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony of Statue of Liberty - Grand Lodge of New York
G1L1A Masonic Degrees and How to Improve Them (5 Vols. G1L1A1-G1L1A2) - Grand
Chapter R.A.M. of Missouri
M5C Masonic Directory (City of Buffalo NY & County of Erie 1913-1972) - The Masonic Service Bureau Inc.
M1X Masonic Enquire Within - The Masonic Record Ltd.
M5G1 Masonic Etiquette - Henry G. Meacham
G1V9A4 Masonic Etiquette - Grand Lodge of Florida
M2T Masonic Feasts - The Masonic Service Association
M5B1 Masonic Feasts, Banquets and Table Lodges - The Masonic Service Association
B2S Masonic Gags and Gavels - Peter Buchanan
T1E Masonic Gatherings - George Taylor
G2D3 Masonic Hall New York City - Grand Lodge of New York
C2D Masonic Harp, The - George Wingate Chase
C2A3 Masonic Harp, The - George Wingate Chase
C2P Masonic Harvest - Carl H. Claudy
M3Z Masonic Honor Medals - The Masonic Service Association
C1X Masonic Information, Please - Alphonse Cerza
W3O Masonic Initiation, The - W.L. Wilmshurst
B1X Masonic Insight - A.G.R. Bond
L1H1 Masonic Jurisprudence - Rev. John T. Lawrence
P2D Masonic Jurisprudence - Roscoe Pound
L1H Masonic Jurisprudence and Symbolism - Rev.John T. Lawrence
G1V5 Masonic Lecturettes - Grand Lodge of Indianna
W3V1 Masonic Legends and Traditions (2nd Edition) - Dudley Wright
B1R Masonic Lodge Methods - L.B. Blackmore
H2C Masonic Lodge Officers and How to Become One - H.L. Haywood
A1I Masonic Lodges of the World, The - Frederick Armitage
G1T3 Masonic Manual, The - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
H2J Masonic Membership of the Founding Fathers - Ronald E. Heaton
J1A1T Masonic Messages - Donald L. Jagger
S2F2 Masonic Minstrel, The - Spencer’s Masonic Depot
G1U3 Masonic Musical Ritual - Grand Lodge of Canada
F1C1 Masonic Musical Ritual - George E. Fennell
M5U1 Masonic Odes and Poems - Rob Morris
M5J5 Masonic Orations - L.P. Metham
V1K Masonic Organizations and Allied Orders and Degrees - Harold V.B. Voorhis
M5V5M Masonic Philanthropies - A Tradition of Caring - S. Brent Morris
G2Q5 Masonic Prayers for The Use of The Craft - Henry Grylls
B1Y Masonic Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Signers - William L. Boyden
M3E Masonic Principles - The Masonic Service Association
G1C1 Masonic Problem, The - John George Gibson
I1A Masonic Problems & Queries - Herbert F. Inman
I1A1 Masonic Problems & Queries (Revised) - Herbert F. Inman
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H3E Masonic Ritual (Described compared and Explained) - J. Walter Hobbs
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S1Q5 Masonic Ritual Music - Jean Sibelius
V1L Masonic Rosicrucian Societies - Harold V.B. Voorhis
M2E Masonic Shrines - The Masonic Service Association
H3G Masonic Side-Lines - A. Holmes-Dallimore
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H3F Masonic Speechmaking - J. Walter Hobbs
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M4K Masonic Stamp Collection, A (Part 2) - The Masonic Service Association: Geo. B. Clark
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G2F4 Masonic Temple, Philadelphia PA - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
S1F Masonic Things to Live By - Charles A. Sankey
G1Z3 Masonic Treasures - Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
M3Q Masonic Vocabulary - The Masonic Service Association
P1L Masonic Way of Life, The - Joseph Earl Perry
M5M Masonic Way, The - F.V. Mataraly
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D1J2 Masonic World 1942, The - Ray V. Denslow GL of Missouri
D1J1 Masonic World 1944, The - Ray V. Denslow
D1J Masonic World 1947, The - Ray V. Denslow GL of Missouri
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B1B Masonically Speaking - Clare A. Bailey
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Mackey(Writings): Rev. by E.R. Johnston
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G1Z4 Massachusetts, 1880 Proceedings of Grand Lodge of - Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
M3M Massachusetts, Masonic Treasures of the Grand Lodge of - The Masonic Service Association
P1S Master Builders - Lorne Pierce
M2V Master Mason Certificates - The Masonic Service Association
G1V9A3 Master Mason Degree - Grand Lodge of Florida
C3V Master Mason’s Handbook, The - Fred J.W. Crowe
M1L Master’s Book of Short Speeches - Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co
C2Q Master’s Book, The - Carl H. Claudy
C2R Master’s Handbook, The - Carl H. Claudy
P1W1 Master’s Word, The - George W. Plummer
H3S2 Master’s Word, The - Charles C. Hunt
M5V7 Masterpieces of Religious Verses - James Dalton Morrison
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G1U2 Memorial Service, The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario (Large Print) - Grand Lodge of Canada
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M5I6 Merseyside Assoc. for Masonic Research, Transactions of The - The Merseyside Assoc. for Masonic Research
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M3L Moon Lodges - The Masonic Service Association
