Aims and objectives
The aim of the Vancouver Masonic Service Bureau is to purchase and supply medical equipment to those who qualify for short and long term periods.
Our objective — achieved by donations from brethren and lodges — is to supply medical equipment on a general basis to those who qualify.
to supply a centralized service to sojourners family and friends.
to relieve lodges and individuals from having to evaluate sojourning brethren.
to act as an agent on behalf of sojourning brethren from distant lodges in arranging and supplying relief.
to act and co-ordinate visitations to hospitals for sojourning brethren.
to dispense information and be of general assistance to sojourners.
to detect imposters and report them to the Masonic Boards of Relief in the United States and Canada.
to provide tax receipts to the brethren, lodges, and for other donations.
to allow brethren to put into practice lessons taught in the Entered Apprentice degree.
to provide, assist, and serve when requested at the north east corner lecture when requested to do so in funeral arrangements of deceased sojourners.
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