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Brownie products
Image from R.F. Outcoult
Palmer Cox was famous in his day, not only for creating the Brownie stories but also for his active marketing and defence of his copyright. Of this small selection of commercial products, only some were actually drawn or authorized by Cox.

The inheritors of Palmer Cox’s estate, his nieces, sold the rights to the Brownies in the early 1930s and the occasional attempt, such as that of Dell Comics was made to capitalize on the name.

[R. F. Outcault’s first Yellow Kid cartoon in the New York World, "Fourth Ward Brownies" referred to Palmer Cox’s merchandising skills. It appeared in Truth magazine on February 9, 1895, p. 10, and was then reprinted eight days later in the New York World. Cited by Richard D. Olson in The R. F. Outcault Reader vol. 9 no. 1 and R. F. Outcoult’s The Yellow Kid, Northampton, Massachusetts : Kitchen Sink Press, 1995. ISBN: 0878163808]

Hankerchief 9.5" x 9.25" handkerchief marked Designed by Palmer Cox Pat. July 10. 1894. Found at the-forum.com/ephemera/brownie.htm

Cut out dolls.

Also see Soldier and Wagner von Strauss, Uncle Sam and Afraid-of-the-Day and Cholly Boutonnière.

Paper cut out. Found at mi-brew.com/brownies.

Silver pin box.

Silver Spoon Found at souvenirspoons.net.

Advertisement for Brownie cameras. Palmer Cox did not draw any Brownies for Kodak. Found at home.earthlink.net/~hellerest

Palmer Cox Brownies uncut cloth dolls. Matted and framed. Six different dolls, Sailor, German, Chinaman, John-Bull, Highlander, and Canadian. Copyrighted Jan. 15, 1892 by Palmer Cox. Printed by Arnold Print Works, North Adams Mass. Total frame size is 26.5" X 31.5". Each doll is approx. 8" tall. Found at 3d-antiques.net/images/DCP01004.jpg

South Jersey frit paperweight depicting a Brownie marching along with an American flag and a trumpet over the words "Young America". Origin: Southern New Jersey, Millville area, circa 1900. Size: 3.25" diameter. Found at KensingtonHouseAntiques.com

Frog match striker. Found at quillantiques.com/browniematch1.gif

Brownies Brand Oranges label. Found at antiquelabelcompany.com/brownies.jpg

Ice cream tray 13 1/4 inches high and 10 1/2 inches wide.. Found at tias.com/malls/heart/

Ice cream tray detail. Found at tias.com/malls/heart

1927 Tin Litho Spin Toy. Found at trocadero.com/antiquesdc
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