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P1U Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Albert Pike
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R1P Moray, The Life of Sir Robert - Alexander Robertson
H2D More About Masonry - H.L. Haywood
M1Y More Light In Masonry - The Masonic Service Association
G2B6 More Light on Freemasonry - Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
T1R4 More Than Bricks and Mortar - Ralph Turtinen
M5V3 Morgan or Political Anti-Masonry, William - Rob Morris
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H3V Mozart: The Man: The Musician - Arthur Hutchings
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R1M1M Mystic Tie, The - Allen E. Roberts
C1L8 Mystic Ties and Men of Letters, The - Robin L. Carr
C3O Mystical Traditions - Isabel Cooper-Oakley
M5G5 Mystries of Mithra, The - G.R.S. Mead
E1J Name, The - J.A. Evans
W2U Names, Dates and Numbers-What They Mean to You - Dr.Roy Page Walton
H1I Naval Lodge No.4 F.A.A.M. of Washington D.C., History of - Kenton N. Harper
G2B4N Nebraska Lodges, Standard Proficiency for - Grand Lodge of Nebraska
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C1P5 Negro Freemasonry and Segregation - Donn A. Cass
M5Z Neophyte, The - Wm. Moull
P2B2 Netherlands, Working the Craft in the - Dr.P.H. Pott
W1Z3 New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, A (1 Vol.) - Arthur Edward Waite
F1H8 New Hampshire, Three Centuries of Freemasonry in - Gerald D. Foss
N1C New Hope Lodge AF&AM No.279 GRC Hespler, One Hundred Years - New Hope
Lodge No.279
M5R2 New Masonic Trestleboard - Charles W. Moore
N1F5 New Treasury of Words to Live By, A - William Nichols
S1U New York Freemasonry - H.T. Singer: O. Lang: P.H. Butterfield
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G2D5B New Zealand AF&AM, A Brief History of the Movement in connection with the Establishment of the Grand Lodge of - Grand Lodge of New Zealand
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H2E Newly Made Mason, The - H.L. Haywood
G1P1 Newsletter Vol. 1(1-5) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P2 Newsletter Vol. 2(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P3 Newsletter Vol. 3(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P4 Newsletter Vol. 4(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P5 Newsletter Vol. 5(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P6 Newsletter Vol. 6(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P7 Newsletter Vol. 7(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P8 Newsletter Vol. 8(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1P9 Newsletter Vol. 9(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1Q0 Newsletter Vol.10(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1Q1 Newsletter Vol.11(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1Q2 Newsletter Vol.12(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1Q3 Newsletter Vol.13(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
G1Q4 Newsletter Vol.14(1-4) - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
T1M Newsletter-Toronto Masonic District No. 6 January to October 1981 Wardens Association "Harodim 81" - Toronto
Masonic District 6 Wardens Association
T1A Niagara District 1792 to 1942, Freemasonry in The - James J. Talman
G2P Niagara District A, History of - H. Stuart Greavette
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N1F Niagara Lodge No.2 GRC AF&AM, One Hundred and Fifty Years of Masonry in - Niagara Lodge No.2 GRC
L1Z5 Nichtung Der Freimaurerei, Der - Hans Ludendorff
N1F7 Nickel Lodge No.427 GRC, A History of - Nickel Lodge No.427 GRC
D1E1 Nine Muses No.235, Early History of the Lodge of the - P.J. Dawson
P1M Ninth Lord Petre or Pioneers of Roman Catholic Emancipation, The - M. D. Petre
K1O Nomenclature of Masonic MSS. The: A Handlist of the MSS - Douglas Knoop; G.P. Jones
E1D5 Nordic Countries, Highlights of Masonic Life in - Eero L. Ekman
L1P7 Norfolk 1724-1895, History of Freemasonry in - Hamon LeStrange
P1G1 Norfolk Lodge No.10, Historical Sketch of - Bruce M. Pearce
G2Q2S North America, History of Freemasonry Among Colored People in - William H. Grimshaw
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P1A5 Notebook on "The Latin Craft" - Norman D. Paterson
L1U Nova Scotia, A Short History of Freemasonry in - Ronald S. Longley; w/Reginald V. Harris
L1K1 Oakridge Lodge No.708 GRC, History of - R.E. Lawrence
M1P Oakville Lodge AF&AM No.400 GRC, A History of - G.R. Marshall
C3N1W Obligation, The - Wm. Hamar Greenwood
M5N5 Occidental Lodge No.40 GRI (1846-1906), History of - W.L. Milligan
W3Q0S Occult, The - Colin Wilson
S2Y2 Offices of a Lodge of Sorrow and Ring Service of the Scottish Rite - Supreme Council for USA
Z5A0 Oh Hear the Winds - Adam C. Zimmerman
C3X5N Ohio, The History of Freemasonry in (2 of 3 Vols. C3X5N1&C3X5N3) - W. M. Cunningham
P2B Old Charges, The - Rev.Herbert Poole
M5F2 Old Charges, The - Wallace McLeod
C3R Old Constitutions England,Ireland 1722-1730, The - Rev.John Edmund Cox
