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The Sorrow and the pity (1969)
Maître Henri Rochat, defence lawyer for former French Socialist State Secretary, Pierre Mendès-France (1907-1982), recounts that when Mendès was brought to trial by the Vichy government in 1940, he announced: "Colonel [Leprêtre / Perret ?] and gentlemen, I am Jewish, I am a Freemason, but I am not a deserter. May the trial begin." [Part I, "The Collapse" 00:58:07] Mendès was sentenced to six years for desertion on 9 May 1940. He escaped to England in 1941 where he became a pilot for the duration of the war. He was later premier of France in 1954-55.
Marcel Ophüls asks Marcel Verdier, a pharmacist in Clermont-Ferrand, "You weren't high on the priority list of those persecuted by Hitler’s regime. But did you know any Jews, Communists, or Freemasons who were?" [Part II, "The Choice" 01:12:33]. Verdier recounts his assisting Jews but does not mention freemasons.
Dr. Claude Levy (1927- ), author and biologist: "And I was given over to the S.S. with the other prison inmates on July 2, 1944 by the French penitentiary administration, the only one in Europe to stoop so low as to give the Germans every inmate, bound hand and foot." "Along with the Jews there were Spanish Republicans, Freemasons and Gypsies. And all these people were delivered to the Germans upon their request." [01:17:10]

Le Chagrin et la pitié. Directed by Marcel Ophüls, Written by André Harris, Marcel Ophüls. Georges Bidault, Matthäus Bleibinger, Charles Braun, Maurice Buckmaster, Emile Coulaudon, Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie, René de Chambrun (as Comte René de Chambrun), Christian de la Mazière, Jacques Duclos, R. Du Jonchay (as Colonel R. du Jonchay), Anthony Eden (also archive footage) (as Lord Avon), Sgt. Evans, Marcel Fouche-Degliame, Raphael Geminiani, Alexis Grave, Louis Grave, Marius Klein, Georges Lamirand, Pierre Le Calvez, Mr. Leiris, Claude Levy, (as Dr. Claude Levy), Pierre Mendès-France, Cmdt. Menut, Elmar Michel, Mr. Mioche, Marcel Ophüls, Denis Rake, Henri Rochat, Paul Schmidt, Mme. Solange, Edward Spears, Helmut Tausend, Roger Tounze, Marcel Verdier, Walter Warlimont. AKA: Haus nebenan - Chronik einer französischen Stadt im Kriege, Das (West Germany) The Sorrow and the Pity, Zorn und Mitleid (West Germany). 251 min. France / Switzerland / West Germany. French / German / English. Black and White, Mono. (Documentary / War)


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