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Sydney Greenstreet, Humphrey Bogart, Victor Sen Yung, Mary Astor.
Across the Pacific (1942)
On November 17, 1941 Captain Richard Lomas Leland, played by Humphrey Bogart, is dismissed from the United States Army. After failing in his attempt to join the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in the Royal Canadian Army in Halifax, he then sets sail for Yokohama on the Genoa Maru of the N.Y.K. Line.
While the boat approaches Panama, he observes an onboard judo demonstration in which the participants turn and bow to a small shrine. He asks a fellow passenger, played by Sydney Greenstreet:
Rick: What’s all that about?
Dr. Lorenzo: Judo is more than a mere contest. Its devotees form a brotherhood, similar in many respect to our western Freemasonry. It too has its degrees and its secrets as well as its religious, or should I say philosophical, background.
Rick: Come again.
Dr. Lorenzo: It is an oriental concept that destructive force acts upon itself. And there you have the principle of jujitsu: to turn the power of your antagonist upon himself, and by so doing, vanquish him. [00:53:00]

Across the Pacific (1942). Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet, Charles Halton, Victor Sen Yung, Roland Got, Lee Tung Foo, Frank Wilcox. 97 min, USA, English. Black and White, Mono (RCA Victor System). Directed by John Huston, Vincent Sherman. screenplay by Richard Macaulay. From the Saturday Evening Post Serial by Robert Carson. Dialogue Director Edward Blatt.


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