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While other pages of this website have detailed the usage of the pentagram, note should also be made of its absence. No conclusions are drawn from this incomplete list.
Noteworthy absences of the pentagram
The Asmat of New Guinea The Journal of Michael Clark Rockefeller
The Museum of Primitive Art, New York, 1967. 349pp.
The usage of the pentagram is almost exclusive to the northern hemisphere. In this cross-section of New Guinea art, carving, clothing and architecture—all heavily ornamented— there are no representation of any stars or pentagrams.
Devils, Demons, and Witchcraft Ernst and Johanna Lehner
Mineola, New York : Dover Publications, Inc. 1971. 174pp.
ISBN: 0-486-22751-0
This book contains 244 illustrations, none depicting a pentagram. Two illustrations are noteworthy: an illustration of the "Basphomet" on page 24 substitutes the pentagram with a hexagram, and Father Urbain Grandier’s alleged pact with the infernal powers found on page 80 has no pentagrams.
The Book of Werewolves Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924)
London : Smith, Elder & Co., 1865. 266pp.
While late twentieth century writers will occasionally refer to the "traditional" use of the pentagram as the sign of the werewolf, Baring-Gould makes no reference to the sign. His citations, while extensive, should not be considered definitive.
Faust, Eine Deutsche Volkstage This 1926 German film, directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, is based on the Faust legends yet neglects to mention or show the pentagram as used by Faust as a warding devise. Also see: Faust (1996), and Goethe’s Faust.
Häxan (1922) Directed and written by Benjamin Christensen
A documentary about the history of witchcraft, told in a variety of styles including etchings and woodcuts from Deutsches Leben der Vergangenheit in Bildern. While eight point stars are used as warding devices, and seven or six point stars will represent the heavens, no five point stars appear. Maren Pedersen. Clara Pontoppidan, Elith Pio, Oscar Stribolt, Tora Teje, John Andersen, Benjamin Christensen . 87 min / USA:77 min (1968 re-release with narration by William S. Burroughs) Denmark / Sweden. Colour, Mono / Silent
The Sargaso Manuscript Directed by Wojciech Has, written by Tadeusz Kwiatkowski
1965, 174 min., b&w.
This movie, based on Bruno Schultz’s 1813 novel, Sanatorium under the Hourglass, includes aspects of fantasy, magic hermeticism and rosicrucianism. While the use of "magical" symbols and images is extensive, there are no pentagrams or hexagrams.
Street Graphics Egypt Barry Dawson
London : Thames & Hudson, 2003
In over 150 colour illustrations and 112 pages, there are no pentagrams or hexagrams. One papyrus painting on page 110-12 depicts the goddess, Nut, who personified the sky, surrounded by five-pointed stars.
Symbols Their Migration and Universality Count Eugène Goblet d'Alviella (1846-1925)
La migration des symboles. English. [London] A Constable and co., 1894. 2 p. l., [vii]-xxiii, [1] p., 2 l., 277 p. front., illus., vi pl. (incl. front., tab.) 24 cm. [Mineola, NY : Dover Publications, 2000]
This textbook of symbols contains no mention of pentagrams or five-pointed stars.
Shadow of the Vampire (2000) A fantasy telling of the making of F.W. Murnau’s 1922 Nosferatu, a symphony of horror, neither movie utilizes the pentagram in any form. In the original, an all-seeing eye appears on the cover of a book, while in this movie the director’s bedroom walls are covered in warding signs, including a swastika, but no pentagrams.
Directed by E. Elias Merhige, written by Steven Katz. John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, Udo Kier, Cary Elwes, Catherine McCormack. 92 min., UK, English. Black and White / Color (DeLuxe), Dolby Digital.
Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (1997) Although this film deals with much symbolism and issues regarding life, death and initiation, there are no representations of pentagrams. There is one notable usage of an all-seeing eye.
Time Bandits A map of the universe, used in the opening credits, and referred to throughout the movie, incorporates a hexagram but no pentagram.
Vampire Hunter D This animated movie, based on the novel Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi has only one depiction of a pentagram: an irrelevent incorporation into a gas station sign. Original character illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. Published by Asahi Sonorama. Produced by Mata Yamamoto, Masao Maruyama and Taka Nagasawa. Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Filmlink International/Hideyuka Kikuchi/Asahi Sonorama. 2001.
Vampyres, Lord Byron to Count Dracula Christopher Frayling
London : Faber and Faber Limited, 1991. 429pp.
ISBN: 0-571-16311-4
While vampire movies will often include some reference to the pentagram, this scholarly study makes no note of any reference in folktales or literature.
Witches A children’s movie, in which an international group of witches plot to turn all the children into mice, there are no pentagrams, or any symbols, used to represent the witches or as warding signs as protection against them. The lack of any of the usual trappings of witchcraft may indicate a sensitivity on the part of the movie makers to the growing influence of modern neo-paganism, wicca and druidism.


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