M5F1 Old Gothic Constitutions, The - Wallace McLeod
A1J Old Guilds of England, The - Frederick Armitage
M3Q9 Old Past Master, The - The Masonic Service Association
M2A1 One Hundred One Questions About Freemasonry - The Masonic Service Association
G1N One Hundred Years of Cryptic History - Grand Council R & S.M.(Michigan)
M3R One If By Land and Two If By Sea - The Masonic Service Association
P1Z One Nation Under God - Ralph Pollard
K1J Operative and Speculative Masonry - Douglas Knoop
C2G9 Operative Tracing Boards and Other Papers - C. Purdon Clarke
V1O Order of The Red Cross of Constantine, The - Harold V.B. Voorhis
B1E5 Oriental Philosophy - L. Adams Beck
S2J Origin and Early History of Masonry, The - G.W. Steinbrener
P1E Origin of Freemasonry, The - George W. Payne
P1D Origin of Freemasonry: The 1717 Theory Exploded, The - Chalmers I. Paton
H3O1 Origin of the English Rite of Freemasonry - William James Hughan
C1V Origin of the Masonic Degrees - Rev.F.deP. Castells
O1F7 Origin of The Royal Arch - Rev.George Oliver
O1P0H Oshawa Scottish Rite Club in Particular, The History of The A.& A.S.R. In General and The - Oshawa Scottish Rite Club
M5X Otter, The Canadian General, Sir William - Desmond Morton
C1W Our Ancient Brethren-The Originators of Freemasonry - Rev.F.deP. Castells
V1M Our Colored Brethren (1960) - Harold V.B. Voorhis
V1M1 Our Colored Brethren (1971) - Harold V.B. Voorhis
M5N Our Oldest Masonic Document - A.J.B. Milborne
M5H Our Separated Brethren The Freemasons - Alec Mellor; B.R. Feinson (Translator)
M5G Our Stations and Places - Henry G. Meacham
G1W Outline for Study Clubs - Grand Lodge of Iowa
G1U4 Outline of Grand Lodge, An - Grand Lodge of Canada Communicatons Committee
W2Y4 Outline of The History of F'masonry, The - J.S.M. Ward
J1A1 Outline of the History of Freemasonry, An - Bertram Jacobs
O1P1 Oxford Lodge No.76 1857-1957, Centennial Celebration - Oxford Lodge No.76 GRC
O1P2 Oxford Lodge No.76 1857-1987, 130th Anniversary of - Oxford Lodge No.76 GRC
S2S6 P2 Incident, The - Dennis Stocks
L1X5A Palace Lodge No.604 "The Early Years" - Gene Alfred Lotz
P0L Palmer Lodge No.372 GRC AF&AM Fort Erie, One Hundredth Anniversary of Palmer Lodge No.372 GRC
S1Z3 Panorama of Masonic History, A - J. Fairbairn Smith
J3 Papacy and Freemasonry - Monseigneur Jouin
R9L1A Papers (2 Vols.R9L1A1-R9L1A2) - W. H. Rylands
H2Q Papers of Canadian Masonic Reserarch Assoc., The (3 Vols. H2Q1-H2Q3) Heritage Lodge No.730
D1R Paracelsus - BasiIio DeTelepnef
T1L Pathfinders, The: A Tribute to Our Early Brethren - Toronto District 3 Masonic Education Committee
L1Q4 Peace of Mind - Joshawa Loth Liebman
P1H1 Pembroke Lodge No.128 GRC AF&AM, Dedictation of New Temple - Pembroke
Lodge No.128 GRC
B1D1R Pennsylvania 1727-1907, Freemasonry in - Norris Barratt
B1D0S Pennsylvania 1727-1907, Freemasonry in (Vol 2) - Norris S. Barratt: Julius F. Sachse
G2E Pennsylvania, Bi-Centenary Anniversary Celebration in Commemoration of Two Hundred Years of Freemasonry in - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
B1X5 Pennsylvania, Early Freemasonry in - Henry S. Borneman
H3U1 Pennsylvania, History of G.L. of (Vol.1 1731-1873-The Master Builders) - Wayne Huss
G2G Pennsylvania, Ritual for Lodges of the Grand Lodge of - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
M3D Pennsylvania, The Masonic Treasures of - The Masonic Service Association
M5F9 People’s Padre - Emmett McLoughlin
L1I Perfect Ashlar, The - Rev.John T. Lawrence
P2C Philosophy of Freemasonry - Roscoe Pound
S2Z5 Pike, Albert - Supreme Council A&ASR SJ
T1O3S Pike, Albert - The Man Behind the Monument - Jim Tresner
A1F Pike, The Life Story of Albert - Fred W. Allsop
W3F Pike-Year Book, Albert - Claire C. Ward
R1T1J3 Pilgrim’s Path, A - John J. Robinson
E1L Pillars - J. A. Evans
H1Q Pillars of Freemasonry Their Origin and Meaning, The - William Harvey
S1Z5 Pioneers of Old Ontario, The - W.L. Smith
K1D1 Plain Tales From The Hills - Rudyard Kipling
C3P Plan, The (A Brief Outline of Freemasonry) - William W. Cooper
G1T5 Planning Interesting Lodge Meetings - Grand Lodge of Canada Masonic Ed. Committee
P1V5 Plattsville Lodge No.178 GRC, History of - Plattsville Lodge No.178 GRC
C3S5 Pobity No.61 ER, History of the Lodge of - Herbert Crossley
M2A3 Pocket Encyclopedia of Masonic Symbols - The Masonic Service Association
P1P1 Pocket History of F'masonry, The (1953) - Fred L. Pick: G. Norman Knight
P1P2 Pocket History of F'masonry, The (1956) - Fred L. Pick: G. Norman Knight
P1P3 Pocket History of F'masonry, The (1963) - Fred L. Pick; G. Norman Knight
P1P4 Pocket History of F'masonry, The (1969) - Fred L. Pick: G. Norman Knight
M5W1 Pocket Lexicon of Freemasonry - W.J. Morris
M2A2 Pocket Masonic Dictionary - The Masonic Service Association: Carl H. Claudy
F1C Poetic Gems - Abraham Felt
R9T Poetry of Architecture, The - Frank Rutter
M5U2 Poetry of Freemasonry, The - Rob Morris
P2B1A Port Elgin Masonic Lodge No.429 GRC: 100 Years 1892-1992 - Port Elgin Lodge No.429 GRC
W3G3W Port Elgin, Freemasonry in - F. Roy Weatherdon
