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Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell Slide Presentation
A self-described researcher and independent scholar, Jordan Maxwell has been active in the field of occult and religious philosophy since 1959. He is noteworthy for being perhaps the first to claim — without any proof or evidence — that the all-seeing eye of providence was used by Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati. Documentation is unavailable, but this claim may have been made as early as 1968.
MVT-0020---Jordan Maxwell Slide Presentation - Illuminati, Freemason, Vatican Church Connections & Expose - 120 Min - 1 Tape - $25.00 (In Stock) One of the best videos in existence. A simple slide presentation at someone's house, several people showed up and someone filmed it. In this video, Jordan Maxwell (Researcher) starts out by explaining how "CHAOS" in society is "CONTROLLED" by Secret Societies. The moto is "ORDO AB CHAO" or "Order out of Chaos". He explains how gangs, violence and the proliferation of drugs on the streets is silently "Allowed" and promoted by secret factions within the U.S. government and in other countries. He goes on to show different meanings and messages in the Dollar Bill such as the "Eye in the Pyramid", which is the symbol for a secret society called the Bavarian Illuminati that was banned by the Elector of Bavaria in Germany in the late 1700's because it was exposed that they had planned to use the Masonic Lodges to convert members to Illuminism in a scheme to control the world through massive Chaos and revolution. The documents even exist today in the British Museum, accordinf to Maxwell. He points out the 32 and 33 feathers on the Eagle, which symbolize the two highest degrees in Freemasonry, and explains the meaning of "Annuit Coeptus" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New World Order). Also shown are symbolic connections in names of places and popular movies. : The York Rite Masons coming over here to the New World from York , England, established New York and the Empire State. "The Empire Strikes Back" Who is in Control ? -CHAOS or CONTROL (Get Smart)--Still don't believe in the Illuminati and conspiracies?, well George Washington did. You can read what he thought about the instigators of mishap and propaganda within his own ranks, who he alluded to as possibly being emmissaries from "New York" in the chapter titled "On the Masons and Illuminati" about his own diaries. Also included is evidence of a Senate investigation and congressional records that prove that the U.S. Congress is aware of the existence of this conspiracy and even came to the conclusion, as anyone who investigated this subject in depth would, that the 10 tenets of Communism are identical to the 10 points of Illuminism that Adam Weishaupt sought to instill in society. A small amount of time is spent showing how religion is a product of Masonic control. Secret society symbols appear on churches of all denominations. A Good Video for the Whole Family.

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