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Der Golem (1920)
Directed by Paul Wegener
In the original Jewish folkstory of the Golem, the creature is brought to life by writing excerpts of the Torah on a piece of paper and placing the paper in the creature’s mouth. In this movie, Rabbi Löw wrests the word "AemAet" from "the dreaded spirit Astaroth" which he writes on a piece of paper and places in a pentagram amulet fastened to the creature’s chest.
Intertitle: "Venus enters the constellation Libra. The time is favorable for the invocation. From the dreaded spirit Astaroth I must wrest the life-giving word that will bring the Golem to life to save my people."
Intertitle: This figure, named "the Golem,' was created in classical times by a Thessalonian sorceror. If the life-awakening word is placed in the amulet on his chest, he will be alive as long as he wears it. This symbol is called the "shem."
Book title: Necromancie, The Art of Bringing Dead Beings to Life
Intertitle: Astaroth is the guardian of the life-giving word that will awaken any and every thing, whether corpse or man’s creation. Whoever possesses the key of Salomonis and knows the "great spell" can compel Astaroth to reveal the word, insofar as he awaits an auspicious constellation of the planets.
Intertitle: "The word, the terrible life-giving word., I have snatched it from the dark powers. Now I shall call the Golem to life."
Intertitle: If you have brought an inanimate being to life through magic, beware of your creation. When Uranus enters the house of the planets, Astaroth will reclaim his instrument. Then the lifeless clay will turn against its master, intent on deceit and destruction.

Der Golem: Wie er in die Welt Kam.Paul Wegener, Albert Steinruck. Directed by Paul Wegener. 1920. 80 min. b&w, tinted. ["The Golem, How He Came into the World. Pictures Based on Events in an Old Chronicle by Paul Wegener. Five Chapters."]


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