P2E Pound, Masonic Addresses and Writings of Roscoe - Roscoe Pound
C2X3C Practices and Proceedures for The Scottish Rite - Henry C. Clauson
D1T Preparation and Delivery of the Work, The - E. Macaulay Dillon
M5E1 Preparing to be Master - D.W. McKerracher
D2A1 Preston and His Work, William - Colin F.W. Dyer
J0W1 Preston’s England - A.C.F. Jackson
Q1C Prestonian Lectures 1926,28,29,31,33,36,38 - Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076
S1C Priest and Freemason - Richard S.E. Sandbach
E1I8 Primer of Masonic History, A - Henry Falls Evans
W3G4S Primitive Secret Societies - Hutton Webster
T1D Prince Hall Freemasonry - Fred C. Taylor
M5F6 Prince Hall Freemasonry and The Question of Regularity - Wallace McLeod
H3F9 Principal, The - A. Holmes- Dallimore
P1N4 Proceedings for the Year 1990 - Philalethes Society JRR Chapter, The
J1B1 Pronouncing Glossary, A - G. K. Johnson
K1K Pure Antient Masonry - Douglas Knoop
G2R Pythagoras - A Group of Students
H1I7 Pythagoras and His Philosophy - Arthur Harris
T1F1T Pythagoras, Life of - Thomas Taylor
L1V Pythagorean Proposition, The - Elisha S. Loomis
S1Q Pythagoreans, The Golden Verses of the - Shrine of Wisdom, The
M5F7 Quatuor Coronati Lodge - Wallace McLeod
M5N1 Quebec 1759-1959, Freemasonry in the Province of - A.J.B. Milbourne
G1J2 Quebec, History of Freemasonry in the Province of - John H. Graham
F1E2A Queen and the Craft, The - Donald M. Fleming
H1D5 Queen’s Lodge No.578 Fiftieth Anniversary 1971 - D.R. Hall
G2B4 Queries From The Quarries - Grand Lodge of Montana
S1H Quest For Mysteries - Heinrich Schneider
H2P Questions and Answers - R. Hepburn
F1I Ramblings in Masonry and Other Poems - Charles Fotheringham
A1K Rationale and Ethics of Freemasonry, The - C.L. Arnold
W3S Rays of Masonry - Dewey H. Wollstein
B2T5 Ready-Made Speech for Service Clubs - W. Norman Buckingham
R1V Recognition Lists of World Grand Lodges - Thomas Sherrard Roy
M5V5R Recollections of a Masonic Veteran - S. Brent Morris; Masonic Book Club
C3G2D2 Records of the Hole Crafte & Fellowship of Masons - Edward Condor
H1M1 Red Cross Of Constantine in Canada, History of the - Reginald V. Harris
M2P1 Register of Grand Lodges Active and Extinct, A - The Masonic Service Association
H3T Regius Manuscript, The (A Study and Interpretation) - Frederick M. Hunter
M4F Regius Poem, The - The Masonic Service Association
M1U4C Regius Poem, The - Masonic Book Club
N1D4 Religion of Masonry, The - Joseph Fort Newton
B1N Religions of The World - Gerald L. Berry
B2K6 Reminiscences of a Pioneer - Al G. Brock
K1G Resolutions and Rulings of Grand Lodge 1875 - Otto Klotz
O1N Revelations of a Square with Graphics, The (1855) - Rev.George Oliver
O1O Revelations of A Square, The (1980) - Rev.George Oliver: The Masonic Book Club
F1A Revolution and Freemasonry - Bernard Fay
R8G2 Rhode Island, The History of Freemasonry in - Henry W. Rugg
R1H Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry - Jabez Richardson
R1H1 Richmond Lodge No.23 GRC 1824-1974, A History of - Richmond Lodge No.23 GRC
C2E Riddle of The Sphinx, The - J. Munsell Chase
W3H2 Rise and Development of Organized F'Masonry, The - Roy A. Wells
M5T Ritual and Service For Lodge Of Sorrow - John Moore
M4I Ritual Ciphers - The Masonic Service Association
G1M Ritual of Allied Masonic Degrees - Grand Council A.M.D.(USA)
M2Q Ritualistic Proficiency - The Masonic Service Association
C1A Rock, The (Masonic Addresses) - Wallace E. Caldwell
W3Y Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry - Dudley Wright
N1D5 Romance of Freemasonry, The - Joseph Fort Newton
L1X5B Rose Lodge No.30 1850-1858 - Gene Alfred Lotz
L1Q2 Rosicrucian Manual - H. Spencer Lewis
L1Q1 Rosicrucian Questions and Answers - H. Spencer Lewis
B2M1T5 Rosicrucians, The - Transactions Golden Rule Lodge No.21 - Brothers H.C.& K.M.B.
S2N Royal Arch - Its Hidden Meaning, The - George H. Steinmetz
C1V1 Royal Arch Chapter Two Centuries Ago, Organization of The - Rev. F. de P. Castells
S2S8 Royal Arch Masonry - John Stokes
E1I1 Royal Arch Masonry, An Introduction to - Essex Master
C3H5 Royal Arch Masons of Canada, The History of the Grand Chapter of - Col. Reginal VanEvery Conover
G1G5 Royal Arch Organizations, The Scottish and Irish - F. W. Golby
C1V2 Royal Arch, Antiquity of The Holy - Rev. F. de P. Castells
H1F2 Royal Ark Mariner Degree, The - Its Origin and History - R.M. Handfield-Jones
L1Z Royal Art Illustrated, The - Erich J. Lindner
G1E Royal Duke - Mollie Gillen
E1N Royal Lancashire Lodge No.116 Colne, The History of - Allen Exley
M1C5 Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, The - Kenneth MacKenzie
D1U Royal Order of Scotland - George Draffen
L1R Royal Order of Scotland, The - Robert Strathern Lindsay
V1P Royal Order of Scotland, The - Harold V.B. Voorhis
M5Y1 Royal Rite, The - William Moull
E1D Rule and Teach - Lewis Edwards
S1L Sacred Drama of Eleusis, The - Edotiad Schure (Writer); B. Hemmis; F. Rothwell (Translators)
L1O7 Sacred Mysteries - Augustus LePlongeon
F1S5 Sacred Writings of the World’s Great Religions, The - S.E. Frost, jr.
