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"With Westcott’s death, masonic research lost the one man whose influence might have led to the development of a distinct, reputable 'esoteric school' whose work could have complemented that of the authentic school. His criticisms might also have kept the wilder proponents of the 'esoteric' approach within the bounds of reason."
William Wynn Westcott and the Esoteric School of Masonic Research

Bibliography of Writings by W. W. Westcott
A. Medical
The Extra Pharmacopoeia of Unofficial Drugs... with reference to their use, abstracted from the Medical Journals, 1883 (with W. H. Martindale; many subsequent editions down to 1920)
A Therapeutic Index of Diseases and Symptoms, 1884 (Pamphlet)
A Social Science Treatise. Suicide: its History, Literature, Jurisprudence, Causation and Prevention, 1885
On Suicide, 1905 (Pamphlet)
"Salvarsan" or "606", 1911 (with W. H. Martindale)
Westcott also contributed numerous papers to the British Medical Journal, the Lancet, and the Transactions of the Medico-Legal Society. The earliest such contribution was made in 1872. Several of his papers were subsequently issued separately as offprints.
B. Esoteric
Rosicrucian Thoughts on the Ever-burning Lamps of the Ancients (reprinted from The Freemason), 1885
Sepher Yetzirah. The Book of Formation and the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom, translated from the Hebrew. Bath, 1887 (second edn., 1893; third edn., 1911)
Tabula Bembina sive Mensa Isiaca. The Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo, its History and Occult Significance, Bath, 1887
Nicholas Flammel. His Exposition of the Hieroglyphic Figures... translated from the French, 1624; Preface by W. W. Westcott, 1889
Numbers: their Occult Power and Mystic Virtue, 1890 (second edn., 1902; third edn., 1911)
The Science of Alchymy, Spiritual and Material. An Essay by Sapere Aude (i.e. Westcott), 1893
Collectanea Hermetica. Edited by W. Wynn Westcott, 1893-1896, 8 vols.
1: An English Translation of the Hermetic Arcanum... with a Preface and Notes, 1893
2: The Pymander of Hermes, with a Preface by the Editor, 1894
3: A Short Enquiry concerning the Hermetic Art... 1714, Preface by Non Omnis Moriar (i.e. Westcott). An Introduction to Alchemy and Notes by S.S.D.D. (i.e. Florence Farr), 1894
4: Aesch Mezareph, or Purifying Fire... 1714, Preface, Notes and Explanations by Sapere Aude (i.e. Westcott), 1984
5: Somnium Scipionis translated into English... by L.O. (i.e. Percy Bullock)... The Symbols of Pythagoras, by S.A. (i.e. Westcott), 1894
6: The Chaldaean Oracles of Xoroaster. Edited and Revised, 1895
7: Euphrates or the Waters of the East, by Eugenius Philalethes, 1655, 1896
8: Egyptian Magic, by S.S.D.D. (i.e. Florence Farr), 1896
The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum, interpreted by the Tarot Trumps. Translated from the MSS. of Eliphaz Levi, and edited, 1896
History of the Societias Rosicruciana in Anglia, 1900
The Serpent Myth. A Lecture read before the Bradford Lodge of the Order of Light, 1906 (Pamphlet)
An Introduction to the Study of the Kabalah, 1910
The Rosicrucians, Past and Present, at Home and Abroad, 1915 (pamphlet)
Data of the History of the Rosicrucians, 1916 (Pamphlet)
The Magical Mason: Forgotten Hermetic Writings of William Wynn Westcott, Physician and Magus. Edited and Introduced by R. A. Gilbert, Wellingborough, 1983 (a collection of twenty-eight papers, including four that were previously unpublished)
Westcott also wrote Prefaces or Introductions for the three volumes of F. L. Gardner’s A Catalogue Raisonné of Works on the Occult Sciences. They comprised; Vol. I, Rosicrucian Books, 1903 (second edn., 1923 with a revised Introduction); Vol. II, Astrological Books, with a Sketch of the History of Astrology, 1911 (the ’sketch', by Westcott, was also issued separately as a pamplet); Vol. III, Freemasonry. A Catalogue of Lodge Histories (England), 1912.
Westcott’s contributions to theosophical and other esoteric journals, and to the Transactions of the Metropolitan College of the S.R.I.A. were numerous. Between 1885 and 1928 forty-eight of his papers appeared in the Transactions alone; it is not necessary to list them here, but it should be noted that at least nineteen of them were offprinted in pamplet form for distribution among members.
C. Masonic
Westcott published no books on Freemasonry, but his contributions to Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, and his other strictly masonic papers are listed below.
Contributions to AQC
The Religion of Freemasonry illustrated by the Kabbalah, 1 (1888), pp. 55-59
Masons' Marks and their relation to the secret magical alphabets and numerals of Cornelius Agrippa, 3 (1890), pp. 77-78
On the Symbolism of the Tabernacle, 6 (1893), pp. 12-16
Symbolism and Analogies (Inaugural Address), 6 (1893), pp. 202-205
Rosicrucians, their History and Aims, 7 (1894), pp. 36 - 47 (a revised version of this paper, under the title 'The Society of Rosicrucians: its History and Aims, and the connection between Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry' was printed in the Transactions of the Hallamshire College of the S.R.I.A. at Sheffield, 1912
The Magic Roll, 16 (1903), pp. 254-256
Notes on a curious Certificate and Seal, 19 (1906), pp. 241-242
Freemasonry and its relation to the Essenes, 28 (1915), pp. 67-79
The Resemblances of Freemasonry to the Cult of Mithra, 29 (1916), pp. 336-347
Other masonic papers
Hiram, Chiram and Hermes. Transactions of the Metropolitan College, 1893-94, pp. 7-8
The Religious and Masonic Symbolism of Stones. Transactions of the Metropolitan College, 1914, pp. 39 - 48
Westcott delivered two papers on masonic topics in South Africa. Neither was published, but typescripts of both are in the library of the United Grand Lodge of England. They are:
An Address to a Rose Croix Chapter, 18° Durban, Natal, August 1920
An Address given to the Rothesay Lodge, S.C. No. 712. Upon November 8th, 1920

Transcription by <mastermason.com/luxocculta/westcott.htm>.
Reprinted with permission of Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, the Transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, UGLE in Volume 100 for the year 1987. [pp. 30-31.] Minor typographical errors corrected, 2002/04/05.


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