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H. J. DeForest paintings
"Crater of Kilavea, Hawaii" (1893) Centennial Museum
"Crater, Hawaii" (c. 1894) Centennial Museum
"MW Bro. Robert D. Clinch" (c.1897) Grand Lodge of New Brunswick * "Vancouver Waterfront" (1898) Centennial Museum
"Waterfall" (1899) Centennial Museum
"Middle Bonnington Falls on the Kootenay River" (1901) Grand Lodge
"A Rugged Corner of Jervis Inlet"
"Freemasons' Hall, Moodyville, Burrard Inlet" Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon Library
"Buller River at Lyell" (c. 1900) New Zealand
"Wanganui River" (c. 1900) New Zealand
"Golden Ears" (1901) 28" x 40" oil on canvas ($1,320, Heffel's auction 1998/11/03)
"Still Grinding" (1909) Vancouver Studio Club.
"Emerald Valley" (1910) British Columbia Society of Fine Arts.
"Capilano Canyon" (1910) British Columbia Society of Fine Arts.
"Scene in Nova Scotia" (1923) 14.5" x 22" oil on canvas board
"Untitled Landscape" (nd) 12" x 18" oil on canvas ($920, Heffel's auction 2005/06/25)
One of the founding members of the British Columbia Society of Fine Arts in 1909, Henry J. de Forest was a regular participant in their exhibitions. Unfortunately a complete list of exhibitions is not currently available and many of his paintings have disappeared from public view. The spellings and type usages are taken from the published programmes.
1st Exhibition April 20-28, 1909
4. "Portrait, H. J. DeForest, Esq.," John Kyle [n.p.]
10. "The Kiss of Departing Day," "Lake McDonald H. J. DeForest [n.p.]
11. "Mountains That Like Giants Stand" (Lake Louise), H. J. DeForest 250.00
20. "The Beach at Portsborough, N.S.," H. J. DeForest 25.00
21. "The Old Fog Bell," H. J. DeForest 100.00
27. ..."Rise Up and Grow to Wondrous Heights," (Mount Baker), H. J. DeForest 100.00
29. "A Passage in Earth’s History," "Yale-Cariboo Road." H. J. DeForest 40.00
37. "The King of the Southern Alps," H. J. DeForest 100.00
"The Sunset Doorway," H. J. DeForest 35.00
2nd Exhibition November 1909 Mercantile Building, Homer and Cordova
59. Back Bay, Clifton, N.S. H.J. DeForest $30
75. Germantown, N.S H.J. DeForest 100
78. Columbia River, Wash., USA H.J. DeForest 100
85. Path of the Mountain Torrent H.J. DeForest [n.p.]
86. The Creek in the Meadow, Coast of Normandy H.J. DeForest 100
88. Homeward on the Tide, Normandy H.J. DeForest 60
90. Coldstream Ranch, Okanagan Valley H.J. DeForest 100
92. Hazy Morning, Coal Harbor H.J. DeForest 100
3rd Exhibition May 1910, Pender Hall
27. Capilano Canyon H.J. de Forest 150
28. Emerald Valley near Field B.C. H.J. de Forest 100
[5th] Annual Exhibition November 25-30, 1912
154 Cathedral Donnes, Jervis Inlet H. J. DeForest $15.00
155 From the Beach at Buccanneer Bay
(18" x 30", $208 US, auction 2014/11/13)
H. J. DeForest 15.00
156 Early Morning Marble Bay, Van Anda. H. J. DeForest 15.00
157 Entering the Narrows at Eventide H. J. DeForest 20.00
158 Mt. Cook from Lake Puckaki, N. Z. H. J. DeForest 15.00
159 The Fraser Valley from Hope H. J. DeForest 15.00
"...in 1912 Vancouver School Board allowed the three year old society to use three rooms on the third floor of the school board office." "Any Store 'Home' For Art Exhibits," Vancouver Sun, May 21, 1960. From programme cover: "the British Columbia Society of Fine Arts, November 25th to 30th, 1912 Held at School Board Offices, Hamilton and Dunsmuir Sts."
11th Exhibition September 14-22, 1917
27. Mt. Robson From W H.J. deForest [n.p.]
28. Maligne Lake, Jasper Park H. J. deForest [n.p.]
30. Hazy Morning, Coal Harbor H. J. deForest 50
31. East of Second Narrows H. J. deForest [n.p.]
The programme cover for the "Eleventh Exhibition of the British Columbia Society of Fine Arts, September 14th to 22nd (inclusive) 1917" lists twenty-two members, including "H.J. de Forest".
20th exhibition 1915
126 de Forest H. J. Looking West from Stanley Park $75.00
127 " " Sun Set from Stanley Park 20.00
123 " " Hope, B.C. 25.00
13 " " Looking West from Horseshoe Bay 20.00
18 " " Mt. Garibaldi, Howe Sound 20.00
12 " " In Lynn Greek, Canyon 20.00
16 " " Evening Glow, Stanley Park 15.00
9 " " Lynn Creek Falls 15.00
20 " " Early Morning, Horse Shoe Bay 20.00
11 " " Capilano Canyon 20.00
[n.p.] " " The Close of Day 20.00

Compiled from records in the Fine Arts and Music Division of the Vancouver Public Library. Additional records can be found in the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Museum and Vancouver City Archives.
* "...size 24x36, three-quarter figure, showing regalia of office.", Grand Lodge of New Brunswick, Annual Proceedings. 1897, p. 369. [Existence of completed portrait not confirmed.]


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