G2G1 Saskatchewan, Constitution of the Grand Lodge of - Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
S1F7 Scarborough Lodge No.653 GRC - 50th Anniversary - Scarborough Lodge No.653 GRC
R1C1 Scarlet Book of Freemasonry - M.W. Redding
F1E2B Sceptre and Gavel or Freemasonry and The Royal Family - Donald M. Fleming
C3P8 Schools for Freemasons - J.L. Cowie
L1S5 Scotland, Freemasonry in - History of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No.1 - David Murray Lion
G2H1 Scotland, The Constitution and Laws of The Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M. of Grand Lodge of Scotland
L1S Scotland, The Scottish Rite for - Robert Strathern Lindsay
K1P Scottish Mason and the Mason Word, The - Douglas Knoop; G.P. Jones
B1U1A Scottish Rite Freemasonry Illustrated (2 Vols. B1U1A1-B1U1A2) - J. Blanchard
B2E Scottish Rite Freemasonry in The Valley of Toronto - Frederic R. Branscombe
S2Z6 Scottish Rite of F'Masonry, Presenting The A.& A. - Supreme Council A&ASR SJ
P1G2D Seal of Grand Lodge, The - Norman Pearson
R1M3 Search for Leadership, The - Allen E. Roberts
M3I Search, The - The Masonic Service Association
W3C5 Secret Sign Languages - J.S.M. Ward
H2L Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries, The - Charles William Heckethorn
C3Q Secret Societies of the Middle Ages - C. Cox
H1D3 Secret Teachings of All Ages, The - Manly P. Hall
H2U Secretary’s Book, The - Arthur R. Herrmann
T1J9 Secrets of the Great Pyramids - Peter Tompkins
R1M2 Seekers of Truth - Allen E. Roberts
G1F Selected Papers Vol.II - J. P. Glennie (Editor)
M3H Selection of Masonic Treasures at "The House of The Temple", A - The Masonic Service Association
M3P Selection of The Rare Books of Freemasonry, A - The Masonic Service Association
S2A Selections from the Outer Court - John Smorthwaite
P1G2E Senior Warden Looks to the East, The - Norman Pearson
I1D Series of Masonic Lectures, A (Ontario District) - L. Harry Inkpen
C3M Seven Eras of Masonry, The - L. Hamel Cooke
L1L Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T.E. Lawrence
M2U Shadwelf-Cameron Manuscript, The - The Masonic Service Association
D1T3D Shakespeare: Creater of Freemasonry - Alfred Dodd
D1I Short History of English Freemasonry, A - A.F. Dence
K1Q Short History of Freemasonry to 1730, A - Douglas Knoop; G.P. Jones
A1I1 Short Masonic History, A - Frederick Armitage
T1B Short Readings in Masonic History - J. Hugo Tatsch
M5F8 Short Reviews of Masonic Books - Wallace McLeod
N1E Short Talks on Masonry - Joseph Fort Newton
S1E Short View of the History of Freemasonry, A - William Sandys
S1F4 Shrine, A Short History of The - Georg M. Saunders
S1P7 Shrine, A Short History of The Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of The Mystic (1992) The Ancient Arabic Order of The Mystic Shrine
L1J Sidelights on Masonry - Rev.John T. Lawrence
L1K Sidelights on Masonry (New Edition) - Rev.John T. Lawrence
K6U Sidney Albert Luke Lodge No.558 GRC, A History of - W.F. Krull
P2I Signatures of Masonic Prisoners of War - Prisoners of War
M1U4B Signers of the Constitution of the United States, The - Masonic Book Club
P1G2B Significance of the DDGM Official Visit - Norman Pearson
C2G Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, The - Dr.Albert Churchward
O1O1A Signs and Symnbols Explained - Rev.George Oliver
S1M Simcoe, John Graves - Duncan Campbell Scott
K1C0 Simcoe, John Graves, Statesman, Soldier, F'mason - Nelson King
R1I Simcoe, The Life of John Graves - William Renwick Riddell
S1T2 Simpson Masonic Lodge AF&AM No.157 GRC - Simpson Lodge No.157 GRC
P2H6 Sing Brothers Sing - Carl Price
K1R Sixteenth Century Mason, The - Douglas Knoop; G.P. Jones
K1E Slice of Canada, A - Watson Kirkconnel (Memoirs)
B1W5 Soane, The Works of Sir John - Arthur T. Bolton
G2M3 Societos Rosicruciana in Anglia, History of the - T.M. Greenhill
P1E5 Solomon’s Temple, The Symbolism of - Rev. T. DeWitt Peake
O1P Solomon, The Temple of - Phillips Endecott Osgood
C3B Some Notes on the Jewels of the Three Principal Officers and the I.P.M. - A.Langdon Coburn
W3H Some Royal Arch Terms Examined - Roy A. Wells
M5E Some Suggestions for Employing and Instructing of Officers and Members in Masonry - D.W. McKerracher
M4V Special Events in Lodge - The Masonic Service Association
C3W3A Speculation - Rev. Neville Barker Cryer
M1A Speculative Masonry (1913) - A.S. MacBride
M1A1 Speculative Masonry (1914) - A.S. McBride
M1B Speculative Masonry (1931) - A.S. MacBride
M1B1 Speculative Masonry (1971) - A.S. McBride
L1E5 Speed Lodge - The Mother of Guelph Masonry - Henry Law
B1C Spirit of Masonry, The - Foster Bailey
W3J5 Sponsoring, Nurturing & Preparing Applicants & Candidates - Wm. M. White
S2I1 Spry Lodge AF&AM No.106 GRC Fenlon Falls 1884-1984, A History of the Spry Lodge 106
S2I Spry Lodge AF&AM No.385 Beeton Ont.1880-1980, One Hundred Years of History of - Spry Lodge
Z5A2 Square Rigger, The - Adam C. Zimmerman
M1U4D St. John’s Lodge, The Constitutions of - Masonic Book Club
S1Z2H St. Paul’s Lodge No.374 E.R., A Concise History - Pemberton Smith
W3I6 St.Alban and St.Amphibal, The Life of - J. E. Van Der Westhuizen
H1M St.Andrew’s Lodge No.1 GRNS AF&AM 1750-1950, History of - Reginald V. Harris
S1Z2A St.Andrew’s Lodge No.16 GRC (1822-1922), The History of - Henry T. Smith
S1Z2 St.Andrew’s Lodge No.16 GRC, The History of (1822-1901) - Henry T. Smith
C1B1 St.Andrew’s Lodge No.593 - 50 Years - Hugh Campbell
L1X5C St.John’s Anglican Church June 24,1872 - The Laying of the Cornerstone by William Mercer Wilson - Gene Alfred Lotz
S1B6 St.John’s Gate - The Order of St.John
H1B1 St.John’s Lodge AF&AM No.82 GRC, History of - H. J. Haire
B2U St.John’s Lodge F&AM New Brunswick, History of - William Franklin Bunting
H3U St.John’s Lodge No.20 1841-1955, Historical Sketch of - Hunter Printing London Ltd.
