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Art, Historical and Scientific Association
The annual ball of the association will be held in the Lester Hall on Friday, November 22nd. As the net proceeds are to be devoted to the acquisition of further articles for the museum, it is to be hoped that the sale of tickets will receive a generous response from the citizens, for a first-class dance is guaranteed and the financial assistance given to this really worthy movement should be of such a nature as to allow it to keep pace with this growing city. The situation of Vancouver will make it activities in view of the mineralogical and ethnological within the next few years an important center for scientific attractions along the North Pacific Slope. [sic]
B.C. Saturday Sunset, "Society." November 16, 1907. p. 3.
A most delightful ball was given on Friday evening by the Art Historical and Scientific Association. The committee spared no trouble to make the ball a success, a delicious supper being served. The tables were most artistic, white 'mums and pink carnations being used. Among the guests were: Mayor and Mrs. Bethune, Captain and Mrs. Millon, Dr. and Mrs. Boggs, Mrs. James Macauley, Mrs. George E. Macdonald, Mr. amd Mrs. Lucas Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Hinde, Col. and Mrs. Tracey, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Whitehead, Mrs. Campbell Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. Brydone-Jack, Miss Hecklin, Mrs. Herbert Cannon, Miss Lucas Hunt, Miss Lang, Miss Muriel Colls, Miss Clark, Miss Leighton, Miss May Leighton, Miss Jean Patterson, Miss Johnson, Mr. E.G. Henshaw, Mr. Faulder, Mr. Sweatman, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Cavanaugh, Mr. H.J. Brydone-Jacj, Mr. Bull, Mr. Smythe, Mr. Bolton, Mr. Armtage, Mr. Busby and many others.
B.C. Saturday Sunset, "Society." November 30, 1907. p. 3.
Vancouver Studio Club Spring Exhibition By "Felix Penne."
The small, but certainly admirable exhibition of pictures opened the other day under the auspices of "The Vancouver Studio Club" is a promise of the future. Visit this exhibition in the Haddon Block (over Henry Birk’s store) and you will find an artistic oasis.... Vancouevrites [sic] of the future will be glad that Alice Blair Thomas, H. I. [sic] DeForest, H. McLachlan, J. Mackintosh GOw, M. E. Carr, S. P. Judge, Francis Noel Bursill and other Vancouver artists find inspiration in local scenes.
B.C. Saturday Sunset, "Vancouver Studio Club Spring Exhibition." July 3, 1909. p. 5.
British Columbia Society of Fine Arts Third Exhibition By Felix Penne.
Congratulations to the British Columbia Society of Fine Arts on having this time secured a hall where the pictures can be seen to advantage. [paragraph 1/9]
Their first exhibition was cramped for space, their second was held in a stode cellar at the top of a sky-scrapper (if a cellar can be on top of a building) but this, the third exhibition, is in an annex of the Pender Hall. This room is lofty, well lit, with northern light, and admirably adapted for an exhibition. [paragraph 2/9]
H. J. De Forest has two medium sized pictures—two of his best—"Emerald Valley" and "Capilano Canyon," the latter excellent in its shadows and depths and the rocks very bold. [paragraph 7/9]
Mrs. Tytler, Mrs. Judge and Miss. Kyle poured tea. Among those present at the private view were Mrs. Beecher, Mr. and Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Pollock, Capt. and Mrs. Berville Thomas, Mrs. Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Tytler, Mrs. L. H. Williams, Mrs. Keene, Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe, Miss. Kilby, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. J. N. Norcross, Mr. B. McEvoy, Mr. J. Francis Bursill, Mr. de Forest, Mr. Fripp, Mr. G. Edwards and many other lovers of art, all agreeing that, although small, the exhibition showed much advance in Vancouver art. [paragraph 9/9]
B.C. Saturday Sunset, "British Columbia Society of Fine Arts." May 14, 1910. p. 3. Felix Penne— pen name of John Francis Bursill—founder of the the Bursill Institute and Collingwood Free Library in 1911, died February 8, 1928. [Vancouver City Archives]

Microfilm, Vancouver Public Library.


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