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Masoni u Jugoslaviji
[Josip Broz ]
Portrait detail : Bozidar Jakac
"The wave of Serbian historical revisionism, attended as it was by the appearance of revealing memoirs by various Communist leaders59 and publications on Masons and other creators of "secret histories,"60 could not by itself be a decisive threat to the stability of nationality relations as long as it was not an immediate instrument of political contention."
[fn 59] On September 18, 1987, at a session of the League of Communists of Serbia (SKS) Central Committee, General Nikola LjubiEiC, Tito's longtime minister of defense, denounced the flood of Serbian memoirs: "Here, you see, we have memoirs of KoEa PopoviC, Milovan Djilas, Vojan LukiC, Mirko MarkoviC, Mirko PeroviC, Milija KovaEeviC, Gustav Vlahov, Patriarch DoiiC, Radivoje JovanoviC, Ljubodrag DjuriC, and I don't know who else. What will it mean for Serbia when all of these memoirs are published, and what will the world think of us?" Cited in Slavoljub DjukiC, Kako se dogodio uodja: Borbe za ulast u Srbiji posle Josipa Broza (Belgrade, 1992), 160.
[fn 59] See especially Zoran D. NeneziC, Masoni u Jugoslauiji (1 764-1980): Pregled istomje slobodnog zidarstua uJugoslauiji; Pn'lozi i gradja (Belgrade, 1984). NeneziC insinuated that Tito and Kardelj were Masons and that they belonged to the pro-federalist Masonic lodge with Juraj KrnjeviC and Juraj Sutej, leaders of the Croat Peasant Party; 417, 634, 646, 649, 665. For a polemic on this issue, see Letters to the Editor, NZN (October 7, 1984): 4-6, 8. Fascination with Masons was not exclusive to Serbia. For a Croat equivalent, see Ivan MuiiC, Masonstuo u Hruata: Masoni iJugoslauGa (Zagreb, 1983).

"Yugoslavia", Ivo Banac. The American Historical Review, Vol. 97, No. 4 (Oct., 1992), American Historical Association. [1084-1104] p. 1099.


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