S1B7A St.John’s Lodge No.20 GRC 1941-1991, Historical Sketch of (2 Vols
S1B7A1-S1B7A2) - St.John’s Lodge No.20 GRC
S1B7 St.John’s Lodge No.20 GRC, History of - St.John’s Lodge No.20 GRC
P1G2O St.John’s Lodge No.209a of AF&AM of the GRC, An Emerald Light: The History of - Norman Pearson
S2I5 St.John’s Lodge No.21A - 150 years of Brotherhood - St.John’s Lodge No.21A GRC
F1F1 St.John’s Lodge No.24 AF&AM W.Va., History of - John L. Finlayson
M6F St.John’s Lodge No.4 1762-1962 (Connecticut) - William C. Murry
S1B8A St.John’s Lodge No.40 GRC 1852-1952, History of - St.John’s Lodge No.40
S1B8B St.John’s Lodge No.40 GRC 1953-1977, History of - St.John’s Lodge No.40
D1D St.John’s Lodge of Colombo No.454 EC, History of - John R. Dashwood
S1B9 St.Lambert’s Lodge No.95 GRQ - Fiftieth Anniversary - St.Lambert’s Lodge No.95 GRQ
L1E1 St.Lawrence District Then and Now 1783-1987 - J. Max Lawshway; Howard Warren
S2K St.Louis Orient of Missouri, History of the Scottish Rite Valley of - J.B. Steiner; J. W. Skelly
B2Q St.Tammany Lodge No.5 AF&AM Through Two Centuries 1759-1959 - William
Moseley Brown
G1G8 Stability Lodge of Instruction 1817-1917 (A Century of Stability), A History of - F.W. Golby
M2I Standards of Recognition of Foreign Grand Lodges - The Masonic Service Association
S2Z Statutes and Regulations of the Supreme Council 33Deg. - Supreme Council A&ASR Can.
S2O8 Stevenson Lodge No.218 1869-1994, Highlights of History of - Stevenson Lodge No.218
M6E1R Stonehaven No.6, History of the Lodge of - Alfred A. Arbuthnot Murray
M5C0W Story of Architecture, The - Charles Thompson Mathews
V1Q Story of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, The - Harold V.B. Voorhis
V1F Story of The Craft, The - Lionel Vibert
H1R Story of the Royal Arch, The - William Harvey
M6B Strict Observance No.27 GRC AF&AM 1847-1947, History of the Lodge of Frank E.H. Mowbray
P2F Studies in the Lesser Mysteries - F.G Montagu Powell
B2M1 Study Group, The - Earnest J. Brown
C3C Substituted Secrets - A.Langdon Coburn
N1E1 Supreme Council A&ASR-NJ, A History of - George Adelburt Newbury
S2Z9S Supreme Council S.J., The (1931) - Supreme Council S.J.
