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Don Knotts and Andy Griffiths.
The Andy Griffith Show (1963)
Looking at their 1945 graduation year book from Mayberry United High School, Andy Griffith and Barney Fife, played by Don Knotts, recall that Andy had been second vice-president of 4-H and secretary of the Philomathian Literary Society.
Barney: "What was that Philomathian, Ang?"
Andy: "It was a group that got together and cut out curly bits and pasted them in a book."
Barney: "Sorry I didn't get in on that. Sounds like fun."
Andy: "Oh, you was up for it... We won't get into that."
Barney: "Did somebody blackball me or somethin'?" [00:02:45]
In the real world, many colleges and universities across the United States have established either Philomathean or Philomathian literary societies, the oldest, founded in 1813, being at the University of Pennsylvania. The name is derived from the Greek philomath, which means "a lover of learning." Valley City State University in North Dakota established a Philomathian Sorority in 1919.

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