How you can help
By directing to the Bureau for proper investigation any individual who may approach you or your lodge requesting assistance.
By realizing that the combined efforts of all Lower Mainland lodges centralized through the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau make for a wider, more effective service.
By referring matters to the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau that are outside the lodges' scope of activities.
By giving your moral support
By understanding that the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau is working for you and your lodge.
By reporting to the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau any case that comes to your attention of sojourning brethren, so that the Board and the Craft can render assistance promptly.
By your financial aid either as an individual or from your lodge; regardless, you and your lodge will receive credit.
By you diligently carrying out any duty that you may be given by your lodge in connection with the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau’s work.
Check and enquire from your Worshipful Master if your lodge has at least one representative, but preferably two, to the Vancouver Masonic Bureau so the brethren can be informed through your Worshipful Master that your lodge is represented on the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau.
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