P1L1 Switch Points - Joseph Farl Perry
V1R Sword and Trowel - John Black Vrooman; Allen E. Roberts
E1A Sword of Solomon, The - Robert S. Easter
H2F Symbolical Masonry - H.L. Haywood
D2A Symbolism in Craft Freemasonry - Colin F.W. Dyer
D1W Symbolism in Freemasonry (Speeches) - F.M. Driscoll
B2T Symbolism of Freemasonry or Mystic Masonry - J.D. Buck
M1F1 Symbolism of Freemasonry, The (1869) - Albert G. Mackey
M1H2 Symbolism of Freemasonry, The (First Edition 1869) - Albert G. Mackey
S2U Symbolism of the Three Degrees (3 Vols.S2U1-S2U3) - Oliver Day Street
S2T Symbolism of the Three Degrees (one volume) - Oliver Day Street
F1F Symbols and Legends of Freemasonry, The - J. Finlay Finlayson
S2H Syria and the Lebanon, Secret Sects of - Bernard H. Springett
W1A Talks - Murray J. Wagg
W3R1 Tasmania, Freemasonry in - Arthur R. Wiseman
E1I Teachings of Freemasonry, The - Essex Master
S1Z8 Temperance and Realism - J. Smith-Ross
P0M5 Templar Tales - Chalmers Lowell Pancoast
B1A1A Temple and The Lodge, The - Baigent, Leigh
B1D1B Temple Lodge No.597 GRC, History of - C.W.M. Barnum
T1J Temple of King Solomon, The - Brien B. Thurston
M4R Ten Minute Masonic Addresses - The Masonic Service Association
S2B Tennessee 1783-1952, History of Freemasonry in - Charles Albert Snodgrass
P0K1 Terra Incognita - Dr.Andreys Pakalnins
M1D1 Text Book of Masonic Jurisprudence, A - Albert G. Mackey
S1D2 That Which Was Lost - William Sanderson
W2Y3 The Master Mason Book - J.S.M. Ward
C2V These Were Brethren - Carl H. Claudy
B2M2 They Desired a Better Country - J.W.D. Broughton
C3U1 Things a Freemason Should Know - Fred J.W. Crowe
C2X4 Third Temple, The (York PA) - M.A.R. Clayman
G2Q2L Thistle Operative No.158 GRS, History of Lodge - Douglas B. Griffin: James Reilly
M4U Tho: Carmick Manuscript 1727 - The Masonic Service Association
S2Z8 Thoughts About America - Supreme Council A&ASR SJ
P1G2L Thoughts on Masonic Remembrance - Norman Pearson
L1Q2A Thousand Years of Yesterdays, A - H. Spencer Lewis
H3Q Three Degrees of Freemasonry, The - William James Hughan
H1M2 Three Degrees of Masonry, The - Reginald V. Harris
C1H Three Distinct Knocks and Jachin and Boaz - Harry Carr
R1D1 Three Distinct Knocks, The - Reeves and Turner
B2M0R3 Three Speculative Craft Research Articles - Jack Brooksbank
B1I THREE) 3-5-7 Minute Talks on Freemasonry (1945) - Elbert Bede
B1F THREE) 3-5-7 Minute Talks on Freemasonry (1981) - Elbert Bede
M5N8 Through The Temple Doors - Roy Mitchell
M4G Tidings from Europe - The Masonic Service Association
P2A Tied To Masonic Apron Strings - Stewart M.L. Pollard
W3D Told Through the Ages - J.S.M. Ward
M6E1 Toronto - Past and Present - C. Pelham Mulvaney
S1N2 Toronto District 4 Masonic Ed. Committee, Report of - M.A.N. Shenfield
K1F Toronto District 6, Lodge Histories of - M.P. Klawieter
W3R Touch of Yesterday, A - Gordon Winters
B1Z Towards The Square (1977) - David C. Bradley
B1Z1 Towards The Square (1990) - David C. Bradley
C3O1 Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Medieval Mysticism - Isobel
B2V Transvaal 1878-1978, The First 100 Years of Freemasonry in The - Paul H. Butterfield
H3H5 Travaux de la Loge Nationale de recherches - Villard de Honnecourt
M1Q Treasury of Masonic Thought - Georqe M. Martin; John W. Callaghan
G1G Treasury of Masonic Thought, A - Carl Glick
M1U4A Trestle-Board - Masonic Book Club
C1Z5 Trestleboard Tidbits - Alphonse Cerza
M2R Trial Methods - The Masonic Service Association
B1D1A Trial of The Templars, The - Malcolm Barber
U1C1 Triangle Lodge No.834 - United Grand Lodge of Germany
W2V6 True Blue Masonic Lodge No.98, Bolton Ont, The Birth of - Michael L. Wamsley
M5E5 True Britons' Lodge AF&AM No.14 GRC (1818-1968) - P.O. McLaren
P1X1 True Masonic Light - J.L. Pollak
G2I True Principles of Freemasonry - Melville Rosyn Grant
M5T5 Truth About Masons, The - Robert Morey
M4Y Truth is Stranger than Fiction, The - The Masonic Service Association: Alphonse Cerza
C1Z6 Truth is Stranger Than Fiction, The - Alphonse Cerza
T1R5 Tuscan Lodge AF&AM No.195 GRC - History 1868-1993 - Tuscan Lodge No.195
T1R6A Tuscan Lodge AF&AM No.551 GRC (1919-1944), History of - Tuscan Lodge No.551
T1R6B Tuscan Lodge AF&AM No.551 GRC (1919-1969), History of - Tuscan Lodge No.551
T1R6C Tuscan Lodge AF&AM No.551 GRC - A History 1969-1994 - Tuscan Lodge No.551
I1B Two Centuries of Freemasonry - The International Bureau for Masonic Affairs
K1T1 Two Earliest Masonic MSS, The - Douglas Knoop; G.P. Jones; Douglas Hamer
B1L Two Saints John, The - George J. Bennett
L1C5 Tyee Lodge No.66 GRBC, The History of - R.G. Large
W3H1 Tyler or Outer Guard, The - Roy A. Wells
M5B4 U.S.A., Masonic Membership of the Signers of The Constitution of the - The Masonic Service Association: Ronald E. Heaton
U2A Ulster Lodge No.537 GRC, The Interesting Story of - Ulster Lodge No.537 GRC
M1O1 Union Lodge AF&AM No.7 GRC Grimsby, History of - E. J. Marsh
P1L2 United Freemasonry, A - Joseph Earl Perry
M4Z United States, Masonic Homes Orphanages Hospitals Infirmaries Sanitoriums and Charity Foundations of Forty-nine Grand Jurisdictions of the - The Masonic Service Association
H1B2 Unity Lodge No.376 1879-1971 - Huntsville - John J. Haigh
M3Y Universality of Freemasonry - The Masonic Service Association
F1G1 University Lodge No.496 GRC, History of - Roy S. Foley
C2V5 Unknown Mason, The - Carl H. Claudy
D1S Unlocked Secret, The - James Dewar
M5H1 Unsere Getrennien Bruner Die Freimaurer - Alex Mellor
D1G Untrodden Paths of Masonic Research, The - Gilbert W. Daynes
H2G Unwritten Laws in Freemasonry - Hazlitt
M5D1 Vaughan Lodge AF&AM No.54 GRC Maple, History of - Neil J. McDonald
W3L7 Victor Roy-A Masonic Poem - Harriett Annie Wilkins
M4O Vistas of Masonry - The Masonic Service Association: Raymond Burnette Pease
K7E Vorgeschichte Der Freimaureri, Die - G.R. Kuess
V1G Waite, Arthur Edward - A Checklist of his Writings - Harold V.B Voorhis
M2Z Waiting Period Before Application for Other Degrees - The Masonic Service Association
T1J7 War and Peace - Count Leo Tolstoy
M3X Warren, M.W. Joseph - The Masonic Service Association
W3G Warwickshire, Freemasonry in - Warwickshire Peace Memorial Temple Ltd., The
S2I8 Was Jedar Freimaurer Wassen Mufs - Peter Stautz
R1M4 Washington - Master Mason, George - Allen E. Roberts
H1U Washington and His Masonic Compeers - Sidney Hayden
M5B7 Washington and New York City, George - The Masonic Service Association
G1U9 Washington Centennial Memorial Excercises - Grand Lodge of Colorado
W3G3 Washington National Masonic Memorial, The George - Washington National Masonic Memorial Assoc.,George
C1A5 Washington The Man and The Mason - Charles H. Callahan
A1D6 Washington the Mason, A Memorial to - Alexandria Washington Lodge
H2Y Washington, George - Henry W. Hill
B2Q1 Washington, George - Freemason - William Moseley Brown
B2L Washington, The Lodge of - F.L. Brockett
F1E1 Waterdown Lodge AF&AM No.357 GRC, History of - C.M. Flatt; J.N. Creen; E. Colyer
F1F5 Waverley Lodge No.361 GRC Guelph (Centennial 1977 Historical Poem) - Ollie T. Flint
K1F4 Way of Attainment, The - Sydney T. Klein
L1Q3 Webb, Thomas Smith - Herbert T. Leyland
M3R1 Well-Springs of American Freemasonry - The Masonic Service Association: H.L. Haywood
W3I3 Wentworth Lodge AF&AM No.166 GRC 1864-1964, History of - Wentworth Lodge No.166 GRC
M5I Wharton, The Life and Writings of Philip Duke of - Lewis Melville
S1P What is Freemasonry? - Silas H. Shepherd
L1Q What is Freemasonry? - Robert J. Lewinski
D1G8 What Law There Was - Al Dempsey
H1F What Masonry Means - William E. Hammond
P1G2J What the Worshipful Master Must Know - Norman Pearson
M4J What’s Your Score? - The Masonic Service Association
G1T1 Whence Come We? - Grand Lodge of Canada
C2V6 Where Your Treasure Is - Carl H. Claudy
E1M Whitby (Unity and Composite Lodges), One Hundred and One Years of Craft History in the Town of - Geo. W. P. Every
A1L1 White, William Charles - John W. Auckland
S1Y3 Whither Are We Travelling (First Edition) - Dwight L. Smith
S1Y4 Whither Are We Travelling (Third Edition) - Dwight L. Smith
P1G2M Why Do We Have Two Kinds of Ritual? - Norman Pearson
S1Y5 Why This Confusion in The Temple? - Dwight L. Smith
M5C1 Wilson Lodge No.86, History of - C.D. Maxwell
W3Q1 Wilson Papers, G. Robert - G. Robert Wilson
H3K9 Wilson, M.W.Bro. William Mercer - Larry J. Hostine
H3R6 Wilson, M.W.Bro. William Mercer - James A. Hughes
W3Q2 Wingrove Addresses, William A. - William A. Wingrove
W3Z Woman and Freemasonry - Dudley Wright
W2S8 Wonders of the Ancient World - Charles Walker
W4B Workshop-K/W Region Mar 27/82 - Workshop: Jacob Pos
W4I Workshop-Peterboro Dist. Apr 3/76 - Workshop
W4A Workshop-Regional-Brantford Mar 27/76 & Hanover Apr 3/76 - Workshop: Jacob Pos
W4A2 Workshop-Regional-Guelph May 11&12/79 - Workshop
W4H Workshop-Regional-North & South Huron Mar 28/81 - Workshop: Earl Rawson
W4C Workshop-Toronto Dist.2 Apr 18/70 - Workshop
W4E Workshop-Toronto Dist.3 Apr 28/79 - Workshop
W4D Workshop-Toronto Dist.3 Oct 18/70 - Workshop
W4F Workshop-Toronto Dist.4 Mar 8/71 - Workshop
W4J Workshop-Toronto Dist.6 Mar 2/85 - Workshop
W4G Workshop-Toronto Dist.7 Apr 30/83 - Workshop
W4B1 Workshop-Waterloo Dist. Mar 27/82 - Workshop
C1F World of Freemasonry - Harry Carr
H3X1 World’s Masonic Register - Leon Hyneman
M1M Worshipful Master’s Assistant - Robert Macoy
B1T Worshipful Master, The - G.S. Blakey
M5Q Wyoming 1874-1924, History of Freemasonry in - Alfred James Mokler
R1G1 Wyoming 1874-1974, History of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of - Walter C. Reusser
R1G Wyoming 1925-1956, Grand Lodge of AF&AM of - Walter C. Reusser
G2K5 York Lodge No.156 GRC, History of (1863-1963) - Harold W. Gray
M4B York Problem, The - The Masonic Service Association: Ray Baker Harris
S2F1 York Rite Sovereign College of N.A., The - Smith Spencer
M3S Your Personal Masonic Library - The Masonic Service Association: Carl H. Claudy
H3L8 Zeradatha Lodge A.F.& A.M. No.220 GRC 1869-1994 - Roldand Hudson
B2E1 Zeta - A Centennial Celebration 1885-1985 - Frederic R. Branscombe


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